You know that saying “this is why you can’t have nice things?” Little did you know that this phrase originated with me. I’ve ended up with ketchup stains on clothing that I didn’t even eat fries in that day. I’m just clumsy, plain and simple. Like a moth to the flame, so are stains to my clothes. I’m just now at the age where I can where white denim without completely ruining them by 9 am. So let’s talk about this risk factor that is this beautiful sweater: it’s cashmere, it’s soft, it’s grey. AKA it’s perfect. So far, nothing has been spilled on it. But it’s only 9 am, I’ve got 8 more hours to go. 
So speaking of nice things, I’m really excited to be partnering this month with Calypso St. Barth on their Calypso Cares campaign. Next Saturday, November 16th, if you are in Dallas, you can come visit me at their Preston Center boutique and donate a gently used sweater for the Covenant House, a charity the provides care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth. So you and your sweater can join me from 12-3pm on November 16th.  And if you don’t live in Dallas, you can still donate at any Calypso location between the 15th and 17th, you will receive 20% off the purchase of a sweater. Sounds like you’ve got plans for next Saturday.
Sweater: c/o Calypso St. Barth
Scarf: Madewell
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kenneth Cole

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  1. This whole outfit is perfect as all your outfits are. Lusting after those boots!

  2. I just laughed (snorted) out LOUD! I cannot wear white shirts OR white jeans without ruining them by 9am! Your posts are so great! I love your blog, 🙂

  3. You look stunning in these photos!!! Kinda majorly obsessed with that scarf ! I am going to visit my sister in Boston this weekend so I just might have to stop by the Madewell store!! Great cause that you are teaming up w Calypso for!! I will be in Dallas at the beginning of December..my husband is having surgery…but if at all possible I might try to sneak in a moment or two of shopping!!


  4. Love love love those boots! Over the knee without looking like a Kardashian. #winning.

  5. Love this outfit Kendi!! I've been a follower of yours for a few years now, and just wanted to say that I appreciate you not going to the dark side of being a fashion blogger. The fashion bloggers who get their start from creatively mixing and matching their wardrobe eventually end up posting outfits where every single piece was given to them by a company/business. As a reader that becomes frustrating because I don't get to see their own creativity anymore!
    I've seen that with your outfits you add in pieces to review but also wear a mix of high & low from your own wardrobe. That definitely makes for a more relatable post! So thank you! Aka, don't stop being awesome 😉

  6. I love that scarf. I'm like you, I spill all the time. I can't drink anything other than water without a lid or it's guaranteed I will somehow manage to be wearing it.

  7. What a wonderful partnership! Great work 🙂 Also, OTK boots have been on my list for over a month and now I just plain need them after seeing this. xo!


  8. that sweater is perfect! And paired with the over the knee boots it gives off such a "cool girl" vibe! Love the look!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  9. See you there!!! I am the really tall girl who will come up to you and say "hey, I am the really tall girl who loves your blog."

  10. Oh story of my life with the clumsiness and stains… this entire look is perfect and good luck keeping stain free!

  11. Oh I have to tell you this.. literally minutes after writing this, while eating soup, I managed to tip the bowl spilling it right down my v neck sweater… now I smell like soup and must go through the rest of my day with a wet bra… not my idea of a wet tee shirt contest… Soup-1 Hope-0

  12. Wow, those boots. If this was instagram, or even facebook.. I'd do that little face with the love hearts popping out of it's eyes, because this is just the best.

  13. The sweater looks (and I'm sure feels) beautiful, but I'm obsessed with that scarf! Maybe I'm just a little TOO excited about winter? Oh well. Bring on the chunky scarves!

    xo Ashley


  14. adore the boots. very chic. so glad i found you…love your style!

  15. love how great but effortless this outfit looks!


  16. Those boots are amazing!! Somehow I can get away with white pants, but I'm usually SUCH a messy person. Bah!

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