By the Sea with CLUSE Watches

Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday
Wish You Were Here Hat on Kendi Everyday

Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday
Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday

Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday

Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday

Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday
Wish You Were Here Hat on Kendi Everyday

CLUSE Watch on Kendi Everyday

Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday

Wish You Were Here Hat on Kendi Everyday

Wish You Were Here Hat on Kendi Everyday

Bright Blue Dress on Kendi Everyday


Wish You Were Here Hat on Kendi Everyday

Last week we headed north — very, very north — to Portland, Maine and then on to Kennebunkport, Maine. I had visited both when I was in college with my family and had loved it instantly. At 19, I hadn’t been to many places by the sea or many beaches outside of south Texas, so seeing the Atlantic for the first time was imprinted in my brain as a fond memory for all of Maine. B had never been before so we thought this would be the perfect time to escape the Texas heat and head north. Luckily, my memory served me right and just as I remembered, Maine is just magical.

Since it had been 12 years since I last stepped foot in Maine, I was hoping that I would remember what to pack — a few layers for the cool evenings, easy dresses for the day. This dress I wore a few times while we were there — to dinner one night, on a day trip to other little beach towns, and just around town. I still stand by that dresses are the easiest to pack for summer travel and they are always ready for double duty from day to night. I had found this Parker dress a few weeks ago and when we planned this trip, I knew it would be perfect for this beach town.

I also like to keep my jewelry to a minimum when I travel, not because I don’t love wearing jewelry but because I don’t love losing jewelry. Somehow every time I travel something goes missing and I get a little too attached to my jewelry to see it go. So I try to keep things to the essentials — watch, simple earrings, wedding ring and a ring for my right hand. Even necklaces I will sometimes forego, they are usually the first to be lost or tangled. But I simply can’t be without a watch when I travel; it feels as if it completes my outfit no matter how simple my ensemble may be. This gold watch from CLUSE has become an instant favorite, I couldn’t wait to pack it for my trip. (Plus it comes with a leather travel case, perfect for jewelry losers like me.) I love that this gold style will go with anything — casual, classic or in this case — colorful. I also love this grey and rose gold one, but my heart said to stay true to the classic gold. Who knew that a little gold watch would be such a perfect little travel companion?

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  1. Sarah says:

    That dress is beautiful!!! I’ve always wanted to visit Maine….maybe someday!

    07.05.16 · Reply
  2. I’ve been following CLUSE watches on Instagram and I really wish I could get my hands on one. Not possible at the moment, but their watches all look amazing!

    Mich x

    07.05.16 · Reply
  3. christa says:

    Love! Maine is a gorgeous place! New England is pretty magical in general 🙂 Glad you made it up. That dress is fantastic!

    xo christa |

    07.05.16 · Reply
  4. Anett says:

    Oh my, I really, really, really want your dress. What a gorgeous colour and cut! And I’d love to go to Maine as well, while we’re at it. It looks a lot like southern Norway, by the looks of your photographs.

    07.05.16 · Reply
  5. Priyanka says:

    You look gorgeous and absolutely hearting the dress…actually, love the entire ensemble!

    07.05.16 · Reply
  6. Sophie says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Love your dress and hat, amazing combo! Sophie x

    07.05.16 · Reply
  7. Natali says:

    Looking like a royalty!! This is such a beautiful, feminine and elegant outfit. 🙂
    Also, I LOVE that hat, it’s so amazing!

    07.05.16 · Reply
  8. Christine says:

    Love that dress!! Such a great color <3

    07.05.16 · Reply
  9. Dana says:

    Obsessed with this dress and that hat!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    07.05.16 · Reply
  10. Jessica says:

    Loving this dress! And I’ve always wanted to go to Maine, it just sounds so lovely.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    07.05.16 · Reply
  11. Jenn Lake says:

    Love that blue on you, and that watch is so chic!

    07.05.16 · Reply
  12. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Simply beautiful! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    07.05.16 · Reply
  13. Miha says:

    Love the color of the dress, it’s quite similar to that new shade of blue the scientist discovered by mistake. Anyway, you look wonderful in it, and that hat is perfect for summer <3

    07.05.16 · Reply
  14. sasa says:

    Stunning indeed:P

    Shall We Sasa

    07.05.16 · Reply
  15. Cheyanne says:

    Beautiful pictures!

    07.05.16 · Reply
  16. Nadia says:

    Feels like ages since I got to catch up with your blog, lovely! And I came back to such a gorgeous post! 🙂 Loving everything about the photoshoot: the dress, the hat, the watch & accessories…and most importantly the beautiful soft lighting in these photos <3 You look radiant, hon!
    Hope you had a fab time in Maine!!
    xox Nadia

    07.05.16 · Reply
  17. Paula says:

    Such a cute hat, beautiful dock, gorgeous dress and stunning watch. Another great look!


    07.05.16 · Reply
  18. Heidi says:

    Dying over this cobalt dress on you! Just gorgeous Kendi, and that hat is so fun!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

    07.05.16 · Reply
  19. Love the watch and dress!! 🙂
    ❤️ xoxo,
    Lily |
    PSLily Boutique

    07.05.16 · Reply
    • Kendi Everyday says:

      Thanks girl!!

      07.06.16 · Reply
  20. JSaa says:

    Beautiful pictures! Love the color of the dress.

    07.05.16 · Reply
  21. Jenny says:

    I love the dress – perfect for summer! And very cute hat 🙂


    07.06.16 · Reply
  22. Meg Omecene says:

    That hat!! OMG I love it!! It’s perfect for 4th of July and of course Eugenia Kim has the best hats. I wore this one for my Independence Day celebrations with a red dress and it was so cute!

    07.06.16 · Reply
  23. Mackenzie says:

    So glad you love Maine!!! I’m from a coastal town a little bit North of Portland, but now live in Boston. There truly is something magical about Maine in the summertime. There’s nothing better… Now Winters…… That’s another story lol. So glad you enjoyed!

    07.06.16 · Reply
  24. Sahar says:

    Gorgeous look! In love with the hat<3

    07.06.16 · Reply
  25. Bretty says:

    I grew up in Portland! Fun that you got to vacation there. Maine is, after all, “vacationland”!

    07.06.16 · Reply
  26. You look gorgeous in that blue! Maine looks beautiful!

    xo Bryn

    07.06.16 · Reply
  27. Super cute dress!

    07.06.16 · Reply
  28. What a gorgeous look, I love the color of your dress and this hat!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    07.06.16 · Reply
  29. Minau says:

    Awesome look! The dress is so beautiful!

    07.08.16 · Reply
  30. Lovely dress and scenery! The hat is really cute! I have never been to Maine but your post makes me want to travel there soon.

    07.11.16 · Reply
  31. david says:

    Fun that you got to vacation there. Maine is, after all, “vacationland”!

    01.23.17 · Reply