12.22.11c-{Jacket, Similar Boots}
I lose all track of time when it’s the holidays. For the last four days I’ve thought it was Friday. Yesterday a lady in the shop said “isn’t it Christmas Eve today?” I couldn’t remember so we both stared at each other for a good and awkward 30 seconds. She left before I looked at a calendar, but the good news is that today is Friday and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. And the day after that is Christmas. With this impressive rhetoric, I could write pop songs for ambitious young girls.*
We’re hitting the sky to fly home for Christmas tonight. Apparently there will be snow. Snow, family and presents — these are my few of my favorite things.

*Yes that was a Rebecca Black reference. Merry Christmas to you. 

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  1. I had a very similar situation in a store today… "what day is it? Is it Christmas eve? Wait. What??" lol merry Christmas!

  2. Apparently Christmas Eve Eve is called Christmas Adam. I haven't researched this to see if it is really true or if someone is making me look like a doofus…haha.

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