This weekend was my best friend’s gender reveal party. (She’s expecting twins.) I knew what to bring as far as a gift goes (diapers, of course) but what to wear — that’s a tricky one, no? I’m pretty sure in all of the what to wear to where guides out there, a gender reveal party is not a key destination. So I decided you can’t go wrong with a blazer and heels. Also, my guess was a boy and a girl so naturally I wore pink and blue. And my guess was right. This only means one thing: I’m clairvoyant.

If any pregnant person would like me to guess the gender of your baby, just let me know. So far I’m 1-1; those are really good odds. 


Blazer: Similar

Top: Aritzia

Jeans: c/o Citizens of Humanity

Heels: c/o Sole Society

Clutch: Similar

Scarf: Similar

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  1. I adore that blazer!
    I would hate for you to mess up your perfect baby gender guessing ratio but if you want to take a guess, I'll let you. 😉 just one babe for me, no twins.

  2. Love the outfit, perfect for a baby shower. Congrats to your friend and God bless her. She will have her hands full.



  3. You look like spring! This is such a cute outfit. I love the scarf against the top. 

  4. I love those earrings! May I ask where you got them? I just found your blog and I absolutely love it. Happy Monday!


  5. This is such a nice outfit! When in doubt about what to wear, I usually go with put-together, but comfortable. So far it has never failed!

  6. Love the blazer! Also, considering it was twins, I'd say you are actually 2 for 2! 🙂 

  7. I love this outfit from the orange in the top to blush colored scarf and then the nude pump paired with the light blue blazer. Gorgeous.

    Method Clothe

  8. I chose not to know on both my pregnancies,but loved hearing the variety of guesses. My fave one was when an older woman said I was very round so it was a boy- she was right- but round? Lovely pattern on the top-

    Marie @ 
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  9. I think that's a perfect baby shower outfit.  Cute without being too "precious" if you know what I mean.
    I don't have a talent for picking baby genders, but I do have a talent for picking up when friends and coworkers are pregnant when they're only a couple weeks along.

  10. That blouse is lovely. The blazer is great with it and really I love love the whole look. 

    I don't care about baby gender but if you could just tell me the numbers on the next Lotto I'd be very grateful : ) 


  11. Your scarf is PERFECT.  Gorgeous shade of pink, and it looks wonderful against your skin and hair.


  12. i'm due in april…care to guess what it might be? : )

    loving the way the scarf and the blazer play off each other! another great outfit!

  13. You were probably the most stylish person at that gender reveal. You have such great style. So refined. 

  14. ha! you look totally fabulous! never thought about what to wear to that kinda party, but i traditionally wear a skirt and nice blouse to anything i'm not certain of. this looks like a great option too – dressed up without being too dressed up.
    kw Ladies in Navy

  15. SO gorgeous Kendi. Seriously, I feel like I need to be wearing this RIGHT NOW! It's perfect down to every last detail, and a big congrats to your friend. How exciting!! xo

  16. Love the color combo and the way you are wearing your scarf. You look very classy!

  17. haha! clearly this means only one thing… that you're clairvoyant…
    that is too good. you made me LOL at work. thank you!

  18. This is the first I've ever heard of a gender reveal party!  Youngsters and their parties these days 😉   Clairvoyance is going to come in so handy!  I hope you see more of that beautiful blouse in your future.

  19. Talk about a good hair day!  I definitely have hair envy for you.  Especially on dirty hair days.  Somehow, you still manage to kill it in the hair department, even when it's dirty.

  20. I love that blouse – it's great to see it offset with the more subtle blazer and scarf! 

  21. That's so cute that she's getting one of each! I love your outfit and that blazer is really gorgeous…


  22. Beautiful outfit! Love the soft colors. 
    And how fun for your friend to have a boy and girl! Unless she wants a whole bunch of kids, that seems like a great way to have one of each and be done 🙂

  23. The print on your top is absolutely gorgeous!! And I love the soft pink of the scarf.


  24. Love the color combo and I think your outfit is PERFECT for that kind of party. It's really rare to have boy and girl twins so that's exciting! Congrats to your friend 🙂

    xo Ashleyluckylittlebird.blogspot.com

  25. Haha! Love the prediction. I saw this outfit when you posted on Instagram – it's adorable!


  26. i wonder where you got your scarf bc i have the same one! i got it at this cute boutique, don't remember the name in Santa Cruz, CA

  27. You're so lucky to have found a pair of nude shoes that actually appear to be nude on your footsies!! I'm super jealous, still searching for my nude/no-really-do-you-have-on-shoes? shoes! 

    What a score!! 1-1, Let's go Kendi, let's go! (stomp/stomp)

  28. This outfit is adorable! I also like to think that I am good at guessing the gender of people's babies. 


  29. Simply adorable!! (: what a great outfit!!


  30. First: I love this outfit. Second: I want to have a gender reveal party for myself…"Guess what everyone…I'm a girl!!!!!" Third: I just thought you should know that your reign as the remix inventor queen might be ending because I started the next big thing. Or at least the next small thing. It's gonna be a thing, I swear.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life
    P.S. That "next big thing" is my "Take One, Pass it On" Outfit Remix challenge!

  31. Do you have any scarf tutorials? That scarf is cute and cuter the way it's styled!

  32. How wonderful!  I have boy/girl twins (they are 4 now) and SO much fun.  Would love for you to take a look at my blog and little life with our "nuggets".

    XO Lulu

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