12.27.11b{Similar Sweater, Similar Blouse, Similar Shoes}
I wore a very similar outfit to this a few weeks back. But since it wasn’t a real outfit post and since today is my first day back to work since the holidays, I decided to have a re-do outfit. My brain only half works for a about a week after Christmas and then we have New Years Eve and it’s another week before I can get back into the groove of things. I should have warned you before hand that I’ll be checked out for a good two weeks. If I happen to wear two different pairs of shoes one day, leave me be. The holiday hangover is a strong one.

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  1. Love how you paired the chinos, I've been thinking of buying them but now that I see this outfit I must have

  2. I am the same way after the holidays! However, I'm starting my resolution a little early (to not spend as much money!) & am picking out my 30 pieces right now.. Thanks for the inspiration! & happy holidays! (:

  3. I have a brown version of that shirt from Old Navy! It was a steal. P.s. love this outfit, it's okay to wear it twice 🙂

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