{Top: Bloom | Flats: Shoe Mint | Tote: c/o Questhaven}

I’ve worn this outfit in some way every summer since I’ve started blogging. I guess there is just something easy about a button down top and jean shorts. Don’t believe me? See here and here

That’s right, I’ve not only kept photo documentation of outfits for the past three years but each outfit is also filed away in my head, first by color then by chronological order. And you thought you were weird. 

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  1. Love this outfit! The shoes in particular are amazing! That nude hue is perfect on you. Really chic summer outfit. Well done.

  2. I love a nice button down with denim! So simple and easy!


  3. I love dressing up simple jeans shorts with a button up. it always looks great!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  4. Gah!  The first jorts + button down post from the past that you linked to made me tear up.  Like legitimate tears in my dumb little cubical, because what you wrote about you and your hubs was beautiful!  I'm a newer reader (only discovered your blog 6 months ago–gasp) and now I'm feeling like I should go back to the beginning and read everything.

    Thanks for a good, albeit awkward, Monday morning mini-cry. 🙂

  5. Add to that mental filing cabinet the price you paid for each item you wear. Idk about you, but I always remember either the exact price if it was a ridiculous deal or the ballpark price. Like the Lucky Brand cargo pants in my next look (not up yet), which I got for $9, compared to the original $90-something! Now try that for weird.


  6. I would do that too, don't worry.  And hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Your summer uniform looks great all three times!

  7. This look is simple and classic. It's no surprise that you keep going back to it. You look fab!

  8. Cute!  That is definitely similar to my summer go-to outfit as well.  Plus about a million dresses.  

    P.S.  I LOVE those shoes from ShoeMint but they haven't had them in stock for a while!  I wish they would bring them back!

  9. Love that look! So classic and beautiful. Those shorts are the perfect length, too! I feel like every time I go try on jean shorts they are either below my knees or up my butt…

  10. An outfit worth repeating! 


  11. I love your shoes! I need to check out Shoe Mint asap!!
    xo, Chelseawww.abitofsass.blogspot.com

  12. A button down is such a necessity, I wear some version of this outfit throughout the year. 

    x's & o's

  13. Love this outfit too! The perfect blend of feminine and casual! You look great!

    Ashley of To Catch A Thrift

  14. Love it! Just goes to show summer doesn't have to be slouchy. Really liked that post you linked to about your hubby – so sweet. And did you end up going to law school? 🙂

    Life etc


  15. Great staple outfit! I read one of your past post and you wrote on how you met your husband…so sweet!  Have you ever posted pictures from your wedding? I'd love to see!

  16. This is a summer staple so I am not surprised you bring it back. It is classy and timeless.


  17. Everyone has a summer uniform.. mine is a little (ok, a lot) more sloppy than yours haha
    xo Jenniferhttp://seekingstyleblog.wordpress.com

  18. Loving the simplicity of a white blouse with shorts! I also completely adore your shoes! Wish shoemint still had them in my size 🙁 cute look, as always, Kendi!

    xo, elle from Living
    in Color.

  19. I think I've probably said this before but I adore all of your personal and witty commentary.  Just read the post about the the engraved "B" necklace and it was simply genuine and heartfelt.  Thank you for sharing that!

  20. I love this outfit. So simple, yet so chic. And even though I have the makings for this outfit, I've never put them together. . .thanks for the idea! 


  21. this is seriously, effortlessly cute, love it! (basically this means I'm going to steal your style someday soon.) 


  22. Such a cute, simple look! Love it.


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