Do you know that moment when you wake up late for a friend’s bridal shower and you scramble to find something to wear while scrambling to buy a gift and get it gift wrapped quickly but not too quickly so it doesn’t look last minute in the trunk of your car because you might have forgotten the date because you are a terrible bridesmaid? That’s when having a dress like this would help. Doesn’t it just scream bridal / baby / lingerie shower? I feel like that’s precisely why this dress was made. 


Sadly I did not have this dress a few months ago when I did in fact wake up late for my sweet friend’s shower and I, of course, scrambled to find a bridal-shower friendly dress and the scenario I dramatically explained to you above did in fact happen. (Shower friendly dress criteria being: not too short, could be dressed up or down with heels or flats, photographs well because we all know there are going to be a lot of photos.) Of course I’ve found this dress months after it was desperately needed but I bought it anyways because the immediate thought that processed in my mind was ‘summer wedding dress.’ 
In July, I’ll be bridesmaid to one of my good friends from college which makes me excited for two reasons: I secretly love being a wedding guest and I love an excuse to wear pretty dresses. I also love showers because it’s the best excuse for day drinking I’ve ever found. Showers, luncheons and day dresses, here I come.


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  1. Love this! Such a sweet look! And weddings are just the best. Dancing, celebrating, drinking, eating, laughing…too many good things at one party! 🙂 How awesome!

  2. The combo of stripes and leopard print is gorgeous!! I never thought they would look so good together!! Love your outfit! The shoes are stunning! I love your blog! Would you mind having a look at mine? It would mean a lot!'


  3. We really love the way you paired a striped slip dress with leopard accents and a bold frame! Very chic and sophisticated!

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