If you’ve followed the blog for the 8 years I’ve been writing Kendi Everyday, you may have noticed that my ‘everyday’ has changed many times over the years. I started as a 25-year-old who had no idea how to dress office-appropriately on a budget to a shop owner for 5 years (man, that was fun.) then we spent a year traveling while wearing pretty, pretty clothes and now I spend half my day mommin’ and the other half working to bring content alive to KE. (Who am I kidding — I spend all day mommin’. Can’t stop, won’t stop.) Two things have never changed during each phase of the last eight years — I still get dressed every day, and I still love me some heels. Some things will never change. You can just bury me in heels.

Lately, I’ve been on this organizing kick throughout my house — the pantry, our linen closet, our office (the first post is coming up tomorrow!) but there’s a room I’ve been ignoring —  my closet. Like not just turning a blind eye but actual neglect. It looks like a complete shitshow in there. Tornado wreckage level here, people. Like stepping over the clothing carnage just to get to my shoes type of mess. It would make a professional organizer quit her profession and go work in a quiet office somewhere with numbers, far, far away from people like me. Therefore there is only one miserable person for this miserable job: me. And that is why it is still a hoarder’s dream; because I just can’t bring myself to do it quite yet. For this reason alone, you are going to get organization posts for everything else in my life — complete avoidance leads to me organizing other rooms. I’m pretty sure my brain ‘Freaky Friday’d’ with someone else when I had Gemma, and I’m a clean and organized person now. To my college roommates: can you even believe this? I know right? Miracles do happen.

Okay back to the matter at hand — you still there? I think one of the biggest reasons I’m ignoring my closet is because I know that there’s a lot to clean up and out. I know that there’s going to be a lot of personal judgment like why did you buy this? Wait, you wore that?! And honestly, I just don’t want to cross that bridge until I absolutely have to. (Spoiler alert: I absolutely have to.) I’ve been craving for my closet to work like my boutique used too; I’m a keen merchandiser, and I have visions of my closet working just as well as our store racks did. I also know that once I do this initial purge and organization, I’m going to realize that what I like to wear isn’t always the fanciest. Sometimes you guys, it’s a t-shirt and a cardigan, and I throw on some heels because you CAN put lipstick on a pig. Still a pig, but also a really fancy pig.

The other side of this very long post is this: I’d like to spend this year really buying intentional pieces for my closet. Pieces I love and want to wear over and over again, not just because I know they will take a pretty picture. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn every outfit on Kendi Everyday in real life, but our days are simpler now, and I love getting dressed, but I want to sincerely love what I am wearing.  Sometimes I forego what I need in my closet for what I want and I end up still needing something as basic as a great black cardigan. That’s why this year I want to pay attention to what I buy and make sure it’s something I genuinely love.

That’s actually what this outfit is: all these pieces I truly love. My ripped jeans from Madewell (LOVE), a basic black cardigan I just purchased, my favorite white tee and of course, leopard heels. Sure I was just going to grab lunch with B and run some errands but the heels made it feel better than a Monday. Something as simple as getting ready each day (hell, even if it’s a messy bun with a smidgen of makeup — IT STILL COUNTS) makes feel like I can take on the world a little bit more.

I wrote my New Year’s Resolution with Gemma in mind, but I think with myself and this blog in mind I want to approach my style differently this year while embracing my everyday. If you look through KE’s catalog, you can see each year brought a new style and new adventure. This year, my adventure is navigating what it means to be a new mom and figuring out how to do that with intention, style and all. Just know that if I share something on here, that means I genuinely love it.

So I’d say buckle your seats, a wild ride is a coming, but the truth is it’s going to be a lot of jeans and a lot of casual things, with perhaps a few wild cards in there. So buckle up if you want, but honestly, the wild factor is about a 5-mph car ride on a straight, brand new road, with literally zero bumps.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

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  1. That was a lovely post. And I’ll totally come and help you clean out your closet. It’s one of my favorite things to do. 🙂

  2. I’ve been reading since the beginning and I’ve always loved and resonated with your style (I’m a girl who loves heels and loves to dress-up!). The last year or so I’ve found that my life, job, etc. calls for a more casual wardrobe and I’ve been struggling with how to still feel cute/like myself while dressing more casually. I’m also going to have a baby later this summer so I’m sure I’ll need even easier/more comfortable clothes!
    TLDR- I’m excited to see how your style evolves this year and continue to get inspiration for my own wardrobe! <3

  3. I’m all in for the casual mom wardrobe! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

  4. I just loved reading this post and can’t wait for what’s to come on your site!

  5. Excited for what the new year will bring! I’m definitely more of a jeans and cardigan girl so can’t wait for some casual inspiration.

  6. I can’t tell if you’re show owner fun comment was serious or sarcastic:) but I think this is an amazing goal. As a fashion lover on a budget (and one with a super small closet), I have really tried to only buy pieces that I love and that will be workhorses in my wardrobe. I’ve made a few mistakes over the years, but I learn and further narrow my style from every one of them. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!


  7. I’m so excited to read your upcoming posts about getting your home organized. I have the same fear of my closet, and I’ve been seriously avoiding it!

  8. ” You can just bury me in heels.” HAHA! I love it. This year I’ve been doing the same, buying more intentionally, more lasting pieces, classic things that are mix and match. I can’t wait to see your “mom style” continue to develop. 🙂

  9. I’m excited to hear the “intentional shopping goal” – I think that’s where my 2018 style story is headed as well. I’ve just started a job (that I love!) but has me in scrubs 4-5 days a week. Being intentional with my clothes choices has suddenly become super important because I feel like I need to make the few days I get to wear real clothes count. Transitioning from being a frequent shopper with a huge closet to someone who really only has to put together 2-3 outfits a week is a little weird and requires more thought and downsizing than I expected. It’s good to know one of my favorite bloggers will be looking a their closet in a similar way. Here’s to a new year!

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