Like it or not — shorts season is here my friends. Being from the south-ish (is Texas even considered south?It’s south alright but is it southern? Discuss. ) I was born wearing shorts. True story; modern day miracle. But when it becomes consistently warm enough that I find myself reaching shorts every day, it always takes me by surprise. It’s the complete opposite of sweater season, but equally just as exciting.

I’m always a fan of denim cut-offs, but I’ve picked up a few tailored shorts for the season. Starting with this white linen-ish high waist short (more like a lightweight linen, therefore linen-ish), I had high hopes for this pair of shorts and they do not disappoint. I like that they come in a few different colors as well. But white was the color for me — I never feel like you can go wrong with white in the spring and summer.  You can find this pair of shorts here!

Here are a few of my favorite tailored shorts for the season!

This top is adorable coming and going. Bell sleeves in the front, bows in the back. I love that you can easily pair it with denim as well. You can find this top here!

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Since they are white, I know you’re wondering if they are see through. You can see the form of the pockets, but not my underwear. I was wearing a light pair just in case, but they didn’t show in the photos or IRL, as confirmed by Bryan. Fits true to size with a little bit of room. The top fits true to size, as well.

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