I look very mischievous in these photos. I promise I didn’t do anything illegal minutes before we took these photos. I “promise.”


I picked up this skirt at Gap a couple of weeks ago and didn’t realize it was kind of short. After reading the reviews online, I think it’s supposed to be high-waisted but if I pull it up any higher it won’t be a skirt anymore, just a waist ruffle. I’d have to have over the thigh boots and a really long sweater. Maybe I’ll try that look next week. 


Sweater: BB Dakota

Skirt: Gap (I sized up to fit lower on my hips)

Boots: Kenneth Cole

Purse: Kelly Wynne

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  1. waist ruffle!! lol. my mom would call it a "butt cover". you look saucy and sexy! but in a polished way.

  2. I got a similar skirt and have not been able to wear it because of the shortness – love what you did here!

  3. I feel like (and maybe this is so wrong) but I can get away with shorter skirts in the winter because of tights. This is probably me justifying but I think it sounds like a good theory.

  4. Oh girl you have legs for days! You are rocking those over the knee boots, wish I had long legs like you. Oh and that's one cute little skirt too!

    Cee. β™₯
    Code Overdressed

  5. OOOhhh girl in those boots! haha and I love the 'waist ruffle' comment. Are those coming back in?!?! lol

  6. You look gorgeous, love this look!

    Greetings from London,


  7. ow owwww Kendi! Scrolling down over first pic I did not expect to see those minxy boots! love them!! this whole look is gorgeous!

  8. No… I completely agree with you on the short skirts for winter. I have several skirts/dresses in my closet that i would not even consider wearing in the spring or summer because of how short they are… but with tights I think they're totally acceptable.

  9. I have this skirt and it looked perfect from the front…haha gotta make sure i wear tights or don't pick up things off the ground in this one πŸ˜‰

  10. Such a fun, cozy-looking outfit! I go into total lazy (read: non leg-shaving) mode after about September, so I applaud you for putting in the effort necessary to skip the tights πŸ™‚ The bare legs are such an unexpected part of this covered-up look, but it adds just the right amount of skin! Work it, lady πŸ™‚


  11. I love that skirt on you and think with the knee high boots and a oversized sweater, the mini skirt isn't so short looking!!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  12. I'm 5'7" and I've also had the problem of skirts from the Gap being very short. The Gap skirts are cute but really seem geared towards woman who are no taller than 5'2" which puts us taller girls in a tricky position.

  13. I recently bought this skirt as well and I found it pretty short! I wore black tights underneath it so I didn't feel too scandalous, but i still think it's a super cute skirt! love the way you styled it!




  14. Love that sweater…I decided to post a comment first & order second! Your skirt story is hilarious !!! As a tall girl (5"9') welcome to my life….most skirts that I try on that are above the knee end up looking like a skanky mini on me! This is very cute on you & great suggestion about sizing up! I will be using that tip for future skirt purchases!!!

    I am currently stuck in Dallas because of the terrible weather that is rolling in….so good thing you wore this skirt earlier in the week because it's not looking so hot weather wise anymore


  15. This is such a great outfit and I love the boots.


  16. I love your outfit!. You look so gorgeous!.

    And I love your bun!. It’s very pretty and elegant!. You look so cute with it!. It suits you so well!.

  17. Kendi, U made me go deep in my closet and I discovered a very similar skirt and a sweater! WHICH IS GREAT, because now I know what to wear for 2morrows frends Bday brunch (yes, I know how lame it sounds! πŸ˜€ ) But, would I completely ruin it with some black stockings – what do U think? HONEST OPINION! πŸ™‚


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