This Week's Find: USB Leather Tassel Keychain
This Week's Find: USB Leather Tassel Keychain

Sometimes I use my gift guides for my own good. But I like to say that I’m just backing up what I’m talking about. This keychain is a treat-yo-self gift with a nice little surprise; especially if you — like me — are on a constant low battery. I never remember to bring my cord to charge my phone but with this keychain, it’s on my keys which I always have and I can plug this into my computer, the car or any USB port and boom! I’m charged. This is a life saver packaged in a very pretty keychain.

It’s been my favorite find in a while! Anything that helps keep my battery from dropping into that dreaded 20%. You can find the keychain here!


This Week's Find: USB Leather Tassel Keychain


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  1. I saw some of these the other day in the $1 / $3 / $5 bins at Target. I don’t know how great the quality was, but hey, five bucks!

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