Yesterday I wanted to be in pajamas, today I wanted to dress up. You can only imagine what it’s like to live inside this head. 

The other day I instagrammed that straight hair is the first indicator of me running late. Now the truth is out: my “natural” waves are phony. The majority of the comments confirmed my suspicions: everyone else in the world has impossibly perfect wavy hair. I also learned that your dirty hair of choice is a pony tail or bun. (And for the select few, a hat.)  I have been known to rock the tardy sock bun from time to time, but if I have twenty minutes and a shower is imperative, then I have no choice but straight hair. Of course if we are talking super late, I typically just don’t show up to where I’m going. No need to have a bad hair day and be late. Now you know where all of my priorities lie. 

(If you are wondering how my legs aren’t freezing under this maxi — well it’s Texas and I’m wearing leggings. I’m sneaky like that.) 


Button down: J.Crew

Jacket: J.Crew Factory

Skirt: Bloom

Heels: c/o Sole Society (similar)

Tote: Madewell

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90 Responses

  1. It's pretty warm today, huh? Love straight hair on u!


  2. Ha I love that you're wearing leggings under your skirt! I always thought how cute a maxi would be in the winter, but it's too damn cold! GENIUS!

    And boy do I miss a sock bun for lazy/late days.  This new short do requires too much attention!

    xo Jessica

  3. beautiful look! I loveeee the skirt. The colors and print is so perfect. I also like the dress down feel to it with the jean jacket.


  4. I have perfectly straight hair too and I wish it was wavy! I have a terrible time getting my hair to hold curl/waves though. How do you do it?!

  5. Leggings???!!!! Genius!!! I can't believe I never thought of that. Thanks! Love the idea of a denim jacket worn as a shirt.

  6. Don't worry – you're not the only one with straight hair. My "lazy" hair looks  a lot like yours! I'll have to remember the leggings trick – it's like 20 degrees here today, so no way can I pull off a skirt without something extra underneath!

  7. wish i could make my hair look half as good as yours on a 'bad hair day'. please, you look awesome. love the maxi dress- and all the other new additions to Bloom. happy almost friday!
    xo C

  8. I would classify my hair as messy wavy/curly occasionally bordering on frizzy depending on the temperature/humidity. I used to straight-iron my hair all through high school because all the popular girls had straight hair. Grass is always greener… huh?

  9. I really like your hair straight – it looks great!

  10. I was wondering how you could not be cold. Well done! Love that you are wearing a maxi well before spring. I prefer wearing hats or rocking a pony tail when I cannot worry about my hair.


  11. Would love to know how you get your pretty waves! I have straight hair and have never been successful trying to replicate that look…

  12. I love the skirt! I've been looking for a maxi for some time, but haven't been sure (until now) how to dress it up. Great outfit!


  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one with straight hair! I've been rocking that look for 27 years! I finally got a straight iron and now I can rock the wavy hair.  But you look fine either way!

  14. How could be so funny in each and every post? You are a woman full of talking ideas! LOL..

  15. Hi! I just found your blog and was excited when I saw that you are from McKinney. I am in Arlington, so I am pretty close! I can't believe I never thought about wearing tights under a maxi, that's brilliant! I'm excited to start following your blog. I have one but don't update like I should. 🙂 Oh, and my dirty hair of choice is straight hair, too. I wish I had natural waves!

  16. So funny! I was scanning through the pics before reading your post, thinking to myself, "Wow – Kendi straightened her hair – it looks great!". Never would have guessed that it's your "running late" look. Thanks for brightening my day, everyday!

  17. Just for my 2 cents I like your straight hair. As someone who has a mix of pin straight and barely wavy, it looks good. And wavy isn't always as fun as it looks by the way!

  18. While I was scrolling through the pics (before I read you post) I thought to myself, "Wow, she looks really nice with straight hair". I think you should be late more often.

  19. Lol at the comment about what you do if you are running super late, same as me!! Shouldn't admit that but it's what I do.

    I really like this outfit, I am trying to find a maxi skirt that will suit me and my body shape (hard when I am so short) and also will be adaptable and go with lots of things. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Janine xx


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  20. Nice look, your shoes are very beautifull!

  21. Haha why thank you Annika! I like it straight too sometimes but it's just so flat. So I go with the wavy for the volume 🙂

  22. Love this outfit, especially the skirt. God I can't wait to stop wearing my wool Winter coat!!!



  23. I LOVE that tote!!! Gap had a similar one that has since sold out so I am happy to find this one! Great and easy look!

    Have a great weekend!

  24. How do you get your "natural" waves then? A flat iron? Now that I know its copy-able lol… I've only been trying for a couple years for those waves.

  25. Hair tutorial please! I have flat, straight hair and need help on how to style it!

  26. omg! I've been following your blog for YEARS and I have never posted becuase I love your style but I've never felt so urgent to communicate: I NEED TO KNOW HOW YOU MAKE YOUR WAVY HAIR! I have the exact same straight hair and every day i just look at your easy flowy perfect waves and think "wah, my straight hair is flat and boring and when i curl it, it never looks like it, it looks like big fat curls. darn you wavy people." But now I see that I can do it too! Pleeeasseeee Kendi, do a hair tutorial???? *begging*

  27. ok those shoes are amazing. And I love the skirt too, what a great pattern! Yeah my go to dirty hair style is usually what my boyfriend calls a hair wad…. I think everyone else calls it a top knot or something… i like hair wad better. cause let's face it top knot is just a fancy way of saying my hair is in a ball on the top of my head. Though if my hair is super dirty… and i mean like i should probably have showered and washed that shit.. then it's in a french braid. So if it's french braided chances are you don't want to get too close to it. 

  28. Hi Kay! I have to agree with you on this — I'm thinking maybe all black next time to keep it really simple but let the skirt pop. Of course you don't know until you try 🙂

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