You guys. I survived Black Friday, Black Saturday and Black Sunday. Technically it is only Black Friday but everyone who worked retail these last 3-4 days are giving me virtual nods and fist bumps. My body feels like I’ve run a marathon or painted a house or both at the same time. Which leads me to the conclusion that I will never do either things ever. If retail hurts this bad, then what will exercise do to me? 

Sometimes I like to throw on as many trends as I can in one outfit to see if I can get away with it. Polka dots, stripes, huge cowl scarf, peplum, pleats. Five trends, one outfit, mind blown. I’m pretty sure I’ve activated all of my style blogger power ups today. And in the game of life, this probably means absolutely nothing. Aren’t you proud, mom? 

(PS: after 28 years I finally landed on the 5 o’clock news. I always thought it would be because of something illegal, but alas it was for being a small business owner.)


Sweater: c/o Lily & Violet

Skirt: Madewell

Cowl: Gap

Shoes: Similar

Tote: Madewell

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  1. Pulled it off perfectly.  I had to work all week & weekend as well! Not in retail though…so, I don't think I can complain! 😀

  2. I absolutely love everything about this look, Kendi! You pull off these 5 trends so effortlessly.
    I went shopping with my mom, godmother, and cousin right after Thanksgiving dinner. Target, then Best Buy, then 2 different malls (Macy's, Gap, JcPenney, LOFT, etc). We got home at 11 am THE NEXT MORNING. How's that for survival?


  3. Oh.my.gosh. You win. I secretly LOVE black Friday shopping and I haven't been since we opened the shop last year. Your comment makes me so jealous! I bet you had so much fun. Was it weird to shop all night? That actually sounds like the best night ever to me. 🙂 

  4.  I love this Kendi! The magical way that you combined 5 trends and yet still managed to make it look not too busy is kind of freaking awesome.

  5. Ugh, I feel ya. We were the only florist open in town through the holiday weekend, and I gave all my staff the holiday off, so it was chaos party of one. Today I'm paying for it with a nasty cold 🙁

  6. I love this outfit!! The more trends the better!  I love polka dots and stripes together! Congrats on surviving retails worst weekend!  I used to work retail and I feared Black Friday all year.  Now, I don't leave my house on Black Friday

  7. Haha, yes, we enjoyed ourselves, and literally shopped till we dropped. It's always weird when you haven't gone to bed yet and the sun starts to come out. Nature doesn't keep up with Black Friday. Also, it was frustrating when the previously empty streets which were all mine at night suddenly became jam-packed with cars during the day. Who did those people think they are? Didn't they know I'd been out longer than them and the streets were rightfully mine? 

  8. Looking good. I'm always a fan of stripes + polka dots. Well, and a fan of your witty/sarcastic humor.

  9. Big high five to you, Kendi!! I can only hope that my business will one day be as successful as yours that I might feel the joy (and pain) of surviving the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Congrats!!


  10. Congratulations on that! At least you survived… And with all those trends – which work perfectly btw – you sure deserve some fashion blogger superpowers ^^

  11. Really digging this entire outfit! But I'm also one who thinks "more is better". Which is basically how I convinced myself that eating an entire pie was okay over Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps, I should be focused this philosophy on my next outfit instead….

  12. the 5 o'clock news is the 5 o'clock news. the reason is irrelevant! however, being on there for bloom is pretty awesome! and i love that you used all your blogger power ups. that's the best thing i've heard all day. 

  13. Congrats on the news feature!  I've followed your blog for almost two years now, but somehow this was my first time actually hearing your voice. Glad to hear you survived Black Friday-Sunday.


  14. Kudos on the TV spot! You were great! 
    So cute to see your man helping out at the store! 
    The shop looks amazing BTW. If I'm ever in that neighbourhood I definately want to stop by. I only live about 3,500 km away : ) Should make it there by Sat if I don't stop to pee along the way LOL.

    Congrats on the cute outfit trends record, you've got me beat.


  15. After a couple years of following your blog, I just had the weird moment when I heard your voice and thought, "Wait! That's not how it sounds in my head!" …. ha 🙂 Great spot on the news and congratulations on the busy days!

  16. I think you managed to get away with adding all of these trends together 🙂 You look great and I love the pop of color from the scarf! I have on this exact top today! 
    Being a retail gal myself, I feel your pain! I'm glad you survived 😉 


  17. I just bought that scarf for my 20 year-old step-sister-in-law. I was worried if she'd find it cool enough, but now that a totally rad boutique owner/blogger has sported the same one, I can rest easy. Also, can you let me know more about your skirt… is it stretchy? like stretchy enough to accommodate some pregnant belly? I was JUST thinking yesterday that a black and white horizontal striped skirt would be the perfect addition to my pregnancy wardrobe and then WHAM! here is the perfect one. Thanks, muchacha!

  18. It's so nice to hear your voice 🙂 I've always imagined what it'd be and alas, now I know 🙂

  19. You are pulling off every single trend you are wearing and I like it! Glad you made it through the weekend!

  20. Really love the polka dots with stripes! The fuchsia color of your scarf is my favorite color.
    Congrats on being featured on the news! You should take a much-needed break now that Black Friday is over!


  21. Your hair looks great! I'm a big believer in "trend collaboration"… made that one up, but it sounded good. 

    In other news, no pun intended, congrats on the feature in the 5 o'clock. You're an inspiration to us all.


  22. Congratulations Kendi! Way to make it through the weekend – now, go get you a milkshake! 🙂

  23. love the skirt, the polka dot cardi, and the bright purple snood!!! hit the style nail right on the head for this look! 

    xo. c & v

    cake & valley

  24. So cool to see you on TV! Glad y'all had good traffic on Saturday. Will be out again soon!

  25. I had no idea you were local! My sister in law lives in McKinney! Way to go for getting on the news!

  26. Nice to hear your voice! You actually do look like you live in Stars Hollow. From super muggy Australia, I'm pretty envious of the Chirstmas celebration and the cute snood.

  27. You are rocking those 5 trends – love it!! And you GO on the news!! Your mom should be proud. 🙂


  28. Awwwww!  B was helping you in the store!  How cute is he?!
    I actually think you can count your wedges as a trend, so you're rocking 6 trends at once!  🙂

  29. Kendi! first of all Congrats on your big TV debut! 😉 you are so inspiring! and your sense of style is simply incredible… I've never seen anyone wear let alone pull off these many trends wonderfully! 🙂

  30. yay for being on the news!  i was once on the news as "a scared person" walking through a local haunted house.  so nerdy and yet, somehow still so exciting.

  31. I love everything about your blog! Your style is always perfect, and your content is terrific. You are so witty and seem so down to earth!

  32. Fist bump for sure. Retail is a blessing and a curse and this week was brutal. Here's to one more month of it before the January gloom settles in!

  33. Congrats on being on the news! Your posts always make me laugh. And I love the mix of prints!

    xo Ashleyluckylittlebird.blogspot.com

  34. So lovely to hear your voice!   And how nice that your husband was helping out in your shop!

  35. So awesome you were on the news! Glad you survived Black Friday!


  36. Could you possibly look cuter? The answer is no. Congrats on surviving the weekend. As a shopper, I thank you (even though I don't shop at your store…I'm scared of TX and it's far away).

    Sarah's Real Life

  37. Awesome tv spot! Man, after reading your blog for so long, it's so weird to actually hear you talk, Kendi! Baha!

  38. BRAVO!  And seconds on what Linds said – it is odd to hear you talk after reading for so long…she has a voice, people!

  39. outfit looks so cute on you!! love the colors!!
    xoxo Meagan

  40. Haha…Congrats! I was going to say, "I'm so proud of you!" and then I realized that I've never actually met you….awkward! And was that your husband helping you at the register at the end of the segment? (that's really cute that he helps you in the store.)  
    Anyway, Yay for surviving the weekend and pulling off 5 trends in one!

  41. congrats on being featured on the news! this outfit is also pretty amazing. love all the trends going on and how it doesn't feel like too much.


  42. Woo hoo! Go Kendi! You're so adorable on the news. And congrats to both of us for making it through the weekend.

  43. tried to order the cute sweater but the site is slow and frozen..could not purchase!

  44. Congratulations on your 5pm news spot – that's so awesome!  Virtual high-five for surviving BF weekend.  This year marked my 13th holiday in retail (buying/planning) and every year around this time I shake my head and say someday I'll get out of it.  But yet we keep coming back for more!  =)  Your polka dot sweater and striped skirt are super cute!

    Avec Amber

  45. I participated in my first every Black Friday in NYC this past week. I'm a Canadian, and let's just say 'mind blown – feet and body aching and broken' is an understatement. And I was shopping! I can't even image for anyone working. I was exhausted on their behalves!! Kudos for surviving it  intact 🙂

  46. Okay, but seriously.  How cute are you!?  Glad you survived Black Friday, and I hope you were able to rest up a little today.  Loved the news spot, it's so awesome to see entrepreneur Kendi in action.  Speaking of action, tell Bryan that his tissue flattening skills at the end of that clip were incredibly impressive 😉 haha

  47. finally, I heard your voice after being a reader of your blog for quite some time 🙂

  48. Your sense of humor gets me every time. Love how you write. Congrats on surviving Black Friday (and Sat and Sun). From one retail worker to another, bravo. You deserve a well-earned nap and a nice selection of junk food. Those are proper rewards for most accomplishments, right? If not, I've been doing life all wrong. 

  49. Yay for the news!!  You looked great!  It's too bad they have a typo there, but I think you made up for it.

  50. Congrats on having great traffic on "Small Buisness Saturday." Where are all the editors these days? – Leah

  51. Congratulations on the news spot! I never realized before that you're in McKinney (you've distracted my eyes with all your pretty outfits from clicking on the "about me" section). I grew up inTexas and spent several years in the DFW area, so you definitely make me nostalgic for home!

  52. Whoa I love everything you're wearing, perfectly styled! I just realized it's been about a year since I first met you at the Payless thing last November. This year flew by! Anyways, loved the news clip–hopefully that helped bring in some more business as well! <3

  53. Kendi,
    you never cease to disappoint.
    you are the only person I know that can mix all these different prints and look flawless. You have a beauty about you that is undeniable and I am proud to say you are a constant source of inspiration!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  54. Love all the trends in this outfits and love them even more together! Also, I watched the video and it's always funny putting an actual voice to a blogger you read all the time!
    ps. is that your hubby wrapping something at the end of the video? so sweet he helps out!

  55. Congrats on making it on the NEWS! And what a fabulous outfit. You have a gift! That purple scarf looks AMAZING on you.

  56. OMG! Congratulations on making it on the 5 o'clock news! Was that your husband helping out? How cute. Congrats!
    Plus I am in love with this outfit 🙂

  57. Congratulations on making the 5 o'clock news! And I love how you combined all the different trends into one makes for one amazing look! 

  58. I realize this is late, but I have been going back in your archives for like 3 days, so forgive me. However, I wanted to say: So THAT'S what you sound like!!!!! I have been wondering that for years! Now everything makes sense!

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