We’ve all got our “9 to 5” — our jobs, kids, or side hustles that hopefully one day turn into our full time jobs. And sometimes that 9 to 5 turns into nights, early mornings or weekends, but we still love that hustle. So may it be a friend that’s kicking ass at their job, an entrepreneur launching her newest venture, or a friend that somehow always keeps inspiring you. You know a hustler and love one. So I thought I’d make a gift guide just for her! A little something something to keep her going.

I’m always a fan of planners, so of course I had to include two. One is for your girly friend, the other is for your sassy friend. Both are perfect to keep those dreams on schedule next year! I am always on low power mode so a power bank is just what I need especially when traveling or going all day long without plugging in! Oh and have cold-natured co-worker? Share the warmth with an always coordinating cardigan to keep around the office! Cardigans are the new power blazers.

As always you can click the ‘+’ above or see the links over to your right! Happy gifting, friends!

*I’ll be releasing a new one each day over the next two weeks! Gift giving has never been so easy.

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  1. This is a great post, and I like the spirit of it, but… girl boss? Would anyone ever call a guy who’s a boss a “boy boss”? There has to be a better way to describe women who kick ass.

    1. I used it because it’s a well known term made popular by the NastyGal CEO, Sophia Amoruso, with her book #GirlBoss. You can use whatever term you want to describe an ass-kicking lady! I don’t want this to be a divide in supporting, caring and loving our female friends who work hard to make their dreams come true.

  2. I’m obsessed with planners as well! I typically give them to my girlfriends each year. 🙂

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