When I first heard that kate spade new york had collaborated with Beyond Yoga for an activewear line, I realized that I was, at that very moment, completely out of reasons not to exercise. I am not the most, how should we say — motivated person I know when it comes to moving. But since turning 30 I’ve realized that it’s become more and more essential to feeling good. I can instantly tell on days that I haven’t gone for a walk or a jog that my brain is a bit more foggy than normal. I used to exercise for my body and now I do it more for my brain. (But my body doesn’t mind, of course.) So while feeling good is always my first motivation, looking good comes second. Of course, looking good at the gym comes easy when you’ve got a striped jacket with a bow on it. I might not be the fastest person at the gym, but I’m wearing a bow around my neck so I’m fine with it.
You can see more of the kate spade new york x Beyond Yoga activewear line here! I’ve linked to a few more items I’ve got my eye on. I have a goal that if I can run a 5k, I can buy more kate spade new york activewear pieces. Cute activewear is my dangling carrot at the end of a long treadmill.

*Special thanks to Kate Spade New York for collaboration on this post! Items with (*) were provided courtesy of Kate Spade New York x Beyond Yoga. 

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  1. Ugh everything that Kate Spade does is perfect. When I saw this collection launched I was like “must have everything.” I love that the pants have a inspirational quote on the inside.


  2. So cute! I’ve had my eye on that bow jacket ever since they released the look book, I love it!

  3. These are the cutest! Kendi, you can totally do a 5k—From one avid runner to an aspiring other ?? Do it for Kate! ♠️

  4. That jacket is incredibly cute. Cute active wear is motivation for me to exercise too. I recently bought a new pair of trainers and I just want to run in them all the time 😀

  5. HOW CUTE!!! I love everything Kate Spade so I’m definitely going to have to check out their new line. Not sure if I could actually bring myself to get them all sweaty and gross though!


  6. I love to go to the gym in nice workout clothes(love my reflection in the mirror and makes me happy). This is beyond nice, is when elegance meets Gym wear!! Just love this. We want more posts of this!!!

  7. This is literally the cutest workout outfit I’ve ever seen. You are so adorable!

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