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Oh hello. I wore this today. Only two more outfits to go, whee! Is it just me or did that go by really fast? It’s been fun to post my casual outfits throughout the 30 for 30. I normally just post within the week and not weekends. But it’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun.

Thank you all for the remedies! I bought about half of the cold and flu aisle today thanks to your suggestions. Although a few of you recommended Throat Coat and I could not find that. Texas does not yet know about this drug, I will write my congressman.

I do wish you guys could hear my voice. It’s slightly terrifying. I sound like Demi Moore with a cold. Bryan said that I sound more like Ashton Kutcher with a cold. That’s just mean.

*The title is a dedication to the awkward that spilled out of my mouth today, when in the middle of a conversation with a store associate I accidentally said “it’s nice to meet you” instead of the words “thank you.” Sometimes the lines get switched, if you know what I mean. 

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  1. At least you were polite. I once said "excuse you" to a a sales person instead of "excuse me" when trying to get to the clearance items at the Loft. My horrified expression made up for my accidental rudeness.

  2. I like the casual outfits because I live in a casual town. We ended up going to a sports restaurant tonight because the place we were supposed to go had a wait. I was way over dressed. I got a lot of weird looks. Yet all I really had on was a blazer with a little sequins, a black tank, skinny jeans, and yellow flats. Sorry for writing a book for a comment :o)
    My Heart Blogged

  3. Jess — Ack! My cousin actually made this for me and honestly, I know NOTHING about knitting so I just picked out the yarn colors I liked, instead of looking at the materials…I'm sorry πŸ™

    Nutmegers — oh that's funny. did you apologize? I just let this one go as we both slowly walked away from the awkwardness.

    My Heart Blogged — I pretty much always feel overdressed, always. At least you know you'll never be underdressed, right? πŸ˜‰

  4. i forgot to ask, what are you going to do when these 30 days are over?! shopping spree…is there something you've been dying to buy? i didn't go in on the challenge this go around, but i will try the next round.


  5. I like that you blog on the weekends. In fact, I think you should post pretty outfit pictures every single day, maybe even twice a day? Oh…you have a life? well, shucks. It was worth a shot. πŸ™‚
    love your blog!

    feel better!

  6. haha, I totally know what you mean! When I worked as a sales associate, I'd sometimes say 'thank you' when people were entering the store; or "you're welcome" as they would leave… good times.

    Love your outfits!!! (hoping to attempt the 30 for 30 challenge soon!)


  7. I made that mistake all the time while studying in Germany. I bet the sales associate just figured you were an otherwise incredibly well-assimilated non-native speaker!

  8. I mix up my words/phrases all the time. It is just the worst. So awkward. I think people in my life think I am crazy.

    I love that bag!!!

  9. Nice to meet you for 28 cute outfits so far.

    (Do you see what I did there? I used your new phrase. It's like making "fetch" happen.)

  10. I love navy with camel-y browns. Yay!
    Hey – was wondering if you could give us all an update of the life of Kendi. As in – how does it feel not to have to go to your old job everyday? Is this too curiosity killed the cat/slash/stalker?
    Just would love to do the same thing and start a new career!
    Thanks Kendi
    Hope you feel better soon!
    I have always taken a couple teaspoons of organic Apple Cider Vinegar when I feel a cold coming on. Works every time!

  11. I am adoring the blog. And must join in next time on the 30 for 30…for sure. I am feeling largely accomplished right now for shopping A.L.L. DAY long in a sea of unimaginable cuteness and not succombing to the pressure. Why do they have to put out all the good stuff at Christmas? Oh wait, you're supposed to by buying it for everyone els? I guess that all makes sense now.

  12. You may not have found the Throat Coat in the drug aisle because it's an herbal tea πŸ˜‰ It's made with licorice and other throat soothing deliciousness.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  13. Oohhh that bag… great now I am swooning over everything in that Etsy shop!

    I have perpetual foot in mouth syndrome, you wouldn't believe some of the awkward crap that comes out of my mouth πŸ™‚


  14. Kendi you are such an inspiration, really! Love your outfits, your writing, and your sense of humor! :)…….btw you've been having this super nice glow lately …your eyes, makeup? ….what's the secret?….omg sorry if I sounded creepy ….lol


  15. Look in the tea aisle for throat coat… its an herbal tea… there's a whole line of them for different ailments and they taste good too! Feel better.

  16. I love that cowl – such a pretty shade! One time whe I was shopping at the dollar store, some one asked me what time it was and I said it was "two dollars." (It was two o'clock). So embarrassing!

  17. Wow. I'd say you look really good for not feeling so well. I aspire to be as stylish as you. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

  18. Love that shirt! I sounded like Demi all last week. I liked the sound (not the sore throat). Hope you're doing better!

  19. Hope you feel better! My throat isn't as bad as yours… so I won't complain πŸ™‚

    I do love your casual outfits, but your outfits during the week are what keep me coming back to see what you are wearing! Glad you are almost done with 30 for 30 again, it must feel really good!


  20. Great outfit! So simple! πŸ™‚

    I can totally relate to the slip in words. I do it ALL the time. Usually I can't think of the right word and put the wrong word in. I always say, "You too," to servers when they tell me to enjoy my meal or movie theater workers when they tell me to enjoy the movie. Embarrassing.

  21. Haha I love that you said that to the associate! Whenever someone at the movies tells me to enjoy the show, I always send up saying "You too!". Or sometimes when I get off the phone with my mom I say "Amen" instead of bye.

    It happens.

  22. I found your blog today and I really like it! I love your style and that cowl youΒ΄re wearing is so beautifull! πŸ™‚

  23. I totally feel you, sometimes when people ask me "Whats up" I say "good" and/or they say "how are you" and I say "not much"

    It's awkward.

    I love your blue and white stripes. Against the brick background they look especially nice.

    xo, Ashley

  24. Whole Foods Market – tea aisle. Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat. Befriend your Whole Body Team Member. Your throat, your wallet, your inner voice will love you. Hope you feel better dahling.

  25. Super cute! I LOVE the cowl, and the mustard yellow and navy was an unexpectedly delightful color combination. This outfit makes me happy (I'll be stealing it as outfit inspiration).

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