Do you ever have a style that is just your tried and true? I feel like this combination of a full skirt and fitted top is mine. It always feels like coming home when I put on an outfit with these proportions. I also just love a full skirt and this one has the perfect amount of perk. And it has pockets, which you can obviously see because 5/8 of those photos I’ve got my hands in my pocket. It’s the first thing I reach for when I try on a full skirt like this now. When a skirt doesn’t have pockets now it takes the cute level down a full point. I’ve been pocket spoiled.
Is anyone headed to Create & Cultivate this weekend in Dallas? I’m a panelist and a mentor this year and I’m only just a lot anxious about. It’s not anything I haven’t done before but the 10% of me that is shy comes out in full swing during conference situations. Coffee will help me. Because it will be far too early for booze.
(But seriously, if you around come say hi! Both of us can’t be shy about it.)

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