Summer Remix: Dress Switch-a-roo

So we’ve reached mid-way in the 30×30 anddddd… I’m swapping out a piece. I think I knew this was going to happen, so let me explain. First, let’s talk about this dress. This is a dress from Target (but I was gifted from Who What Wear collection) that I had tried on a few months ago and liked in the fitting room. When I decided to put it in the 30×30 I was basically just going for the hardest piece that I could find because I love a challenge. But I truly wanted another dress in the remix, instead. (This one from Everlane.) I had ordered it and I didn’t know if it would be here on time, if it would fit, yada yada. So I stuck with my initial choice, this floral dress. Now the photos:

When we popped out of the car to shoot this dress before heading to dinner, I instantly realized I didn’t *love* what I was wearing. I took a quick mental checklist of what I didn’t like. Shoes? No those worked with this. Did it need another bag? No the bag is just fine. Then I realized it was the dress. We starting shooting and I was just fidgeting with my dress the whole time, this is number one signal to me that I am not comfortable in what I’m wearing. When I feel my most confident in an outfit, I don’t think twice about what I’m wearing. But this dress I kept finding myself messing with and truth be told this was the second go-round of shooting this dress. The kicker was that I realized I didn’t want to go to dinner with friends in this dress. You know the feeling right? The feeling when your outfit is just all wrong? That’s when I knew — I just didn’t love this dress on me. Or maybe I just wanted to remix the other dress…who knows. Either way, I knew a switch was a-coming.

 So I decided to make the switch to this Everlane dress. It was almost going to be in the original remix but I just didn’t know if it would arrive on time. And guess what? It arrived the Monday I started. I put it on and it fit like a glove. SO I knew it, I knew I needed to make the swap. But I wanted to give the floral dress a fighting chance. (Here’s my main grievances with the floral dress: I love the print the MOST but the print with the silhouette on my body shape made me feel a bit like Betty Draper goes to Hawaii. It’s a beautiful piece, but not for me. What do you think??)

May I introduce you to this beautiful Everlane dress that is honestly so classic and perfect. I’ve styled it three ways (the next two ways will be coming up on the blog this afternoon!) and it’s the best at remixing.

I wanted to show this dress in it’s element: simple and classic so I went with nude mules and a nude accessory and kept my makeup light. It’s the best summer dress to dress up or down. It would make a lovely vacation dress, too. I found it to fit true to size. I would say that it may be a bit on the long side for some under 5’6″ or so, but could be easily tailored. I am in the size 8 and it fits my chest but is pretty tight. Just FYI. Oh and I think this dress was a best seller on the first go round so it looks like it will ship in July!

You can find this dress here!

PS: I’ll be doing an Everlane try-on session tomorrow on IG stories! You can follow along on stories or the LTK app!

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Editor's Notes:

The dress fits true to size. If you don’t have a fuller bust, consider sizing down or take the straps up when you get it. I am 5’9″ for height reference. The mules fit true to size. I am wearing a strapless bra with this dress but a normal bra works fine under the straps as well.

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  1. Rach says:

    Love both dresses!! So pretty!

    06.26.19 · Reply
  2. Marta says:

    You look way more comfortable in the second dress although I do love the look of the first one. The second one looks super classy and summery, it seems very nice for warm temperatures because it doesn’t have sleeves and the fabric looks breezy.

    06.26.19 · Reply
  3. LOVE this dress!

    06.26.19 · Reply
  4. You look absolutely beautiful!

    Mariya |

    06.27.19 · Reply
  5. minau says:

    Such a lovely dresses!

    06.27.19 · Reply
  6. swapnil says:

    This is the most engaging and informative blog I have ever been through. It gives me goosebumps as to how can somebody write so well and to the point.

    06.28.19 · Reply