Remember my post last week about picking the perfect pair of denim? A few of my rules in summary:  try on, try new, and try, try again. Well then I realized that I needed to take my own advice when searching for flare jeans. Flares are one of those styles that, while I appreciate the comeback it is making, I’ve been cheering them on from the sidelines of Pinterest and window shopping. Why? Because it’s come to my attention that I’ve completely forgotten how to wear them. I’ve been a believer in skinny jeans since the mid-00’s so this shift in denim is a bit of a game changer. For me at least, flares fit my body a bit differently than skinny jeans and each brand is very different from the next, whereas skinny jeans I’m a pretty consistent size. So I took my own advice and tried a brand that I’ve previously sworn off. (Nothing against 7FAM jeans, they just aren’t a perfect fit for me in skinny jeans.) I have to say the minute I put these babies on (last in the pile), they were exactly what I was looking for. They fit my hips, flare out at the right place and are soft as can be. *praise hand emojis forever*
All that to say, sometimes it takes a while to find a trend you like and that works for you and that’s okay. I’m probably not going to stock my closet full of flare jeans, but I’m happy to have one really good pair on hand. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give up skinny jeans, but I welcome any jean that makes my legs look longer and is a dream to wear. 
Also a quick note on this oversized sweater that dreams are made of: I basically want to sleep in it. But it is very oversized. I’m in the medium which is typical for me, but I could have sized down and been just fine. Just depends on your how much you like clothes to touch your body ratio. For me it’s like 30:70 — 30 parts maybe she has a body under there, 70 parts that’s a really large sweater she’s wearing. 
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  1. Love the oversized turtleneck!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

    11.19.15 · Reply
  2. That purse is SO gorgeous!

    11.19.15 · Reply
  3. Natali says:

    You are such a beautiful! I love pairing flares with chunky knits too!


    11.19.15 · Reply
  4. Jules says:

    Love this outfit! It’s too chilly for my toes to peep out where I live, but booties will fix that when I copy this outfit:) I will say I almost choked on my coffee (no coffee was lost in the process. *shew.) when I followed the link to the purse and saw the price, but I’ll just have to look for a [much] cheaper version. It’s a beautiful bag!
    (Congrats on moving up to a lifestyle of the rich and famous). 😉 😉

    11.19.15 · Reply
  5. Oh that Chloe bag is stunning!! And this is definitely the perfect pair of denim. They look absolutely comfortable too! x


    11.19.15 · Reply
  6. Loving the vibe of this outfit!!

    || D I A N A ||


    11.19.15 · Reply
  7. Christine Yearing says:

    Did you have these jeans hemmed?? I know you are tall but even at 5’9″ I still often have to have 7 jeans hemmed. Which I find a real drag in a flare jean.

    11.19.15 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      I did not — but I was worried I would have to because of the reviews online. These fit me perfectly with a heel (I believe this is a 3″ heel), flat footed I would need a hem but I prefer to wear with heels, so I was happy with the length. And YES on a real drag with flare jeans being hemmed, they never seem to ‘flare’ just right.

      11.19.15 · Reply
  8. librarirun says:

    Kendi – throw out or reevaluate those skinny jeans; these look so amazing on you. You look like YOU in these jeans. This outfit is perfect on you.

    11.19.15 · Reply
    • librarirun says:

      Wait – a $2000 purse?! OMG.

      11.19.15 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      You’re so sweet! Isn’t it funny how we get used to looking a certain way — I think I just miss seeing my ankles under there!

      11.19.15 · Reply
  9. Tamara says:

    That Chloe bag tho…. *praise hand emoji forever fo sho*!!!

    11.19.15 · Reply
  10. Liv says:

    Love your flares!



    11.19.15 · Reply
  11. trmb says:

    I like the sweater and pants, but the open-toe boots kill the look.

    11.19.15 · Reply
  12. Mica says:

    Those flares are the perfect length on you, and I really like them with the baggy top! 🙂

    Your Chloe marcie is a lovely bag too – I used to have one in a lighter taupe and I often think about it and regret selling it!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    11.19.15 · Reply
  13. Joules says:

    That camel sweater looks gorgeous on you!

    Lifestyle by Joules

    11.19.15 · Reply
  14. shadowy_lady says:

    I’m a big fan of flare jeans and never got into the skinny jeans craze. First time I see you in flare and I tell you in my humble opinion they are 100 times more flattering on you than the skinnies.These elongate your legs and balance your figure but skinnies just “sit” there 🙂

    11.19.15 · Reply
  15. Kory says:

    Love this!! I’m missing Texas weather where you can get away with sandals in November!

    11.19.15 · Reply
  16. Shannon Cullinane says:

    That sweater, those jeans, that bag, those shoes!!! Stop it with the absolutely most perfect outfit in the history of fashion blogging. I bow down…


    11.19.15 · Reply
  17. Sasa Zoe says:

    Love the flare jeans<3

    Shall We Sasa

    11.19.15 · Reply
  18. Anna D Kart says:

    Love the look and so happy about your success! Is this your first crazy expensive bag ? What made you choose this one? I am honestly not sure
    i get the beauty of it lol

    I have loved following you along on this long journey and so excited for your success

    Anna // Happy Medley

    11.19.15 · Reply
  19. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I love those flares paired with that sweater! Such a cute look!



    11.19.15 · Reply
  20. natalie says:

    love your chloe bag

    gorgeous look



    11.19.15 · Reply
  21. Love your flared jeans



    11.20.15 · Reply
  22. Great styling for the flared jeans! 🙂

    Big Dreamer

    11.20.15 · Reply
  23. The flared jeans look super flattering on you, beautiful!


    11.20.15 · Reply
  24. You look so cozy with that sweater and those flare jeans are really fit on your body! 🙂
    Visit mine❤️
    Flower or Crepe?

    11.20.15 · Reply
  25. Elizabeth says:

    your Chloe bag is gorgeous!


    11.20.15 · Reply
  26. Paola says:

    Very cool, I love your jeans!!!
    Happy friday hun!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

    11.20.15 · Reply
  27. Rach says:

    Those flared jeans are super cute!!


    11.20.15 · Reply
  28. Really loving the boho vibes! I’ve been looking for a sweater just like that!
    xo Adri | http://www.adrilately.blogspot.com

    11.20.15 · Reply
  29. kellymcd says:

    THAT.BAG. I’m drooling!!!

    11.20.15 · Reply
  30. Bre says:

    Thank you!! I was literally laying in bed trying to figure out what to wear to a birthday dinner tonight, (I helped the birthday boy’s girlfriend pick out her outfit, so I know the appropriate fancy level), and as soon as I saw this outfit, I pieced together my closet’s equivalent and DONE. Sanity restored.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration over the past five years, (I came to the game late, but you were the first blogger I started following and I’m very grateful to you). Have an awesome holiday week!

    11.22.15 · Reply
  31. Ting says:

    Love the Chloe bag!


    11.23.15 · Reply
  32. Julia says:

    I may be madly in love with that bag!

    -Julia at List Maker, Picture Taker

    11.23.15 · Reply
  33. Sydney Felker says:

    Hi! I was wondering how this sweater has worked out for you in terms of showing wear? Several of the reviews on Nordstrom’s website said that it pills very easily, cheapening the look. I’m torn because it looks beautiful!

    01.07.16 · Reply