I’m a homebody. I’d rather work from home in sweats with no one else around. I’d rather watch a rented movie from the couch than go to the theatre. And I’d much rather crack open a bottle of wine and sip in my pj’s than go out in heels (most nights anyways.) There is no crime in that.

Whoever she is in your life, may she work from home, is a stay at home mom or perhaps she just likes to stay in on Friday nights (here, here), how about a few things for the your home girl? 
from the top: 
*to whom it may concern, this is a hint. 

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  1. amen sister (as I write this comment, on my couch in my sweats w/ shiner cheer on the coffee table) and that * at the bottom of your post is absolutely fantastic. Hope you get all that you wish for this year!
    Lauren M
    Make It a Double

  2. I have been so obsessed with pajamas lately! I actually have it on my christmas list!

  3. Every gift guideI've seen has this Anthropologie mug in it. I've been posting gift guides as well and I was able to find so many better alternatives for under $10, $20 and $30. I think I will stick to those.


  4. You CANT be a homebody. You have way too many beautiful clothes you need to show off.

  5. Love everything on your gift list !!! I can relate to being a homebody…except when you are forced to be stuck inside when you are not at home…I am currently stuck in Dallas with my hubby..we were supposed to fly out friday & now 2 cancelled flights later we are here until Wednesday!! At least I have been able to get some online holiday shopping done !!!


  6. I've been obsessed with white and gold lately, so that coffee cup is seriously cute. I really love the stationary, as well.

  7. This is a great guide for all the bloggers who work from home! Love it. I wish that blanket was a scarf, though!

    xo Ashley

  8. Ummm I really like the headphones…I might have to get myself a pair. Of course I always find stuff I want during xmas time!

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