Hi friends! I’m back for today ๐Ÿ™‚ I literally JUST finished the upload of our newest arrivals at Everyday & Co so I thought I’d pop over on here and share an outfit from the weekend! I have been working literally nonstop on the newest collection at the shop so I know I’ve been quiet! But I’m back with the cutest teddy coat if I do say so myself. Well more of a jacket, actually. Which is nice because sometimes with all of this teddy bear fabric (is that what we are calling it??) It can get overwhelming. So this is a nice cut for the jacket, I don’t feel too oversized in it and it’s super warm and cozy! You can find this jacket from Nordstrom here!

As I was saying I just finished our newest arrivals at the shop! Take a peak at it if you want! It’s my favorite one yet!! You’re the first to know, actually! I’ll post more about it tomorrow but for now I am closing my laptop and hugging my baby girl for the afternoon! We’ve been working every single day since Ocotberย 31st to get moved and our newest collection up so my eyes are literally crossing over here from tired! Tomorrow I’ll walk you through the new stuff and my favorites and I’ll be back next week with more content and holiday fun!

(PS: My tee is Everyday and co! It’s the Cotton Crew Neck. I’m in the medium!)

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Fit Details

The jacket fits true but is generous. I am in the medium, no issues. The tee fits true but fitted, I’m in the medium.

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