You know those days that you wake up with the best of intentions, you jump out of bed, give yourself a high five for rocking second day hair that only looks like a day and a half, and you share your to-do list with everyone you see so that they will be impressed with you? Well. That was SUPPOSED to happen today. But alas today I was about two hours behind on everything. And I do mean everything. Except for this post. It was 8 hours behind. I’m pretty sure this is the definition of success. 

But to make up for it, I found the prettiest fall tree I could find. Yes, friends. This is the prettiest tree I could find. Autumn has decided to grace us with her presence on this fine late November day. She’s too is bit late. Like 3 months late. Me and Autumn, we will get along just fine. 


Sweater: Anthropologie

Top: Similar

Jeans: Similar

Booties: BC Footwear

Tote: Madewell

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  1. Your new hair color is just so great. And I'm behind all the time, so you're doing pretty well I'd say. 

  2. Cutest sweater 🙂 I'm having one of the same days

    xo Ashley

  3. Ahh Kendi, you're so gorgeous!  These photos are fall-tastic!  I just ordered those booties and the Diamond in the Rough skirt from Bloom yesterday and I'm SO excited for them to get here!  I'm already planning holiday outfits around those two items!

  4. I would have never put those patterns together and I feel so dumb for not realizing they would look so good together! You always have a magical way of making things come together that I never would have thought would work. 

  5. Haha Well I hope your day tomorrow is a bit better!
    xo Jenniferhttp://seekingstyleblog.wordpress.com

  6. I am always procrastinating on things I need to get done.  The only thing I am really good at is being at places on time – that's my #1 pet peeve.  I love how the polka dot pulls the look together.


  7. I didn't realize how much I talk about missing fall in Texas until my fiance started pointing out every single orange tree to me. Happy to finally see some here!

  8. Loving the red hair on you Kendi + this look is SO adorable. That sweater! I adore it. And yay, fall! Glad to hear it's finally arrived over there. xo

  9. Totally had that kind of day last week, had plans to pound through school work and blogging housework I'd meaning to do, and none of that happened. Was totes lazy and did absolutely nothing, but it was a great day, haha!


    Kinks Are The New Pink

  10. lol. better late than never. you never fail to impress with your style and can-do-attitude Kendi!


  11. And for a minute there I almost thought we had the same blouse… except mine is from Ann Taylor. Doth be all the blue and white polka dot shirts grace every store with their presence? 


  12. Very cute outfit! Love the burgundy pants! I just bought some and am excited for the possibilities 🙂 The pattern mixing with your sweater and shirt looks great too!

  13. Your necklace is so pretty.  It is exactly the style of monogram necklace I have been looking for.  Where is it from?

  14. Love, Love love that sweater! You wear it much better than the Anthro model – I don't like it as much on their site even though it's the same thing!

  15. I bought this sweater last weekend from Anthro and have been struggling to figure out how to wear it. Alas, you have solved it!

  16. I LOVE this outfit! Can I just say that I am inspired by your looks because they are always so unique. You create looks that I haven't seen before, which is pretty rare considering the appearance of Pinterest! I'm a huge fan. 🙂

  17. I've been looking for a fun sweater like that! I'll definitely have to go to Anthro and have a look now!

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