You would think after wearing heels all weekend at the shop, I’d be out for the count. (I’m one of those crazies who think that some type of heel is much more comfortable than flats when standing all day.) Well, well well, guess what? 


I’m still in heels today, albeit less intimidating ones. Sole Society was kind enough to send me a pair of these half bootie/ half heels to try so I thought I’d give these guys a spin today. I actually didn’t even realize that this was a much more kinder heel height than I usually wear until this morning. I was walking around thinking ‘well this is easy.’ I might just be walking proof that heels can be comfortable. I might even go for a run later in them, just to prove my point. 
Just kidding, you guys know I don’t run. Bahahaha. 

dress: j.crew / similar
jacket: bb dakota
shoes: ℅ sole society

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  1. Cute Shoes !!! I brought what I thought were my 'comfy booties' on a recent trip to Boston…SO WRONG!!! I could barely walk by the end of the day…lesson learned…flats or possibly a wedge sneaker only from now on when I am sight seeing!!
    The dress is also fab! I live in Florida & have officially decided that I need to invest in more fall/winter dresses…this one fits the bill perfectly!!


  2. you look awesome! i for one, appreciate the fact that you are in heels today! kudos to you for being so "bold"! 🙂

  3. Girl, I'm the same way with that style of heels. I bought some booties from Target that have thick, chunky heels and I was all "where have these been all my life? You mean my feet can actually not hurt while wearing heels??"

  4. I absolutely love this look and your bag! Have you ever thought of using a base shaper for any of your bags?! That could really help to preserve the structure and shape of your designer bags! You can buy them at http://www.designerbaseshapers.com! Have a nice day! 🙂 X

  5. Those shoes are adorable and definitely look super comfy — perfect for a day on your feet 🙂 And that coat, perfection!

  6. Your dress and shoes are super pretty. 🙂 Also I always love your writing!

    Re: heels – when people wear heels almost all the time and only occasionally go back to flats, it's actually going to be uncomfortable & fatiguing because the achilles' tendon has thickened and stiffened to compensate for shortened muscle fibers in the calf. And of course some chunky heeled shoes actually have better arch support than flats that are, well, completely flat, so those factors likely contribute to the comfort. Just a long-winded way of saying you're not crazy. 🙂

  7. OMG I saw this same exact coat at Forever21. They had great sales last week so you could've snagged it up for $15-20. I posted a few other deals they were having. I'm sure it is still available, just gotta pay more for it.


  8. Have you thought about doing a hair tutorial? You are the best at waves!
    P.S. I've been following forever and I'm very grateful for you and your blog. 🙂

  9. I am too! My hiatus is over in january after a YEAR! how long are you taking a break?

  10. I'm impressed! I'm aiming for five months to begin with, but I've no idea if I will last. I've tried before without much success, but this time I'm actually really motivated. I'm about to change careers and probably take a pay cut, in addition to moving into a smaller flat. Lots of incentive to downsize and make do with my quite frankly enormous wardrobe! How did you get through it? Any tips to share?!?

  11. I don't even know girl. Sometimes Pinterest would help inspire me to rework things that were already in my closet. But other times it just made me want to shop! So just keep busy. Stay out of the stores if you can. Because once you see a 40% off sign, it's hard to walk away!! Good luck. I cracked a couple times and even bought/returned a few items because it just felt so good to swipe that card. I know. I have a problem! 😉

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