I usually do beauty buys at the beginning of the month and looky here, it’s March 22nd. But I like to make sure that I truly like a product before sharing it here. And a few of these products I needed to give a few weeks to make sure it was a go. And guess what? There’s a lot of go’s — so let’s get started!


*I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately but in basically every outfit post I’ve been wearing this lipstick. Every.Damn.Day. It’s not super pink or bright which is what I typically go to for spring. But I love this mauvey pink for spring. It’s kind of an in-between of a nude and a pink. I actually bought this lipstick after watching an advertisement video on Facebook where Charlotte Tilbury herself put it on this model, where she showed how to do the lip liner and gloss, too. I NEVER buy from ads like this and here I was within minutes ordering this lipstick and I’ve never looked back. (I also bought the lip gloss in Portobello Girl as well! It’s nice and it brightens the look up! But the tube is SUPER small, just FYI. And also why it didn’t end up as a favorite for the month!) You can find the lipstick here!

*So if you follow me on Instagram stories (which you should, hint hint) a few weeks ago I asked if any of you had tried and liked Tula Skincare? I got an overwhelming response of YES! So I started using this Probiotic Facial Cleanser and I love it. But it wasn’t love at first wash. At first, I felt like it dried my skin out a little, but after 2 weeks (hence the delay of this post) my skin glowed! I use this morning and night now and find that it tingles a little at first and gets my face super squeaky clean. You can find Tula skincare here!

*I find myself on Beauty Buys really leaning heavy on the skincare and haircare and sometimes ignore the best part — makeup! I have been in a weird foundation slump and when it starts warming up I always want to go a little bit lighter on the foundation. I found this Marc Jacobs Beauty foundationShameless Youth. It is so smooth, you guys and it covers completely but feels like a BB cream. This foundation is new and I noticed that they also have a ton of shades. PS — MJC suggests for you to use this with their specifically designed for this foundation brush, but I tried using it and never got the feel for it. Could be user error, as well. I preferred using my Beauty Blender with this foundation. You can find this foundation here.

*A few other beauty items I’ve picked up this spring! I last minute grabbed these little MILK mini’s while in line at Sephora. I mean like a kid in the checkout line just grabbing at the candy, I picked these two up with a sort of idea of what they did. One said cooling and de-puffing, the other said blur. Good enough for me. WELL BOY AM I GLAD I DID. So the cooling stick truly does de-puff and cool my under eye area and I also use it above for an eyeshadow primer. The Blur Stick I use on my t-zone for a smoother application of my foundation. It’s one swipe and I pat it with my Beauty Blender and it kind of fills in the fine lines and my pores so that my foundation smooths right on.

*I am oh-so-boring when it comes to eyeshadows but I picked up this Urban Decay petite palette that has all the neutrals a girl could ever want, but they’ve got a summery vibe to them. Since eyeshadow literally lasts forever with me, this will go perfectly into summer and beyond. You can find this mini palette here!

*I need to do a full post on post-partum haircare but this shampoo needs some recognition. The shampoo is Avalon Organics B-Complex Thickening shampoo and I found it at Costco (because of course, I did) and instantly I could tell a difference in my hairs texture and volume. I also felt like it helped spur my re-growth. This could all be the timing of course, but I really love this shampoo and I’ve felt like it’s brought my post-partum hair back to life. I was relieved that I could find it on Amazon because they stopped carrying it at Costco! Oh and I also picked up these little soft elastics from Target and they are amazing for a few reasons: one I use them when I air dry my hair to tie my hair back into a loop to create a faux wave (tutorial coming soon!) and I also use them to tie my hair in a low and loose bun at night to keep my hair out of my and Gemma’s face. I know it seems stupid because they are just hair holders, but they are so soft and they never break my hair, which is good because post-partum hair loss is real and sad. I’m trying to keep the ones that stayed not broken because Lord knows I’m about to have some fly-aways.

  Those are my best buys of the month! If you’ve got any that you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

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  1. This is the second time to day I’ve heard someone talk about this lipstick, I think it’s a sign I need to buy it. The color looks stunning!
    xo, Syd

  2. Kendi, I am so excited to try this shampoo as I have also been struggling with some hair loss recently 🙁 Its the worst!

    But I was wondering, do you also use the matching Avalon Organics conditioner? Or just the shampoo – trying to decide if I really need both. Thank you!

    1. I used just the shampoo! I use a Davines conditioner! But I really like this shampoo and if I didn’t already have a huge conditioner, I’d give it a try 🙂

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