Approximately five minutes after these photos were taken I dribbled coffee onto my pure, white blouse. Like a small child learning how to drink out of a mug for the first time, I dribbled it from my mouth, down my chin and onto the middle of my shirt, a stain that now looks like the outline of my left kidney. Twenty-eight years later, I still surprise myself daily with my lack of motor skills and well-timed bad luck.

My bag is from — are you sitting down for this — Target. I snuck it in the cart next to the groceries and essentials yesterday. The cashier really didn’t notice or give me trouble. Although that’s happened to me before. One time, okay another time, when I was buying a purse at Target, I thought that I was being sneaky but the cashier caught on to me. As he was busy ringing up my super healthy frozen lunches (don’t judge), he stopped cold, picked up the bag and said “this purse?” with an unconvinced tone. I decided to own up to my purchase proudly. “Oh yeah, this purse” is what I decided to reply with accompanied by a creepy, slow wink and head nod. That cashier will never recover from my creepiness. He never saw it coming.


Blouse: Bloom

Skirt: c/o Jigsaw London

Heels: Nine West

Purse: Target

Sunnies: c/o Bonlook

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  1. This is such a great look! One of my favorites of yours, Kendi — I love the pop of red from the bag mixed with the black and white. Also, I wish I could get my buns to look as perfect as yours. 


  2. Haha im sure he recovered fine ;).
    I hare it when i stain white shirts/pants… But dont spills happen only when wearing white for some reason?!?!


  3. Love the styling of this whole look. I need to hit up Target soon…


  4. You are seriously, the funniest blogger EVER.  You are a total nut and I completely enjoy reading your blog every day!  Thank you for being YOU!

  5. Hahaha it would be from Target! You cannot go in there without buying  something out of the clothing/accessories/shit I don't need area 😉

    xo, Amy

  6. I loveeeee your bag and your bun. It's so perfect…i struggle to get my bun looking good. 

    PS I ALWAYS manage to get something on myself when I wear white. This is why my tide to go pen is my bff.


  7. As a kid, I had no trouble keeping my whites white; it was my sister who was prone to getting stains on her clothes.

    As a 28 year old woman, I can't seem to stop dripping coffee, tomato soup, chocolate, etc. all down the front of my shirt.

    I always find cute stuff at Target, and I really dig this outfit — so great!

  8. The side-part and bun in super cute. Black and white outfits are my fave. And, I saw that purse in cobalt blue at Target the other day, but managed to walk away from it. I think I prefer the color you have, though. 🙂

  9. Aren't you loving the spring like weather!  It's 65 in Tulsa today!!  I figure it is similar weather in TX or you would be wearing tights!

  10. Ha!  Whenever I eat chocolate, I always end up with some on my nose or cheek and I never discover it until *after* I've been smiling in people's faces all over town.
    Your look is classically wonderful!

  11. I love this outfit, it looks great on you, so chic!

    As a longtime fan and reader, I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed though. I clicked through to Bloom because I wanted to purchase the blouse…I cannot believe that you are selling a polyster shirt for $68!!!

  12. I noticed Target had some great bags lately. Good luck.
    If there were a trophy for the clumsiest person around, I'd give you some tough competition.

  13. Target is probably my favorite place on Earth.  I've seen some great finds there but that bag is truly shocking.  

  14. Isn't that the thing about white shirts/pants/bags/shoes? They look glorious, so fresh and crisp…but their potential to get ruined is unbelievable!

  15. Hey nycgirl1986! 

    Yes, that's the price for the blouse. I'm sorry the price disappoints you — it's from BB Dakota, a high quality line we carry and that is more than a fair price for the blouse. My markup is right on with other retailers, online and in-store. (In fact, it's probably a little bit cheaper than other retailers.) BB Dakota is one of the more expensive lines we carry and will continue to carry, as it's one of our customers' favorites. BUT the good news for you and for other readers who are looking for less expensive pieces from Bloom, starting this spring we will focus on more blouses ranging from $38 to $58. Now they won't be silk or anything, but will still be high quality and will *hopefully* fit within your budget. 

    Thank you for the feedback! 


  16. I literally JUST selected this bag over the weekend for my Valentine's Day Gift Guide!  You've got great taste 🙂

  17. you look great! 🙂 love the hair and the purse is to die for! i am going to have to go get it… immediately. 

    also your writing is so funny. i am constantly intrigued.
    kw, ladies in navy

  18. Wow such a cute purse I was so excited to see it was from Target. I do the same thing only I sneak Target things into groceries so that my husband doesnt think I bought anything lol!

  19. ha ha! that is a funny story…been there…tried to pass that : ) 

    I didn't bother with the wink though. I'm a little more non-chanlant when trying to pass clothing as groceries. Like yep, that sweater deserves to be there right next to my lettuce and carrots. It was on my grocery list. Right next to the eggs and milk.bisousSuzannehttp://bisous.typepad.com/bisous/

  20. Great outfit and I'm with ya every single time I wear anything white – something happens. I forget how to eat, drink or a pen explodes. Just my luck.


  21. Target!?  Love it!!!  I would not have guessed that it's from Target!  Thanks for sharing.

  22. I'm so jealous! other people always find great things at Target. I never find anything good at target. Wahhhh 🙁

  23. Is this really supposed to be a big thing in the USA? Here in the UK I regularly buy clothing along with my groceries in Tesco, & nobody so much as bats an eyelid lol =P

  24. No not really — I mean it's really a perk to be able to buy a bag and food 😉 But sometimes I try to hide my gluttonous shopping of accessories. 

  25. Target is the black hole of all things awesome at the ridiculous low low price of only… $19.99! It sucks me in every time…. and it holds my devotion… FYI, no pure white blouse is safe from my dribbling of coffee… dang you Murphy's Law…

  26. I love the feminine skirt! And I almost bought that same purse. 

  27. Lol…I love reading your posts…they are so hilarious! 😀
    I spill coffee on a regular basis on my clothes…especially on half asleep monday mornings…thank god they're only pjs and noone can ever ever see them.

  28. oh my gosh. you are too adorable!  I definitely have a love affair with target…you can definitely find treasures there.  

    and that poor cashier…hehehe. 

  29. I normally don't care for Target bags, but this one is perfect! I'm actually planning on going there later, so I'll have to check it out!

  30. Love this outfit and i love your story. Target is finally coming to Canada. Looking forward to all of it's fabulousness.



  31. I like the side parted bun! and I can totally relate about the stain thing. I cannot wear anything without getting at least one stain on myself. Today it was balsamic salad dressing all over my minty Gap jeans. and I wasn't even eating the salad. It happened when I poured the dressing onto the salad. Sometimeos I think adult bibs would be perfect for occasions like this haha!

  32. I Love the Look, a Black and white outfit is always Classy and yet so modern! I Hope you get the coffee Out of the blouse, i feel with you, could have happened to me anytime!

  33. I LOVE that purse, its perfect!  When you are ready to pass it on, let me know.  🙂  Even if there is coffee on it.  Seriously.  

  34. Love the purse. Just looked online and all of their handbags are buy one get one half off! I may get one 🙂 love your blog!

  35. I'm loving this outfit! Perfect for the office or something. It'd be really cute with patterned lace tights too!


    – Katelyn

  36. You look SO incredibly classy! Rock that Audrey Hepburn vibe.
    And I'm glad I have found someone who finds great steals at Target. I do happen to find very cute pants there every full moon. 🙂 Power to the Target women!


  37. That purse is to die for. I am in love!!! I am currently using a blue satchel from Merona and it's done me proud. I love to add this in the mix!

  38. Your outfit is kinda sweet n' spicy, like Chinese food but not really Asian-inspired at all.  Consider yourself pinterest-ed.

    (ps – I'm relieved to learn I'm not the only one in her late twenties who has a dribble lip.)

  39. Love the skirt, but that purse is giving me the most life!  I just read through the comments and saw the deal for Target's accessories…and I might or might not have just purchased the blue version of that purse and another one.  It'll balance out though, I have to return a gold purse that I thought would work with me and it didn't.  Lol!!

    – Jaz

  40. Cannot believe that purse is from Target! I love the color against your black and white outfit!


  41. Ha ha that's so typical of me-I can relate:) I don't wear too much (or any) white for that reason lol!

  42. I don't suppose you've ever written about how to get your hair to look like that, have you? I've been trying to figure out that look for months. 

  43. I love the blouse and skirt combo! (: very adorable.


  44. I am 40 years old and I still don't know how to eat or drink whenever I wear white.  It' murphy's law – never fails.  Love this look and love how you make a Target purse look like a million bucks!


  45. STUNNING OUTFIT! You can never go wrong with black and white. It's great to know I'm not the only clutz out there that ruins all my white tops 😉 No shame in Target finds, I'm always looking out for a great bargain!


  46. Love Target! Is the bag more coral or red? It looks coral in your picture but the website says it's red.

  47. I can't believe that bag is from Target! I love it. I just recently bought a Cambridge Satchel-esque bag from there, and I love it!

  48. I'm sorry, but you are just delightful! You make me giggle. And, of course, I dig the fashion!

  49. I love this outfit!  And if you are asking me, white blouses are just asking to get dribbled on.  😉

    Avec Amber

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway this week!  Visit my 100th post giveaway page to learn how you can win a $25 Gap Inc gift card!


  50. I love the purse! Target actually has some great finds. I saw that purse in Target the other day and almost bought it 🙂
    Also, I ordered a dress from Bloom today and am SO excited to get it. It's a dress that the actress who plays Lizzie wears on an episode of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries (if you haven't heard of it, youtube it!) and I'm so super excited. Thanks for having an awesome blog and an awesome store, Kendi!

  51. Kendi, thanks for making me laugh daily!   I love your description of your purse purchase at Target, and your coffee spill.
    Speaking of that purse, I can't believe it's from Target.  I love it.  Gorgeous color.
    XO, Gina

  52. Oh, Target…every time I go in there, I find something I like, and have to spend the rest of my shopping trip convincing myself I don't need it. It rarely works. 

  53. Your posts to go with your photos crack me up every time. You dress fabulously and I love your sense of fashion but your sense of humor even better! LOL!

  54. Another magical gem found in Target. I've made so many spur of the moment purchases there…although usually the cashiers aren't quite as judgmental as yours.

    Hope you have fun at Fashion Week, Kendi!

  55. weird, online it says it's the target purse is not sold in stores. and it's back ordered. ah well. 

  56. Whaaaaat?! Target?! When I was scrolling through the photos I just KNEW that bag was Coach. Target is really stepping up their game lately! I may just have to snatch that one up 🙂


  57. You look amazing, i love the black and white combo.

  58. That bag = divine.  You look so beautiful and chic in this outfit – like a modern Audrey Hepburn!!!


  59. That purse, awesome! I am wondering how I have missed this as I live at Target. Must have.
    I also wanted to add, you totally crack me up! We are kindred spirits, I cannot own a white top with put spilling something on it, usually tea. I am no longer allowed to wear white while eating anything w/red sauce.

  60. I checked three of my local targets and none of them had the red satchel in stock.  So I went online and its backordered!  I ordered it anyway, and can't wait until it gets here (at the beginning of March!!!).  I've gone to too much trouble now for this bag – I really hope it doesn't disappoint when I finally get to see it in person!!

  61. haha, you are hilarious! I LOVE that Target bag – such a happy color. And why would the cashier judge any of your purchases? psh!

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