{Top: Similar | Pants: Gap | Shoes: ShoeMint | Necklace: c/o ILY Couture}

When I’m in the shop, many times I’m asked how to style a piece that we sell. If it’s a skirt or pants, 9 times out of 10 the words “chambray shirt” will roll off my tongue before I know it. I’m always a little shocked when people don’t already own one or don’t know what I mean. (Explaining ‘chambray’ to the older crowd is always fun — ‘ya know, it’s like that really soft denim material that’s denim but….it’s not.”) Apparently it’s the ultimate shirt for me. Chambray, duh. 

So in case you ever want my styling help, here it is in it’s entirety: red heels, chambray shirts. Life changing advice, isn’t it? 

We are in Vegas* for a retail trade show so I would put together a whole montage of outfits that I’ve worn with this chambray shirt, but you know that would take away from sleeping and gambling. Oh and working. That’s right….that’s why I’m here. 

*humble brag

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  1. It's settled. I need to invest in a jean button up shirt. I adore this outfit, by the way. Your influence is making me the most stylish girl in med school. (Not exactly a hard crowd to compete with, but you get my drift.)

  2. those shoes are super cute with this outfit!  and chambray shirt… people still think it's weird to have a denim shirt, but I love them!!  Have fun in vegas!!


  3. I really like this! Those lime pants are so summer, but the chambray shirt and the animal print shoes make it transition into fall. You're awesome!

  4. Are you at MAGIC?  I definitely recommend you have lunch or dinner at Border Grill!  Chicken Chilaquiles!!!!
    And I do love denim and chambray with everything.  I can't wait for it to cool off and be practical 😀

  5. Several months ago, I was in a retail store and started chatting with the cashier about fashion. The guy very excited started asking me if I knew what the term was for denim that wasn't denim. I quickly replied, "oh chambray, yeah it's great" and he was all like "no I don't think that's it". And inside I was thinking, yes of course it is, I know this because I read Kendi's blog.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee 

  6. I absolutely love this look so pretty the colors sooo fun and the necklace perfect!

  7. I was just thinking about how often people probably ask you style questions at Bloom. If I'm honest, I totally plan to do that the next time I'm in the area! I was also recently trying to explain "chambray" to someone – I totally understand the difficulties and I definitely got the crazy eyes from them!

  8. This outfit is amazing and you are simply the cutest. Seriously. Cuteness envy. And I need to get myself a chambray shirt!

  9. hahaha the *humble brag cracked me up.  my husband and i have a LOOK for each other when we or someone else does it.  yours wasn't so bad. 🙂

  10. Currently obsessed with chambray as well – it just goes with everything! Have fun in Vegas!

  11. Have fun in Vegas!  I love this look, especially the chambray 🙂


  12. I totally agree with you – chambray shirts go with nearly everything. They make probably every item look stylish and great – not saying that your beautiful bright yellow pants aren't beautiful just like they are! 

    xxx Anita

  13. I wore a necklace just like that today! I MUST be channeling my inner fashionista, then 😉 I always love your looks and the inner sparkle that none can deny.

    Fabulous, once again.
    tiana of lesthetique

  14. this is the perfect outfit! i was just explaining chambray to my husband last night 🙂

  15. Those pants. Kicking myself for not buying those pants. Ugh. You look too cute. 

  16. Ok, I think I'm the only blogger on earth who doesn't own a chambray shirt! They look so cute on everyone else though. It might be time for me to start looking for one!

  17. Are those shoes Leopard AND Zebra print? I have to say, you pull those off well. I agree, chambray goes with everything. Except denim maybe, you don't want to be called out on wearing a Canadian Tuxedo 🙂

  18. Dude, have you seen Prince Harry and Lochte? Apparently they are taking Vegas by storm. Take a picture for us if you run into them! Maybe you can give them some styling tips too, because last I checked Speedo's can be a bit much 😉


  19. I'm with you on the chambray thing…I just need to find a chambray shirt that works for me. It's like the hard search for jeans got twice as hard when turned into a shirt. Alas, this girl will keep on looking. Somewhere there is a chambray shirt for me 🙂 

  20. Weird comment, but… your feet look TINY in these photos 🙂 I know you have posted in the past about being self-conscious that they're big but they look so petite! And I love those heels — double animal print, you are brave (and stylish!)

  21. Well I have a chambray top and TWO pairs of red heels, so I guess I'm set for life. Also, I recently bought some lime green pants, and now I'm so ready to wear them with my chambray…and red heels? Or not.

    Sarah's Real Life

  22. Those shoes have two types on animal print on them?! Meow! Still looking for that perfect chambray shirt…I am drooling over the J.Crew one! Have an amazing time in Vegas!!

    perfectly priya

  23. I love this look, and I too am obsessed with chambray. Have a blast in Vegas!

    sincerelysk.blogspot.com*Enter my giveaway!!!!*

  24. I keep telling myself that I don't need any more chambray tops… But seriously, when in doubt, wear chambray. Oh, and also maybe a good leopard shoe/heel. 

  25. Great advice! I'm still searching for the perfect chambray. I can't ever find any that fit me properly. They are usually always to long… might be time to search the kids section. Also, I have those heels, I love them! They look great on you. Viva Las Vegas!!


  26. Super cute! I do have a denim-y shirt but not sure you could class it as chambray… it's a little darker than yours and i have a little trouble matching it with things… now i want a lighter one – but is two demin-y shirts too many?? Nahhh.

  27. I am ashamed to admit that I do not own a chambray shirt, but at least I know what it is! I will get one asap I promise! Have fun in Vegas, throw down for the rest of us! 🙂

  28. Good advise- I should really get a chambray shirt. Seems like great outfits abound with them from what I've seen of the blogosphere. 


  29. Love those bright pants…and I am one of those loser that doesn't have a proper chambray shirt. fashion fail. Must remedy this soon 🙂


  30. I don't own a chambray shirt. I know! I need to get with it. Tehe- on my list to buy- stat! 
    PS: now I know how to wear these neon yellow pants I saw at H&M! Thx- you look fabulous as always. 🙂

  31. Ooh, so fun and bright! I actually found an old chambray shirt in my mom's closet at my grandma's house today, but the collar is a little dated. I plan to wear it anyway, with my hair down so the collar won't show. Cost-effective strategy, no?


  32. Oh I just love love LOVE chambray shirts. I literally pair mine with everything. And I mean everything. Skirts. Dresses. Pants. Tanks. Tees. It goes with everything! Love the neon pants look w it.

  33. i can't tell you how many times THIS WEEK i've had the chambray discussion. 🙂

  34. Ah love this, has to be one of my favorites!  Those shoemint shoes are the cutest.

  35. Absolutely love this outfit. I am also obsessed with chambray. Love the pant color mixed with the leopard and the neutral bag ties everything in nicely.

  36. Love, love the outfit–Once again, love the Bright White Statement necklace.  Inspired to get another chambray shirt.

  37. I find myself doing the same thing at work all the time. The answer is always chambray. I think it's because chambray shirts are quite literally the shirt equivalent of jeans and, as such, they go with everything.

  38. Those pants look killer on you! Love them with the chambray and neutral bag, really helps it all balance. And your hair looks so cute like that! Ditto on the red heels advice. I keep telling my mom she'd be amazed how many outfits red shoes go with when you really try. 😉

  39. I wore a very similar outfit a few days ago.  I would wear colored pants and a chambray button down everyday if I could get away with it.  

  40. For the longest time I called it denim shirt. HAHA Thanks for this informative post, Kendi. Lovin' the colored pants. xx

  41. Yeah, to me it makes sense I wear chambray with everything…that's why I own three:)  Enjoy  Vegas, I love those pants and shoes!

  42. My husband and I stayed at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas a few months back, and if you're not staying there, you should DEFINITELY find time to wander over there and check it out! It has The Chandelier (supposedly the world's largest chandelier) and basically all of my now-favorite restaurants in the world. The sushi place (blue ribbon? Blue fish? Blue something) was completely life-changing, and if you just have time for lunch, go get a burger and a (barely) alcoholic shake (or non-alcoholic, either way they are amazing) at Holstein's. Hope you have a great time there!

    And, you know, get some work done or whatever.   : P

  43. I commiserate completely!  I work in a consignment shop, and yesterday, a rather stylish woman–she already had a great outfit on–was trying to figure out how to style a printed brown a-line skirt.  Immediately I told her to get a chambray shirt, and I used a description just like yours!  She gave me the weirdest look with an "okay…"  I didn't want to be seen as crazy, so I found one in store and showed it to her, and her eyes lit up with understanding and, dare I say, renewed respect?

  44. What a fun color combo! Mentally banking this one to use soon! And yes, I've told people "just pair it with a chambray shirt" too many times to count lately!

  45. I covet your necklace. I've been eyeing it at Ily, but I'm not sure which color to get. I also love how those shoes completely dress up the outfit!

  46. I adore that necklace, and those pants are tooooo cute!


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