I hope you’re having the best weekend. A bad weekend is an oxymoron, right? That just can’t be a thing. ┬áToday felt a little like a spring preview and we welcomed it gladly. Not quite patio weather, but it is trench coat weather which I will gladly take. I have been searching for a trench coat for a while now and this Cupcakes and Cashmere one came in at the shop and it took me all of 9 seconds to put it on my body. And while yes, I am the one who purchased this for the store months ago, I had forgotten that it was coming in. I get what I call ‘market amnesia’ all the time, so most of our shipments feel like Christmas morning to me. Sometimes my bad memory does come in handy; not a lot and usually only in this case but it sure is fun to be surprised by your own choices.
(PS: We haven’t launched our spring collection online yet, so I’ve linked this jacket at Nordstrom below!)

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