Over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting a few gift guides to help you through the holidays. Today’s guide: the fancy lady. 

Everyone has one: the fancy lady whom you have no idea what to get because it seems like she has it all. I have a few ideas for you above and below that are just the right amount of fancy. From quite generous to no need to pay with bricks of gold, a few gifts from all budgets for your glam-est girl. (Who says costume jewelry isn’t fance?!)

from the top:
rose gold stemless wine glass | $14
capiz jewelry box | $39
sparkle cluster rings | $25
kate spade sparkle watch | $225
faux fur scarf | $40
copper sequined skirt | $138
rebecca minkoff satchel | $325
quilted vest | $120
ear baubles | $58
golden stripes tee | $40
darling magazine | $20
metallic notebook | $9
turban beanie | $32
heart mug | $12

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30 Responses

  1. Great post. I love all the gift ideas!!!!

    Don't forget to link up tomorrow to my weekly tres-chic fashion Thursday link up.



  2. I just got this faux fur scarf and I love it!! Great list!



  3. Ooh.. I love it all.. but that heart mug.. LOVE IT! I must be a fancy lady.. either that or I'm obsessed with gold… probably both..

  4. Hmm, susie ormond, a financial counselor would say none of these gifts are practical for our economy. There are much cheaper and just as beautiful of gifts out there elsewhere. I value a dollar these days especially after i had my baby.

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