So for the second installment of “Well, well, well what do we have here?” Bryan and I found some chairs. Just two attached chairs sitting at the top of a near empty parking garage. If that doesn’t spell out style blogger photo-op heaven, I don’t know what does. So then I played a game of how many ways can I sit in this chair. 76 was my final number. I’m only showing you 3 because some of those 76 ways are not lady like and are probably not safe for work.

Bad news, I think I’m getting sick. I have a sore throat and the aches. Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve been sick and I really like being waited on. So I’m going to try to milk this sore throat thing for a while, at least until my husband threatens to leave me.

Anyone have any home remedies for sore throats? I think that I’m on the edge of overdosing on zinc and vitamin c (my hands are glowing, thats bad right?) so I guess the next step is surgery. That is unless you guys have any tips for me.

You see what I did there? I made you wait on me, just like my husband will when he gets home. B — if you are reading this, I’m kidding.*

*Not kidding.

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  1. Kendi, you look beautiful in that second photo! (You look beautiful in every photo, the second one just is really stunning!) I better go find some trash or dirty old chairs to change up my posts!

    I just finished the challenge yesterday and posted a wrap-up of my looks. I'm so glad I decided to do the challenge. Thanks for starting it!

  2. Steam always helps my throat feel better! Do you have a humidifier?
    Gorgeous look πŸ™‚
    The colors with your outfit and the background are just stunning!

  3. When I got a sore throat, my dad used to make me drink a mixture of:
    Cayenne Pepper
    It is disgusting (and illegal if you're a minor :-)), but it DOES work. Yay for living in a small town! Where whiskey is an acceptable remedy for EVERYTHING and going out and doing a long days work will make you feel right as rain…NOT Lol

  4. The old standby: gargle with warm salt water. I hate it, but it always helps!

  5. i hear ya! i have a similar cold, which has morphed into a scary hacking cough that keeps christopher and me up through the night.
    a nice hippie remedy for a sore throat is throat coat see (seriously it's a life saver) and a lot of honey (it soothes the back of your throat, and coats it, also it tastes delicious).

  6. Humidifer — why didn't I think of that?! Yes, I'm on it!

    And Zicam? Will do, I've never tried it but I will. THANK YOU!

  7. My mom forced us to drink a tea she'd make with fresh ginger, star anise, lemon and honey. It was as foul as it sounds, but it worked. Oh, and she'd coat us in Vick's VapoRub, which is how Puerto Ricans cure everything. Seriously, everything.

    Also, I'm angry at the Universe that a person can get sick while wearing a hot pink skirt. That's just not right.

  8. Those shoes! Those shoes!!! so ridiculously fabulous! And everytime you wear that belt I think, "Man, I really need an animal print belt". Gargle with salt water or even rub vicks on your throat. Vicks cures everything, so I'd go with that first. Feel better! ~Serene

  9. A sore throat always give me an excuse to a) drink lots of ginger-ale {my all-time fav} and b) chew on halls sugar free fruity cough drops {they're like candy but healthy, right?}.

    Ps, Kendi – you just put together the outfit I asked for for Christmas! Did you read my mind? Or intercept my e-mail to my Mom? Just in case she lost my list, I think I'll just e-mail her this link.

    26 and Counting

  10. That skirt is absolute perfection. It literally looks good with anything. You know what else is absolute perfection? Your sense of humor. And feel better. Or, don't feel better. It's fun to be waited on by husbands!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  11. For sore throats – Lots of tea, Chicken soup, Vick Vapor rub, and Hot Dr. Pepper with Lemon. It sounds absolutely disgusting but the fizzy with lemon works like a charm.

  12. That is absolutely blogger photo op heaven! I love this shoot! I hope you feel better soon sweetie! Personally, I just use lozengers over and over – and drink gallons of black with honey in it. Hugs

  13. I typically use the gargle with salt water trick (and resent it) and drink lots of tea with lemon and honey (which I love). Style blogger photo op heaven looks like a great place- I wish I came across more places like that here, but I feel like in Houston, places that don't have a lot of people tend to be a bit on the creepy side. And your Kate Middleton hair is looking fabulous. Feel better!

  14. The consensus seems to be gargle with salt water, with which I definitely agree, but I also like to add either some grapefruit seed extract or a couple of drops of colloidal silver. Just don't overdue it because you might end up permanently silver, which could be cool actually.

    Also if you've the extra funds and aren't allergic, propolis spray works every time. It tastes horrible but don't make me bust out Mary Poppins.

    Hope you feel better!

  15. That IS photo op heaven! This outfit is one of my favorite so far during the 30 for 30. That last picture is too cute. I usually recommend green tea and honey for a sore throat. Or Slurpees! I hope you get better soon (or not if you prefer to be waited on). =)


  16. Have you tried Emergen C? I've fought off many a cold with those little packets of vitamin c wonderfulness. Just add them to water and they work like magic! Then again if your hands are already glowing, this might push you over the edge..

  17. JUST gorgeous! I am in love with that skirt! If you've tried zinc and vit c – next up, spoonfuls of honey. Thats' what my doctor and my kids pediatrician always say… the darker the honey the better apparently. And who can argue with honey?

  18. One: you are hilarious!
    Two: Try honey? But make sure it's good stuff. Some store brands actually contain high-fructose corn syrup which will only irritate your throat more. There are also several organic teas that I have heard work quite well although I haven't actually tried them myself. Other than that, I always recommend probiotics to build up plenty of good bacteria to get better and stay better!

  19. Ok, so this isn't really a 'home remedy' but it REALLY WORKS–for me anyways. It's called 'Bio-Nutria Vapor Rub' and you get it from Arbonne.. When I feel a sore throat or cough coming on I rub it on my chest and/or throat. If I do this for a couple days it most often clears right up! (It's kinda like Vicks or Unkers minus the smell and feels like regular lotion)

  20. Oh and I've been reading everyones 'honey' comments… The best is definatly fresh and LOCAL. If not it may be worse than better for you…

  21. Honestly, sleep is the best medicine for everything. Take a Unisom and get 12 hours of rest while you run your humidifier and you'll feel better instantly. Then, do it again if you have to for a few nights and it help keep the cold from progressing.

    I just did this with my current cold….works wonders!

  22. I'm sorry to say drinking tons of orange juice with vitamin C doesn't work after you're already sick πŸ™ I wish it did though.

    I like to drink honey water with lemon when I am on the brink of having a sore throat.

    I hope you feel better soon! =]

    Just Better Together is having 2 giveaways!

  23. Salt water never worked for me, but I swear by a homemade tea of fresh ginger root and lemon slices with some honey to sweeten the deal. Cheap remedy too!

  24. I love that skirt! Actually I want that skirt! I'm going to see if I can find a similar version here in the UK.

    Love your posts they always make me giggle so thanks for that πŸ˜€

  25. I hate to do it, but my mom always told me to gargle warm water with salt in it…works really well! It's crazy!

    PS. Love this outfit.

  26. another cute outfit πŸ™‚
    Try oil of oregano.. it works every time for me… you can get it any health food store.

  27. nice work rocking the chairs…(you really would be laughing if they were, in fact, rocking chairs!). The best age-old sore throat soother is to frequently gargle with warm salt water. Seriously, my grandmother swears by it, and I don't mess with her, she's 95!!

    feel better!

  28. Drink lots of water with that zinc! Bob and I are getting rid of colds and we took lots of homeopathic remedies without the water and got bad headaches.
    Feel better!

  29. Hot water with honey and lemon juice! A little bit more lemon than honey. Just a tad.

    Your color combos are always amazing!

  30. Loved the installment! interesting! … great color mix! … About the sore throat, this is actually very effective: before you go to bed put on a plate slices of onion and spread some sugar on top, next morning you'll find a kind of syrup so eat it with a spoon.. ( yeah it sound gross but I assure it'll help) I'm a teacher and can't afford to get sick, this has saved my life/work so many times! Hope it helps πŸ˜‰ …


  31. Dr Pam (not that I'm a doctor) recommends plenty of ice cream, milkshakes and bacon sandwiches…just because the last one is yummy.

    When I'm ill Callum brings me cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, it makes me feel a lot better.

    Hope you feel better soon…but not too soon you need to be pampered.

  32. i admire how creative you are with color. and you can pull it off which is probably really the part that i admire. i mean face it, anyone can throw on a bunch of different colors and look like a rainbow that had one to many vodka tonics and threw up all over herself. you really make color work for you. why am i telling you all this? you already know it. i have a little diarrhea of the mouth (uh, fingertips?) right now.

    p.s. my hubby always makes me hot tea with a lot of honey when i have a sore throat. i really do think it helps. feel better!

  33. How does this work? The colors shouldn't work together but they absolutely do – I LOVE this!

    Tea! Lots of tea should help hopefully!! And chicken soup! There are magic powers in chicken soup! Stay well – we need your outfits πŸ™‚

  34. Here's what you do: whiskey + tea + honey + lemon= cure. Trust me. And the more you drink the better you feel! Imagine that.

  35. How you are so freaking inspiring, we might never know πŸ˜‰

    You look gorgeous, that post it totally funny and your blog is jus plain awesome.

    You could drink hot water with lemon, fresh ginger, and honey it's totally yummy and satisfying. And you could still ask your husband to make it.

  36. SUPER strong black tea is my favorite sore throat/cough remedy. Although, don't make my mistake and drink an entire pot of it right before bed. Duh… I was up all night!

    You look 100x better than I do when I am sick, though, feel better soon!

  37. umm, yes. this is fabulous.

    no remedies for you, friend. sorry. when my throat hurts i just end up crying, and then sleeping.

  38. You were sick in these photos? You don't look it! You look like a model in the second photo,and the outfit is incredible! I like everything about it…necklace, colors, fit. I am going to show it to my daughter!!

  39. Love your necklace!!

    Whenever I have a sore throat, I curl up in a big blanket on the couch, watch favorite movies, and drink tons of noncaffieniated tea with honey. And get as much sleep as possible! : )

  40. I am LOVING your center part these days. (Just to clarify, I'm referring to your hair.) And I'm loving the simplicity of this look.

    Sore throat? Gargle with warm salt water several times a day. Works like a champ.

  41. My mom has always made us kids gargle with a half/half mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Some people think it's kinda crazy, but it works! My mom swears by it. It does leave a bad taste in your mouth, but at least it gets rid of your sore throat. Even though I'm sure you know this I just want to make it clear don't swallow the mixture! Spit it out in the sink! I hope you feel better!

  42. THANKS GUYS! I have tried all of your remedies and so far I feel great.

    @Lizzy — it depends on your level of comfort, but I can walk just fine which sadly defines comfort to me.

  43. As many of these comments say, gargling with warm salt water will DEFINITELY give your sore throat the boot. Also, nice and warm mint tea with honey will soothe your throat. Trust me, I was in your shoes 2 weeks ago and this was the only thing that made me feel better. Good luck swallowing food πŸ™

  44. I really love that pink pop of color with the skirt. In other news, I'm sorry that you're getting sick, but at least your guy will get to pamper you! Those Urban Outfitters Shoes are to die for. I think I'm addicted to them.

  45. I love that combination of colours! It's a little bit unusual and totally eye-catching in a lovely way.

    Eat honey! Honey is great for sore throats.

  46. OK, first: take some tylenol. It will at least dull the pain of the evil sore throat.

    Second, black elderberry extract. It's an herbal remedy you can get in pill form from natural food stores.

    I know about these solutions because as a pregnant person there's like NOTHING that you're allowed to take, and I got a whopper of a cold. Probably the same one I got has now traveled to Texas. Evil cold.

  47. I love the unusual color combination and the way the belt ties in the color of your top! As for sore throats, I stick with the tried and true: hot tea with honey (and a healthy dose of trashy television while snuggled up on a couch, preferably with a cat). Feel better!


  48. Hey kendi! Apple cider vinegar. My husband swears by it and I think it has magical powers cuz it works instantaneously every time. Oh-this is about the sore throat:) Hope it helps!!

  49. I really love your blog, you don't know how many times I laugh at it.

    By "laugh at it" I mean because you're funny. Not like AT it.

    By "how many times" I mean eight thousand….per day.

  50. So there's this stuff that singers get when our throats are sore and tired. It's called Throat Coat. It's a tea.

    It's probably one of the MOST disgusting things you'll ever taste in your life. But it works.

    Also, honey. A spoonful of honey. We used to keep it backstage to take in between shows.

    Singer tricks, yes, but they work for any general sore throat too.

    Hope you feel better soon…I mean, if you want to feel better and quit getting waited on. But why would you want that to end?

  51. I'm an acupuncturist (well, waiting on my license) and I also prescribe herbal remedies to my patients.

    The best for cold/flu like symptoms at the early stage like you have is:

    mint leaves
    1 whole orange peel
    brown sugar
    sliced fresh ginger
    **optional – cinammon-

    Wrap yourself up good and drink the tea. This will help you sweat out the sickness so it doesn't go deeper into the body and turn into something worse.

    Good Luck!

  52. This happened to me on Thanksgiving. I toughed it out long enough to stuff my face, and then I gave in to the hurtyness. What worked for me? Chloraseptic and ibuprofen. I've also found relief in the past by gargling a warm salt water solution.

  53. Girl, this color combo is the BOMB, and like, totally making me type like I'm in 1995. Nothing to do with the outfit.

    Being sick on the couch isn't half bad for the first day or so, then TV gets boring. So here's to a speedy recovery!

  54. Ah, you're just gorgeous! And just so you know, I'm super stoked for some SXSW action. I'd love to hear your pointers on writing and photography!

    No home remedies, but I do swear by Alka Seltzer Cold tablets. It's like you're drinking a slightly-off club soda. Hope you feel better soon!


  55. Kendi, Zycam is fantastic! I use the spray (I HATE medicine but I don't mind this stuff at all) and you gotta start using it right when you feel like you're getting sick and keep using it as the package directs. It's amazing, and has kept me from getting sick EVERY time I have felt that doom-and-gloom feeling that I'm gonna get sick. P.S> I love your settings! …clearly I am much more concerned about your health than your clothes! lol

  56. I believe what Witt and Maggie mentioned is a hot toddy? I can't remember if that worked for me when I tried it years back, but it knocked me out cold which numbed the sore throat for me. Numbed everything.

    A good substitution for a humidifier is hanging out in the bathroom while your hubby is taking a shower. The heat can't be on because you want it to steam up fast. Oh my, I should stop there because that could be read with the wrong connotation.

  57. You still look super cute despite your sickness in face, maybe this is all just an elaborate ploy so you can be waitied on regardless… o, jk I've said too much. Try tea with honey, that's a surefire way to combat a sore throat along with what you're doing already πŸ™‚

  58. Hi Kendi! I love your magenta skirt. I like how you incorporate the objects that you find into your photoshoots! My husband and I did a shoot today and there was a plastic bag nearby, but I couldn't think of anything to do with it. I thought about it at least; don't tell me I'm not creative! Love your work, Kendi. Carla xo

  59. whoa took a while to get to the end of the comment page… :P. But that second and last photo of you are absolutely stunning and I love the way you remixed this. You are a champ at this haha =D

  60. try this drink, it cures me everytime! boil cup of water, add 3 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of lemon juice and a dash of cinnamon. yum yum. and cant even believe you look this good and are coming down with an illness.

  61. I have cured horrible sore throats and laryngitis with a basic hot water/lemon juice/honey recipe, but I've found that the proportions of each are crucial. I do 8-10 oz of hot water (just boiled) with 2 tbsp each of lemon juice and honey. Drink it while it is as hot as you can tolerate. A day or two of that can work absolute wonders. Feel better!

  62. Photo-op heaven envy ensues. Great outfit, great shots πŸ™‚

    If it gets bad wrap a cold, wet cloth round your throat and a dry towel on top of that. Not very stylish but helpful.

    Other than that I'd say hot whiskey with a hint of orange juice. Drink it down quick and by the time you wake up you should be right as rain πŸ˜€ (my Mom uses lots of painful, disgusting cold cures but unlike all the others this one rules LOL)

  63. Try elderberry pills. You can get them at any vitamin store and they'll knock a cold out in no time flat. If I even think I'm getting sick I take 2 every few hours and never end up with the cold.

    Also, I LOVE your style!!

  64. Take a teaspoon of honey, and let it slowly drip down your throat. It'll soothe it, for sure! Green tea with honey and lemon always works well, too. And sherbet tastes good and feels wonderful on an achey throat.


  65. kendi, this has to be a favorite outfit for me. its adorable. and where on earth is the "wait on me" button? I don't think my husband came with one…

  66. Just got over the same cold – it's a nasty one, and I actually had it twice, my lovely husband gave it right back to me as soon as I got well….I drank lots of Theraflu, ate honey lemon Halls like they were candy and ate one fudgy popsicle after another. Started taking Airborne as soon as the sore throat started, but alas, I don't think it actually helped. Good luck with it and feel better soon!

    One a side note, I'm also a "Rach King" just like the commenter above me, too weird.

  67. I'm suffering from a sore throat too! Let me know if you find a cure πŸ™ I've just been drinking lots of tea…

    On your outfit, I like the combo of colors between your top and skirt! It's unexpected for me, I'd normally do the top color for my skirt and pink on top! So, I really like this look it's refreshing.


  68. hey, doesn't your husb read all of your posts before you post them? or is that just for your other blog? either way, y'all are adorable…

  69. My mom used to always freeze Sprite in ice cube trays and then mash it up for me when I felt bad. So delicious!

    Bonus: you can say you're too weak to mash it up, more of a reason to be waited on.

  70. I'm sorry I didn't read this post until today, so my comment is a little late. I'm also sorry if I'm repeating someone else's comment.

    Honey is my favorite home remedy for a sore throat. It's a natural anti-inflammatory, so it temporarily calms the throat (as well as some of your acheyness…that's a word, right?). Honey also never expires, so I'll stock up once every few years.

  71. I am new to your blog but this has to be one of my favorite outfits. Love all the color and the way you styled the outfit!

  72. This outfit is truly inspired. I loooooooove it. You look so sleek and sexy. Classic. K, now I'll shut up.

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