Embroidered Denim


Kendi Everyday wearing Embroidered Denim with a lace boho blouse.

Kendi Everyday wearing Embroidered Denim with a lace boho blouse.

Kendi Everyday wearing Embroidered Denim with a lace boho blouse.

Kendi Everyday wearing Embroidered Denim with a lace boho blouse.

Kendi Everyday wearing Embroidered Denim with a lace boho blouse.

Kendi Everyday wearing Embroidered Denim with a lace boho blouse.

On our quick little trip to New York last week, I had packed to photograph a few outfits while we were there. And then the weather had other plans for us. We couldn’t ever quite time it between the rain and the sun, so we decided to just stop trying to fight the weather and enjoy our time in the city. Which means exploring old favorites and new parts unseen.

We stayed on the lower east side at The Ludlow Hotel. I believe it’s pretty new and the room was actually fairly big for NYC hotels — plus it had the prettiest bathroom I’ve ever seen. Marble and brass was covering the place. (If you follow on snapchat, you saw it too!) We’ve never really spent time down on the LES but it was a paradise for restaurants and coffee shops. Literally within less than a 5 minute walk we had more choices to eat than we had days to stay. I was not complaining. Plus with the on and off again rain, it was nice to have a quick place to duck into during the surprise showers. TL; DR: stay at the Ludlow in New York — fabulous hotel, great neighborhood.

I also picked up a few things in the city. I love to walk around Chelsea Market and they have a super big Anthropologie there and I fell in love with these embroidered jeans. They are a super relaxed fit and I honestly wish I would have sized down one size. (This is my normal size, but I do love the slouchy fit.) Denim is such a staple going into fall and I’ve been seeing this embroidered denim trend this year but haven’t found the pair. Well here she is:  found her, put a ring on it, she’s taken. (Good news — there’s more just like her.)

This top I bought this summer to take along to Tulum. But I’ve actually loved wearing it a bit later in the summer with the high neckline. Probably closer to fall I’ll wear a camisole underneath, but for now I don’t mind it being open. (It’s such a steal, too!) It looks like it’s almost sold out so I’ve found a few other lace-inspired blouses!

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  1. Love the embroidered pants! Also, such a daring outfit for Kendi! I can see your bellybutton! 😛



    08.17.16 · Reply
  2. Vicky says:

    Perfect look! that top is a stunner!!

    ❥ Vicky | The Golden BunInstagram TGB

    08.17.16 · Reply
  3. Love this boho feel!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

    08.17.16 · Reply
  4. christa says:

    Love all of this so much! Amazing outfit!

    xo christa | http://www.gardeniasandmint.com

    08.17.16 · Reply
  5. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    So pretty . . . Such a cute look! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    08.17.16 · Reply
  6. Your top is absolutely gorgeous, and those jeans are a perfect combination with the top xo, Emily


    08.17.16 · Reply
  7. Kelsey says:

    I love how the bottom of this top is see- through. I’m sorry the rain ruined your picture taking that is always the worst!
    xoxo Kelsey

    08.17.16 · Reply
  8. Natali says:

    How beautiful are these jeans?! Great combo and perfect for “sliding” from Summer into Fall dressing!


    08.17.16 · Reply
  9. These jeans are fabulous! I remember when I was in HS the embroidered jean trend was the thing and I had so many pairs. I’m super excited it’s coming back again!

    xo Bryn

    08.17.16 · Reply
  10. Liv says:

    Great pair of jeans.



    08.17.16 · Reply
  11. Heidi says:

    LOVE this top! Super feminine but definitely has an edge to it. Great take on the patchwork trend too!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

    08.17.16 · Reply
  12. Kristine says:

    We stayed at The Ludlow Hotel during our honeymoon. Such a fun hotel and we loved their breakfast!
    Also, that top is gorgeous!


    08.17.16 · Reply
  13. Sarah says:

    I’m not sure I can get on board with the embroidered denim (famous last words). I do love that top though! It’s actually been on my Shopbop “hearts” list for weeks.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

    08.17.16 · Reply
  14. What a cute top! I love this look

    08.18.16 · Reply
  15. Trendique says:

    Love this outfit! The top is so pretty <3

    xo Vanessa from http://www.Trendique-Magazine.com

    08.18.16 · Reply
  16. Ev says:
    08.18.16 · Reply
  17. Monika says:

    Lovely top!

    08.18.16 · Reply
  18. Alexa says:

    Love this look!


    08.18.16 · Reply
  19. Those jeans are so fun and have a little bit of boyfriend slack to them that I love! Such a fun switch from the typical distressed!

    C’s Collection | http://chelseascollection.com

    08.18.16 · Reply