Well, well, well. If it isn’t January 15th already. Shit, it’s January 17th. Okay well you know where I’m going with this. It’s mid month and I’m just now getting around to our FIRST Friday Night Likes of the year! Does this sound like Classic Kendi? You know it does, Look, I learned years ago to make friends with my procrastination instead of trying to fight against it. In fact, we have a lot in common, procrastination and I. We mean well but late we always are. Plus we both LOVE sleeping in, thinking we have 10 minutes more than we do and we both have a knack for putting off today what could be done tomorrow. Tomorrow is always better in our book. 😉

All that to say thanks fo being patient with me this year and getting a slower start. But let’s get into a few finds I found this week!

I have my eyes on this dark slate grey version of my favorite Rebecca Minkoff backpack — the Julian. It’s such a great mom bag and just a great overall / everyday bag and that slate color is TO DIE FOR. Loving the idea of a black (or almost black) backpack to carry me through the rest of winter. You can find it here!

You know I’m ALL about that layered look lately and I love this sweater duo from ALLSAINTS. You can find it here!

I was just perusing Bloomingdales the other night and came upon this GORGEOUS look from Joie. Take all my money, Joie, you beautiful, beautiful brand. This is what I dress like in my dreams. I also have a British accent. Oh and I’m Kate Middleton. (Find this top here.)

I actually picked these booties up this week so this is a FNL IRL first. (Friday Night Likes, In Real Life) I really like the price, the hue of the leather and where the booties hit at my ankle (perfect for shorter jeans!).  I love them and I’m hoping they are all day comfortable! You know I’ll give you an update once I wear them more! You can find them here.

Agolde is one of my new favorite brands of denim lately and I just saw that Nordstrom picked them up! This hue is perfect for this spring but would work lovely right now too! You can find them here.

I’m always here for a layered necklace moment and this one is perfect for an easy layered look with just one clasp. No need to keep up with multiple necklaces! You can find it here.

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