As everyone says a little black dress is a must-have. But why is it kind of hard to remix sometimes? I feel like there is really just a handful of ways to wear an LBD. I mean sure this dress is part leather, so that adds some confusion to my brain but I am damned and determined to find more ways to wear this dress. Even if it kills me. Which it won’t; stop being so dramatic. 

Today I went with the layered plaid look. Flannel chic? Urban campsite-esque? Downtown hunter’s lodge style? There it is. That’s the look I was going for, right there. 


Top: J.Crew

Necklace: Similar



*Note: I edited out a certain word from today’s post. I apologize if I did offend anyone and hopefully this edit begins the process of making it right.

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  1. Urban hunter's lodge chic, for sure. Nailed it. I'm going to raid my closet when I get home to find something inspired by this – love the fall spin on a glam LBD.

  2. It is a cute dress, but I agree that black is sometimes hard to style, because it's BLACK. That whole "black goes with everything" line is nonsense. I find navy or grey so much easier to wear, especially for daytime.

  3. ummm this is perfect. could be one of my favorites looks of yours, seriously. (maybe the "downtown tranny-style hunter's lodge" title was what sealed the deal for me….) 🙂

  4. I need to find a good, flannel shirt. This look is so cute!


  5. Woah. Maybe remove the transphobic slur. Cuteness of the outfit doesn't override that.

  6. Hi Kendi! I just fell in love with your blog a couple weeks ago, &I don't know if you read your comments. Buuut just a fun fact: there was a project done where a girl wore the same black dress styled differently each day, for 365 days. If you have time to check it out! 


  7. First of all, that dress is amazing. Second, I love it paired with the plaid! I might have to try that soon!

  8. You never cease to amaze me. You always find a way to remix ANYTHING. :::taking notes::

  9. Agreed.  "Tranny" is a derogatory and dehumanizing term.  I was disappointed to read it here.  

  10. Whatever look you were going for, it's adorable. 🙂


  11. this outfit is so pretty! elegant but still with a twist:)
    love it
    kisses from Milanohttp://sienastyle.blogspot.it/

  12.  I agree.  I've been reading this blog for a long time and this was the first time I've been disappointed.

  13.  Yeah, I was pretty disheartened to see that slur here too. Hopefully it's the last time.

  14. Please please please don't use the term tranny. It's incredibly offensive in the same way that f** is and I can't imagine you'd ever dream of using such a hateful term on your blog. 

  15. Plaid always seems so holiday appropriate! So cute, Kendi!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  16. Hey MK (And other readers): I've edited out the word from my post. It was a slip-up on my part as an editor and writer. I certainly didn't mean to offend or hurt anyone, but on this side of it I can see the concern and completely admit my mistake. Thank you for letting me know, I've taken it off the post.


  17. Hi MM — I'm so sorry to dishearten you as a reader. It was a bad case of misjudgement on my part and you're right it will be the last time. Thank you for your comment, it's much appreciated.

  18. Hi JoAnnaJae — Thank you for reading for so long. I'm so sorry I disappointed you! It was a hasty mistake that shouldn't have been made, but I have taken it out of the post and hope to make this right. Thank you again for the comment and concern.

  19. Hi Esd — You are right, it was not okay to use the word at all, and especially here with my audience. I apologize and have since edited my post to remove the word. Thank you for your comment.

  20. Hi Michelle:

    Thank you for your comment, I'm so sorry if I have offend you or anyone. You are right — it is an offensive term and it doesn't have a place here on my blog. I've since edited my post so that it is no longer used. I appreciate your input and comment.


  21. I love how you mixed these two completely different styles and how you make them work so freaking well!

  22. Let he who is perfect cast the first stone.  You look fab, Kendi and you've more than apologized for an error.  Keep on posting your fab and entertaining posts!

  23. I really appreciate the admittance of an error. I am glad, as you undoubtedly are as well, to know that you have such knowledgeable, inclusive, and active readers. It is important to admit when you are wrong- which you have done. That being said, I am so glad the err in diction was pointed out.  

  24. I think you're fabulous….everyone makes mistakes. Your blog is a highlight of the day. You do an amazing job with style and grace, always!

  25. My delicate Southern sensibilities were NOT offended. 🙂  If Scarlett and Rhett can say it, I'm good. 🙂  Love your blog- and your style. Precious. 

  26. Kendi, you are one classy lady that can admit wrongdoing and fix it.  I have always loved your blog and the fact that you are humble enough to change is reason #213 why I will always love your blog and you!

  27. Kendi, this is by far my favorite outfit post you have done. Absolutely love it.

  28. You pulled off the plaid shirt / fancy skirt look so much better than cupcakes & cashmere did 😉

  29. You are such an inspiration – class in style, class in attitude, class in accepting criticism. What a gem you are, Kendi. 

  30. Hi Kendi.  I'm a long time reader who rarely comments, but I was  impressed with how you handled yourself today.  I really appreciate that you understood that the term used was offensive and that you've been so gracious in acknowledging that and apologizing to your readers about it.  (I've seen this happen before and normally the blogger goes, "Sorry, but don't read if you're offended, omg, you're all haters, comment delete!")  Thank you for taking the time to responded everyone who pointed that out in the comments in such a lady-like and gracious manner,  I admire you even more now for saying that you were incorrect and wrong.  We all make mistakes and say stuff we shouldn't but you did the right thing in addressing that.  You really showed that you're an awesome chick. 🙂
    (And sigh, I love plaid so much.  Plaid with leather is awesomeness times 10.)

  31. love this, kendi!
    i feel like it might not be weather-appropriate for texas (or maybe it is, i've never been there?!) but it's perfect for us colder-weather gals!

    xo julesinflats.com

  32. Looking good plain ass cracker face!

    Doesn't matter what I call you, right? As long as your outfit is cute? Don't worry, I'll come back with an apology later tonight. It's all good.

  33. I think it's a great way to wear an LBD!  I'm wearing mine with a long sleeve tee and a giant bib necklace today.  I think yours is working better than mine.  🙂

  34. Kendi. You're the bestest. You lived up to everyone's expectation by responding in the manner that you did. Love this blog. Love you. And I freaking LOVE this outfit!

  35. Kendi you handled this error in judgement in true Kate Middleton-esque form with grace and poise.  You humbly apologized and fixed it.  We all make mistakes, I hope you don't beat yourself up about this (I know I would have a hard time forgiving myself for any mistakes) no one is perfect!  I still love you and this won't change that!

  36. Love the outfit–good way to make plaid work! BTW, did you announce the winners of the Meredith Jackson giveaway, or did I just miss it?

  37. Hopefully you are focusing on the encouraging comments rather than the judging ones.  I think most days, we all say things we don't mean to.  It is nice you apologized but people need to get off their high-horse.  

  38. Hi Kendi, I love and read your blog daily.  I am so impressed by how you responded to each commenter that was offended by the word choice.  You replied to them individually and with kindness and I think that speaks a lot of your character!  Its nice to see a blog be so successful for an all-around lovely lady like yourself.  Plus, fave outfit of the week right here!  Love it!

  39. Very mature.  We are human and make mistakes.  Kendi made a mistake, she took full responsibility for it, and genuinely apologized.  That's what should be done when a mistake is made.  She didn't just brush it off and an "oh well" attitude or make excuses.  The difference in her comment and yours is that yours is aimed right at her.  You were trying to be hurtful, she was not.  

    Good on you Kendi for handling your mistake like a mature adult.  

  40. I don't get why so many panties are in a bunch here.  What's the big deal?  Anyone ever heard of the first amendment?  She can write whatever she wants.  If you don't like it, don't read it again.  No need to crucify the poor girl.  Get over yourselves.

  41. This is completely adorable. You never cease to amaze me… I love that it is affordable and do-able… My lunch break wouldn't be the same without you!

  42. I'm in love with this layering & those booties! Flannel chic definitely looks good on you 🙂 


  43. I love it every time i see someone put long sleeves under a sleeveless dress, but I'm  still askeered to do it myself.  I'm a whimp!

  44. Love this outfit. I'm new to your blog, but adore what i see so far.



  45. Anyone who incorporates the word tranny in her daily speech is not a kind person. I question anyone who supports this behavior.

  46. I feel like the bulk of your posts are too forced, like in the Zooey Deshanel, " I'm
    So awkward and quirky, but I'm adorbs! I'm self deprecating, see? I'm hilarious!" I miss the earlier posts, when the concept of actually wearing the clothes you buy wasnt such a fascinating notion.Anybody who isnt colorblind and understands the concept of a color wheel could piece together an outfit. This particular posts annoys me because I'm sorry, why are we practically throwing rose pedals at her feet for doing the appropriate thing? Is it because she has a dirty top knot bun and wearing ill fitting colored pants therefore cannot do no wrong? In summation, you're losing a reader because you've become a sell out, there's no direction or voice to this blog, and if I wanted someone to upswell me an overpriced piece of clothing everyone and their mother (literally) is wearing, I'd start my own fashion blog.

  47. Really!?!!? I mean you took the time to write this post? I love her honesty. I feel like we get a peek at what it would be like to meet her for afternoon lattes. Move on respectively please!

  48. Kendi, I have been to your store, me…an overweight, 40 something, mom who thinks color blocking is something you do at the children's museum on a Saturday. I likely could not pull off any outfit you have on your blog, even if you and Tim Gunn himself worked it out for me! But, I follow your blog, I read it daily. Why? Because when I walked into your store to meet you and told you I read your blog….in my Wal-Mart jeans and my Mickey Mouse shirt (and a neck brace because I'd just had neck surgery, for Pete's Sake)….you did not judge me, you were kind, gracious, humble, caring, and appreciative of me bing one of your readers. I'm posting this because I want people to know that even though they know you as a picture on a computer or tablet, you are a gracious REAL person.

  49. Okay, silly question here – how do you keep the shirt from bunching up under your dress all day?! I feel like every time I layer tops under dresses, I spent half the day flipping up my skirt to yank down the bottom of the shirt. Fashion girl problems, right?

  50. ^This is a very accurate review of this fashion blog (and fashion blogs in general- because let's face it- they're all the same) which seems to be one of the most self-absorbed and narcissistic fads I've ever seen. It's a continuation of vapid posts among women obsessed with wedding planning and the most obnoxious names for significant others, outfit planning followed by13 pictures in the same outfit (but they are "simple and humble" girls that obviously "don't like attention"), or lastly the blogs that are a race for the quirkiest girl! In summation, I agree completely Jen. This is NOT honesty from these bloggers- My ONE post is honest- fashion blogging is a meaningless display of wasted time that could have been spent doing something to help people- you know? For the greater good? … No? Still confused? That's okay- just keep posting pictures of outfits that you believe will make you a mini celebrity

  51. You're SO right, we should all be so proud to read derogatory slurs on a fashion bloggers website only for this slip in judgment to be revoked and followed up with an apology in the most cowardly, and passive aggressive way possible. We can be so proud of this young woman- she's showing her maturity by apologizing for her mistake! Hey, it takes a lot to Stand behind that computer screen and type.

  52. If you don't like fashion blogs why are you reading them?! I enjoy this blog because it gives me ideas and inspiration for how to put outfits together. I find sports blogs pointless because I don't like sports but I don't go and leave critical comments on them.

  53. Hi Tanya! I remember you!  Thanks for writing that. I'm glad you felt welcome at Bloom 🙂 Come see me any time and Mickey Mouse is always welcome in any form or fashion. 

  54. I like how you styled this LBD. Is this dress from piperlime? I saw it online the other day and think I need it in my closet asap for the holidays!

  55. Kendi,
    I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past couple of years.  I am catching up on my blog reading this week, so just now saw the *Note* you made as an update to this post.  I just wanted to show you some support for how wonderfully you handled the situation that you were in.  At my day job I work with college students, and getting them to realize how their actions can hurt others is something I do daily, but as any human, I still make mistakes too, and it is hard to admit when you are wrong.  For what it is worth, you handled yourself beautifully, and I am sure taught several people a valuable lesson of what to do when you make a mistake.  Please keep on being your fabulous self! -Jessica

  56. I have exactly the same flannel but purchased at ASDA in UK! (G21 label).
    I've been reading your blog for ages and I like your down to earth approach to fashion. It certainly doesn't cost much to dress well, all that is needed is certainly a bit of creativity 🙂

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