12.20.11d{Similar Dress, Similar Shoes}
I snagged this coat at Anthropologie over Thanksgiving weekend for an insane price of $60. I promised Bryan that I would wrap it for Christmas but somehow in all of my wrapping, it just didn’t get wrapped. I hate when that happens. 
Technically this is my Christmas Eve outfit. (I may or may not plan holiday outfits many days in advance .) I decided to give it a trial run today. So far, so good. I might also give some eggnog a trial run as well. Just for good measure. 

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  1. I always give my holiday outfits trial runs too. 🙂 and I so wish I had gotten that coat! I've seen it on several bloggers, I'm feeling left out! Haha!

  2. Hi! I love your coat; it's so cute! And I have the same shoes from Payless since Steve Madden didn't have my size anymore. But they're so cute! Great outfit as always!

    Willl you pretty please check out my blog? I just started so its not much but I'm hoping I keep it going!


  3. Love your coat and how you find creative ways to pair those Payless shoes with a variety of outfits. So practical. I too proudly rock Payless on my site.

    I launched my own fashion blog LAST night called Styleropa on Blogger welcome your visit:

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