I always start January off thinking that winter isn’t so bad and by the end of January, I would pay a dirty amount of money to get me full day of sunshine and the need for zero layers. I am just not built for cold weather and it’s not even that cold here this year. This blanket cardigan, however, is doing it’s job and keeping me warm and it is absolutely darling. But don’t let it’s beauty fool you — this girl underneath is cold and she is not happy about it. Okay, okay. I’m a little bit happy because this is a really cute cardigan and I like the fringe on the hem. It takes so little to make me excited.
Speaking of freezing cold weather that makes you never want to leave your house ever again, we are headed to NYC next week and I am equal parts afraid of the left over snow and of the cold weather itself. I need someone from NY to come down to Texas and pack for me. Any takers? That’s what internet friends who have never met in person are for, right? I thought so.

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