These might be my most repeated pair of pants, besides denim, that I keep coming back to each fall/winter season. I found these faux leather leggings two fall seasons ago (2015? I think that’s right. I’m too lazy to look through my archives so let’s go with that date.) and I’ve loved them each year. They fit like a dream, they go with everything and they are so darn comfortable. What more can a girl ask for? They are my go-to’s for everything from dressed up to casual, three years in a row. Luckily Nordstrom brought them back this season as well! I’m telling you, they are the best. They fit true to size and you can find them here.

So good news / bad news situation here on this lovely chenille sweater: it’s the softest thing ever (good news!) but this color is all but sold out online (bad news). However, there are more colors in this soft sweater so that is very good news. I love this dusty rose color and of course, I love the dark grey. You can never go wrong with a pink or a grey. I will keep my eye out for more stock in this sweater! You never know, they sometimes re-stock popular styles so if they do, I’ll let you know! But if you’re in the mood for a perfect autumn brown sweater, I’ve rounded up my favorites below! All price points, too 🙂

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  1. I’ve been eyeing these leggings for years (YEARS!) and finally bought them this weekend. My local Nordstrom store had them all marked down to $47! They don’t appear to be on sale on the website, but I wanted to let you know.

    They’re ridiculously comfortable even with my 19 week post partum baby belly. Thanks for continuing to show them over the years!

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