That One with the Swacket

This, my friends, is what we in the biz call a ‘swacket’. And by ‘we’ I mean me and my love for combination words. A swacket is, of course, a sweater jacket. It looks like a jacket feels like a sweater. I actually ran into J.Crew to make a few returns because my online selections had failed me miserably and it ended up being an even exchange for this jacket. If I’m in J.Crew, I’m gonna look around and honestly there wasn’t a lot going on in there right now. Which I get — we are in between seasons and this time of year everyone just wants to move past winter and forget it even happened. But I for one am happy to buy new things that will move right into spring with me. I liked the black version of this swacket but ultimately decided on the camel, since that works year round. Not that the black doesn’t work year round, too. Oh man, now I want the black swacket as well. And now you can see how I ended up exchanging instead of returning. I am very good at talking myself into things. You can find this sweater blazer — or swacket if you’re so bold– here.

Remember when I wrote about these jeans on my Friday Night Likes post and then they materialized into real life? The power of a good pair of denim, you guys. As you can tell lately I’ve been absolutely living in Madewell denim. I don’t know if they changed their recipe or what in recent years, but they are giving me life these days. Denim is basically all I wear and these are such a great quality denim for the price. They feel like $200+ jeans for a little bit more than $100. Plus they are high rise and stretchy — a new mama’s dream jean. (PS my post-maternity / new mom bod jean roundup is coming! I know many of you have requested it!) You can find this jean here and here.

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Editor's Notes:

The jacket runs a little bit big! Size down if you want a more fitted look. The top runs true to size, it’s the right amount of oversized so no need to size down. Jeans run a bit oversized, size down one for a truer fit!

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  1. Natali says:

    Thats’s a perfect pair of mules and you are looking very sophisticated in this combo.

    02.12.18 · Reply
  2. Nicole Arredondo says:

    Madewell is life. I discovered Madewell late last year and have scooped up the Tees, Bag, Accessories, and Jeans. I also admire that they have extended their size range as I am a 16 and they hype was real. A brand that is sophisticated but also lets us come along makes me happy. Love your blog have been following forever and have started emulating some of your style in to the work wardrobe. Thanks!

    02.12.18 · Reply
  3. Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

    02.12.18 · Reply
  4. Katie says:

    Love the post title, love the swacket 😂, and love the announcement that a post on mom bod jeans is coming! Woo hoo!

    02.12.18 · Reply
  5. Always love your outfits! x

    02.13.18 · Reply
  6. nat says:

    I’ve never heard the term swacket, but i love yours!
    great look

    02.13.18 · Reply
  7. Sarah says:

    Love this, Kendi! I have the gray version of this blazer and love seeing new ways of wearing it! In regard to Madewell denim, would you consider doing a post on how you care for your denim? I’ve been tempted to pull the trigger on a nice pair of jeans (Madewell or similar) but am nervous on how to care for nicer denim (preventing color fade, etc.)!

    02.13.18 · Reply