I initially bought this dress for my birthday dinner well over a month ago. You need something pretty to re-celebrate turning 21, you know? Ten years of being 21, you guys, it’s been a good decade. But the night of my birthday dinner, I texted my friends and said let’s call it on the fancy dinner; let’s just go get burgers and beers. I ended up wearing a big sweater and tall boots because sometimes casual wins over fancy dresses and heels. (Plus it was cold and rainy and no one has time for that in heels.) And as it ended up the big sweaters and burgers for my 30th-ish birthday dinner was perfect. 
I am kidding though; I don’t want to be 21 again. I am very happy to be where I am at, right here and right now. 31 is a good feeling. Although I do love being carded as if I was 20 and that I’ve just handed them a fake ID. Please bartenders always take a solid 15-second, long, hard stare at my face and then to my ID and back up to my face, questioning my age the entire time. It makes me feel alive. Even if you are just trying to figure out how to say my full name, pretend it’s my age you are confused about. 
Oh yes, back to this dress. It just feels fancy. That’s the best way I can put it. Which is funny because it’s not like it has super luxurious fabric (it’s structured scuba) but the way it moves and the big  full skirt, just makes me feel fancy. When I come out of my all-i-want-to-wear-is-jeans phase that always happens in the fall, I always reach for a big full dress. Holiday season, here I come. 
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24 Responses

  1. Love this look, and love this dress! I, unsuccessfully, tried to convince a friend she needed to buy it after wearing it in an Anthropologie fashion show. Love the pattern, the fit, the fancy, everything.

    Happy Belated Birthday, btw! Welcome to Club 31.

  2. ooooh this was the perfect chance for a sundown shoot..with twinkle lights. pretty dress.

  3. Great dress! I fell in love with it after seeing it at an Anthro a few weeks ago. I was worried that it would be too short on my 5’11” frame so I didn’t even try it on! You’re tall, too, right? It looks like a great, flattering length on you! I’ll have to head back to Anthro!

    1. I am! I’m 5’9. It might be just fine on you! I don’t feel like it’s too short by any means and can sit like a lady still. 😉

  4. Love the shoes! It’s nice that they’re from Old Navy and not Jimmy Choo. I get kind of tired of fashion bloggers who wear and promote brands that are so far out of the average reader’s price range.

  5. This is a gorgeous dress. You look stunning!

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