Did I knock off this complete outfit from the J.Crew model? You know I did. No shame there. Plus I’m no stranger to the’ jacket as a cape’ look. Who needs arm holes for your jacket when you’ve got shoulders? Now that I think about it, maybe the model knocked off her look from me… yeah, okay I’m reaching here.

So this dress is almost sold out at J.Crew (Bring it back, J.Crew!! Bring it back!) but I’ve found plenty of other grey dress options with that swing we all want! See a few options below!

I’ve been in a bit of a grey funk lately. You know — where you reach for everything and anything grey I didn’t realize it till I scrolled through my last few posts. So don’t you worry, my friends. Color is coming your way this week! Probably not tomorrow though if I’m being honest, but I promise it won’t be grey. If I know me, I’ll ease right back into so much color this spring, you’ll be begging for grey again. 😉

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Stay true to size on the dress! It’s swingy, so it doesn’t stick to ya or anything 🙂

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