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I feel a little bit like a gnome today. I think it’s the hat, so either a gnome or Steve Zissou. Maybe a bit of both. Works for me though. I’d rather be a gnomebody, than a nobody. (har har har)

This was one of those outfits that I thought the idea of it was probably better than the actual outfit, but I put it on anyways and it worked. And better yet it worked on the first try! I love when that happens. So many of my outfits start out as trial and error and then I just get tired to put anything else on. Too bad my easy outfit happened on a Sunday when I have all of the time in the world to get dressed and we only had a few places to go today. Isn’t that how it always goes? You can guarantee that if you are running late, you most certainly will find nothing to wear.

I’ve had a few people ask (okay like 2 and my mom) what I’ve been up to lately. Well you are about to find out. Bryan and I (Bryan’s my husband, if you’re new here) are the new Dream Reporters for Makeunder My Life. If you read Jess’s blog you’re familiar with Dream Reporters. If not, we will be blogging there each Friday and talking about our new business venture. Exciting? Yes for us, maybe not for you. But you know what is exciting for you? I don’t know — I was asking. That was not a rhetorical question. What’s going on, girlfriend? *lays chin on fist, smiles*

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  1. Congrats on being featured as Dream Reporters! That's awesome!

    My birthday coming up in 7 days is what's exciting for me :] Thanks for asking <3

  2. Oh, HI-larity. Congrats on making the creative aspects of your dynamic duo-ship official! Can't wait to see what you guys will be up to 🙂

  3. Ahhh Kendi. You are too hilarious.
    I love when an outfit you had figured out in your head works in real life – this one is adorable. The mix of check and your lace skirt is wonderful!


  4. Lucky you! You get to have bare legs this time of year! Leaving the house in the Northwest without rain boots and tights leaves a girl soaked!

  5. I'm pretty sure you would look cute in a potato sack. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I always get a little comment shy on the bigger blogs. "What if I say the something stupid?" Anyway, like I said you look fantastic.
    No Guilt Fashion

  6. I totally get the "today's outfit worked, now what" and the throwing my hands in the air, laying (throwing myself) down on my bed and telling my husband to "go" without me because i-have-nothing-to-wear-and-no-time-to-buy-the-cutest-dress-i-have-ever-seen anyway days!

    It's my son's 4th birthday today, and I am done with your stinkin'(not really I loved it) challenge! That is my exciting news!!



  7. Today's outfit was a total inspiraton for me!! Like someone posted earlier, I would've never mixed those fabrics and now seeing your total "look" – well… it looks fabulous! You've inpsired the risk taker hiding deep inside of me, LOL, to just DO IT!

    Also, can't wait to read about your new venture and good luck!

  8. The lace skirt with the flannel & the knit cap? It's perfection in a way I'd never thought of before. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I'm so excited that you guys are the dream reporters for Makeunder My Life! I love Jess' blog and can't wait to hear about your new business venture. 🙂

    Also, I adore your outfit!

  10. I think the "gnome-ish" (if that's a word) hat really compliments the oufit. This is the third plaid shirt I've seen on a blogger that looks totally cute! It's fate, I need one pronto.

    I have to dress up on Christmas day as a character from my favourite Christmas Carol. What should I be??



  11. Adorable! Where did you get your socks from? I have been looking for some cute knee high socks to wear with boots that are warm, but not thick. Any suggestions?

  12. What's going on? Oh nothing much, you know how it is!

    I can't decide what I love more, this outfit or the fact your blogging on the weekend!!

  13. Kendi, you look adorable! This outfit is so fun-loving looking and I just adore that lace skirt.

    Have I told you how much of a genius you are? (probably not, considering this is maybe my 2nd of 3rd comment on your blog since recently following, hehe) But seriously, I have yet to visit a blog in which the outfit is labeled directly on the first picture. I am always finding myself scrolling down to where the "items are from" list and then scrolling back up to revisit the outfit- dislike! You're great for labeling them right on the photo!


  14. just found your blog today and im sooo glad

    you are gorgeous and i want your closet!
    i am seriously inspired.
    i love how you combine colors and textures & fits.


  15. Cute outfit! And congrats on becoming the new dream reporters- I'm excited to read more about what you are doing!

  16. Very cute, I love the hat it's adorable (But shh, don't tell your husband I called his hat adorable, tell him I said it was manly and macho).

    The dream reporter thing sounds exciting, what's new with me? I have almost finished my essay and won't lose marks by it being late. I'm handing out virtual cookies to everyone in celebration, hmmm you look like a gingerbread man with chocolate chip buttons kinda girl to me.

  17. Haha Steve Zissou! You look very pretty here, I'm loving the outfit! Where did you get your grey socks from? I'm looking for something similar for my boots!

    –la vie en BROKE–

  18. cute outfit (especially your husband's hat!), and can't wait to read your features on MML. love jess and her wonderful blog!

  19. to those who asked — I got my socks from Gap but can't find them online any longer. They are SUPER thick and warm — I bet they are still in stores, though! Target also has some cute over the knee socks as well.

    @Lauren — Kendi is my real name! Not short for anything 🙂

    @Sweet Laundry — Tiny Tim. Duhhh.

  20. I was gonna say, these pieces in theory not quite in harmony but you make it all work together so well!

    I've heard a lot about you from other bloggers and it's high time, I check it out! Love your blog!

    So, that's exciting for me!


  21. Hi Kendi!
    I have been reading your blog religiously for the past few weeks and you have become such an inspiration for me. I even find myself thinking "wow I look so Kendi today.." 🙂
    Anyways, great blog, great clothes and a great model.
    Best wishes, Gyða from Iceland.

  22. Fantastic outfit as always – I love how it just came together!! Because it looks awesome – and IT IS awesome when that actually happens 🙂

    Seriously am looking forward to you and Bryan as the new dream reports on MML!!

    Small Time Style

  23. Maybe it's because you've been doing your weekend casual outfits also, but I feel like this time around on the 30 for 30, everytime you post an outfit I think "those items are in her 30, I don't remember seeing any of them!" (Except the blue shirt, but not so much the rest.) Or maybe you're just getting so good at remixing, that I can't even identify things anymore!! 😛

  24. I love your blog!! I think you will be a daily read of mine for sure!! 🙂 I am just getting started.

  25. Sweet Kendi! Thanks for the update. Congrats on the new assignment! How fun that it is a partnership. I read the other one about Midnight Hustling and it answered a lot of my questions about your decision to leave your job, the hows, the whys…I feel like you got the same reaction from your coworkers as I would. I know for a fact the guys & gals I work with wouldn't know what to do with me if I said my favorite thing to do is blog…about fashion! Ha! I really do want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. Thanks again
    Also – I have a crazy feeling that your 30 for 30 is going to bring you fame…that's just me being a fortune teller. But really…I think it will!

  26. I think the pop of blue from the blouse is like magic with this outfit. It's subtle, but darling. This is one of my favorite of your outfit picks!

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