Say that title three times fast. (Ok, I just did it in my head, it’s actually not that hard. Whatever.)

Excuse my wrinkly blouse. I didn’t actually realize how wrinkly it was until well after we shot and I was editing these photos. To be fair, I think in person it looked a lot less wrinkled. Bryan didn’t notice it and he’s usually my wrinkle watcher. In fact, I think it just photographed wrinkled and it looked 100% okay in person. Can you accept that even if it’s probably a lie? Thanks. You’re a good friend.

I hate to talk bad about this top because it’s absolutely adorable and I’ve had it on heavy rotation (see: mama wrinkles.) I love this color when it’s done just right. Peach can be a hard color to pull off but it’s so pastel and subtle that it can work for anyone. Plus, peplum. Lord knows I love a peplum. You can find this top here!

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Top fits true to size! It feels a little short, but it’s not. It’s just the nature of a peplum.

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