I feel esteemed in the fact that I can find something to buy for myself at any time and anywhere. Now that doesn’t always mean that I can or that I do buy something; I would never be allowed out of the car if that were the case. It’s just that I have a talent for shopping, a God-given gift if you will. 

Well, as I was wandering around the men’s section at H&M with my husband, I found this button down just waiting for me, whispering my name and not my husband’s. Did you realize that the selection of plaid button downs in the men’s department is mesmerizing? And it turns out at H&M, a men’s small is like a women’s medium. My world has just opened up to not one but two sections at every store now. Twenty eight years and I just now figure out I can wear a men’s small. Be still my heart, be full my wallet. 


Top: H&M

Sweater: Similar

Skirt: Similar

Boots: Gap

Tote: Madewell

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  1. Sheree Hartung says:

    Adorable! Love the sweater.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  2. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    this is totally lovely and you make menswear look infinitely feminine!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  3. Lia says:

    super cute outfit! i lvoe the styling!


    Glass of


    12.11.12 · Reply
  4. Haha, what a great find! The mens section at H&M is not a bad place to look around for sure. 🙂
    Love that sweater as well!

    Lynette @ lynette marie

    12.11.12 · Reply
  5. Caroline L. says:

    That top fits so well – I would never have known that it was a men's shirt! Love this whole outfit… that sweater looks SO cozy! 🙂

    12.11.12 · Reply
  6. i LOVE the mens sections! also, your hair color looks amazing 🙂 

    12.11.12 · Reply
  7. Alissa Futhey says:

    I have found that the men's button downs are sooo much better than the womens!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  8. Joyce says:

    Oooh nice find! There's a shirt just like it at jcrew for $90!! I'm going to have to look around the men's section!


    12.11.12 · Reply
  9. Amy Welch says:

    Ive been looking for a top like that (in apprarently the wrong dept!)

    12.11.12 · Reply
  10. love it!! i got a similar plaid shirt from jcrew for like 3 times the price!! eeks! good tip about H&M men's!!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  11. Stacy says:

    that means dry cleaning will be cheaper, too!
    love your blog, Kendi–always brightens my day!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  12. Anne Hill says:

    You and plaid are kind of the perfect combination! Always rocking it when you wear it

    12.11.12 · Reply
  13. Sheislovely says:

    Great look! I love your boots and tote!

    xo – Sheila

    12.11.12 · Reply
  14. Annika Benitz says:

    You're taking lumberjack chic to a whole new level!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  15. Natali Karppinen says:

    Beautiful skirt and boots!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  16. Emily Dockstader says:

    Love this! That sweater is gorgeous!

    xo Emily Beth @ Inspired Attire

    12.11.12 · Reply
  17. I am always looking for a good plaid shirt, but I never thought to look in the men's section! Genius!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  18. carli says:

    I've often looked through the selection of men's plaid button down's at H&M with lusting eyes for my own button down collection. Now, I know the truth. I too, can enjoy those fabulous patterns!  Thanks for the head's up 😉

    12.11.12 · Reply
  19. Cute shirt! Old Navy has a very similar one – and it's women's sizing (so the fit is slimmer/fitted) – they really have improved on their fitting/sizing of their shirts! The red buffalo check is everywhere this season (jcrew – I think I saw it first!) Now everyone's bringing out their own version! We're all going to look like a bunch of LUMBERJACKS! WHOOT! Brawny man, anyone??? 😉

    12.11.12 · Reply
  20. OH! And I just saw that H&M is calling your shirt ORANGE?! You guys – am I colorblind here? It looks red to me?! Is this a case of RORANGE? (I actually am colorblind with red and orange…but I was hoping I wasn't this bad…) 🙂

    12.11.12 · Reply
  21. Rachelle says:

    love the top and boots.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  22. Star White says:

    Love! I often steel my husbands shirts, love how you styled yours!


    12.11.12 · Reply
  23. Danielle Cheever says:

    "be still my heart, be full my wallet'" – classic. Can I get that in an Etsy print somewhere?! 🙂 You are hilarious. And you look awesome in the plaid!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  24. Emily says:

    Love that shirt!  Perfect in this outfit.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  25. Iliyana Licheva says:

    hahaha,so fun! but yeah, I love playing now and then with my boyfriend clothes!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  26. Love the men's plaid shirt, it looks super cute on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    12.11.12 · Reply
  27. Lovaniez says:

    Same goes for the GAP, Mens xs and s are like women M. AND the prices are cheaper! whao!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  28. Agi Mayer says:

    Would have never guessed that the top is mens. Its beautiful. Love your outfit.


    12.11.12 · Reply
  29. Jessicajoneslyons says:

    Ahhhh those shoes! I want them! Love the whole outfit.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  30. Carrie says:

    I'll be looking in the men's section more often!

    Style in the City

    12.11.12 · Reply
  31. viamojo says:

    love the skirt and shirt

    12.11.12 · Reply
  32. Kendi Lea says:

    I mean, it's a toss up. To me it's more poppy than orange but when I saw it in the store I thought red. So rorange might be the most accurate 😉

    12.11.12 · Reply
  33. You're lucky. I wish I could fit men's size small. It's too big for me. I love that men's clothes are warmer than women, even though women (me!) are always colder than men. Women clothes are thinner (ie sheer) and more exposed (ie tank tops) and short (dresses, skirts).

    12.11.12 · Reply
  34. AtamAshish Kaur says:

    I love this look so much! You have great style! I started a blog with my sister and we would love for you to check it out! We are also having a $50 gift card giveaway to J.Crew…check it out!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  35. Leah S. says:

    Your husband is probably worried now that you'll either be stealing more of his clothes, or buying from the men's department for yourself instead.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  36. Betsy says:

    The men's section at H&M is amazing! It's the only place my best guy friend and I can shop together (cause you know they won't sit still anywhere else).

    12.11.12 · Reply
  37. Iep209 says:

    Wow I need to check out the Mens section because i love that top!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  38. I would've never guessed it was a men's shirt!

    Does your stuff get lost at the bottom of your transport tote?  That's pretty much the only reason I didn't get it this weekend when Madewell had all their purses 25% off.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  39. Jessbroyles says:

    haha you rock that men's shirt!! 🙂 Great shoes, too!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  40. Rachel says:

    Super cute! Love your cardigan and boots 🙂

    12.11.12 · Reply
  41. Jess says:

    love the shirt, I think I need to make a trip to H&M very soon!!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  42. Brittany Kyte says:

    I am definitely guilty of stealing a couple of husband's h&m cardigans! The men's section isn't so bad 🙂

    12.11.12 · Reply
  43. Rorange!

    …just what we need – another section to shop in. But whatevs, your shirt is awesome. And you are so smart. Buffalo check boy shirts here I come!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  44. Carlee says:

    The plaid shirt looks great on you and you cant even tell its a mens shirt! So cute. 
    Almost Endearing

    12.11.12 · Reply
  45. Elanor says:

    I need to get on that! I've looked in the mens' section before, but not often. Here's a fun trick though – check out the kids' section! A lot of the time they are less expensive and you can find XXL! I've done that before. 😉

    xxoo Elanor

    12.11.12 · Reply
  46. Ablake48 says:

    Which is why I love shopping my son's closet!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  47. I love shopping the men's sections – one of my friends tipped me off to this and I have found the best slouchy sweaters there!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  48. Milly Luz says:

    Ill have to do that n the mens section

    12.11.12 · Reply
  49. Andrea says:

    wonderful outfit! i really like it 🙂

    12.11.12 · Reply
  50. kristian satterlee says:

    I love your writing! Also that plaid shirt. My own plaid has become such a staple this winter.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  51. I love that sweater, the length and color. any chance you may have it again in store?

    12.11.12 · Reply
  52. Anca Madalina Baboi says:

    Kendi, I've been following your blog for quite some time! I don't wanna sound cheesy, but you are truly an inspiration to me! 

    I wish you all the best for the holiday season!

    In Romania we have a perfect winter, lots of snow!



    12.11.12 · Reply
  53. Melanie says:

    I love looking in the menswear section! the best! you look great btw!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  54. Count To Four says:

    i absolutely love this outfit! i love your creativity with simple pieces! 


    12.11.12 · Reply
  55. Jennifer says:

    I've never seen a man wear such a cute skirt before ;p Ok.. maybe I have. I am in Cali afterall!

    xo Jennifer

    12.11.12 · Reply
  56. Awesome! I've wanted to buy from the men's section before (chambray shirts!) but sadly I'm a little too petite. 

    12.11.12 · Reply
  57. Rachel says:

    My husband wears lots of plaid button-ups and I frequent his closet all too often. I'm not even above stealing his sweaters if i want a "slouchier" look. When I saw this post I was so happy to see that I'm not the only one! If your hubby is half as good a dresser as you are, I'm sure you won't even have to shop the men's section, just shop the Mr. side of the closet! 😉

    12.11.12 · Reply
  58. So so cute! I totally look in the mens section at H&M, not gonna lie. 

    xo Hannah

    12.11.12 · Reply
  59. Hannah says:

    I often buy mens shirts – mostly because I find that a slim fit small in the mes fits like a long length in womens. Particularly with 'boxy' brands like RL, as I find their Oxfords are always too short and I have to size up three times to get the length I want. I have been dying for some plaid, I will have to pop into H&M pronto! 🙂

    12.11.12 · Reply
  60. Oh no…a whole other section to shop! 


    12.11.12 · Reply
  61. leigh says:

    Amazing! I wear guys button-ups too! 🙂 🙂 My long torso doesn't allow me to get away with woman's . . . :/

    12.11.12 · Reply
  62. Sarah H. says:

    Considering H&M's clothes are made for toddlers, it makes sense that men's H&M would be appropriately sized for the average woman!

    Sarah's Real Life

    12.11.12 · Reply
  63. Sarah says:

    Great outfit! I love how you combined everything.

    12.11.12 · Reply
  64. Skirt PR says:

    "Be still my heart, be full my wallet" might be our new mantra. Love this post!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  65. Anet H says:

    I get a lot in Target's boys section, a large is like a wms small!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  66. Emma says:

    I figured out the same thing last year when I bought my first plaid shirt in the men's section 😉 I was surprised at how versatile it is and how well it goes with everything else that I own (even the "girly" clothes), so I've advised all of my girlfriends to take a look at either their boyfriend's closet or the men's department at H&M. 

    12.11.12 · Reply
  67. I love the mens section! I just bought a chambray shirt in an XS mens from American Eagle and I am beyond excited to wear it. =)

    12.11.12 · Reply
  68. Haha… Thats amazing! Love the shirt! 

    12.11.12 · Reply
  69. S S_milk says:

    Great outfit! I agree, all this time I never even thought to check out the men's department. I may have to watch my wallet as well! 🙂

    12.11.12 · Reply
  70. Genalpalmieri says:

    Love it love it love it! you have such a great sense of style(:
    xoxo, Gena
    Visit my fashion blog at Pearls,
    Curls, and Uptown Girls

    12.11.12 · Reply
  71. This outfit is so cute! I love the sweater over the top! So cute! 

    12.11.12 · Reply
  72. Biscuitsandnavy says:

    Love this combination!  I love the tote:)

    12.11.12 · Reply
  73. Alyssa says:

    Your fashion blog is one of my favorite reads. You are so funny! And you have style :] Lovely photos. ♥

    Shop Vintage!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  74. AtamAshish Kaur says:

    I love your blog so much! You are so stylish! I started a blog with my sister and we would love for you to check it out! We are also having a $50 gift card giveaway to J.Crew…check it out!

    12.11.12 · Reply
  75. Aubrey Davis says:

    "Be still my heart, be full my wallet." – I'm stealing that. Too cute! … And I love that plaid!  

    12.11.12 · Reply
  76. Kristin says:

    So cute – good to know about H&M men's! I shop in J.Crew men's department for sweatshirts. Even the smallest size is a tad too big, but who doesn't love a roomy sweatshirt?!


    12.11.12 · Reply
  77. Kacie Ellis says:

    I need to start shopping in the mens section 🙂

    12.12.12 · Reply
  78. Donna says:

    Best news ever – Can't wait to hit up the men's section. Score! Thanks Kendi!

    12.12.12 · Reply
  79. Brittany says:

    "Be still my heart, be full my wallet"- I honestly did laugh out loud at that one. Your blog always makes me smile 🙂

    12.12.12 · Reply
  80. ashleigh says:

    I've been doing that for years! I find things like oxford button downs in the men's section, they are more structured and last longer than similar items in the womens departments.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  81. Your hair looks super fantastical might I say!!

    12.12.12 · Reply
  82. Courtney says:

    Such a cute look! I love H&M! I used to live in Italy and that was the best place to shop in Europe….so happy they just opened one in Austin! 


    12.12.12 · Reply
  83. Ashley Taylor says:

    I think the men's section in H&M sometimes have better stuff than the womens! Love this and congrats on your new discovery 😉

    xo Ashley

    12.12.12 · Reply
  84. Fashioningmylife DC says:

    Those shoes are very nice

    12.12.12 · Reply
  85. TheresaTran says:

    I love wearing men's shirts~ Sometimes guys have such nice clothing!! Amazing outfit. (: I love the cardigan as well. Your hair looks gorgeous here!


    12.12.12 · Reply
  86. Raganwesson says:

    that is a great idea, that shirt is AWESOME! I am always on the hunt for a good basic shirt.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  87. I LOVE shopping that men's section at H&M! 


    12.12.12 · Reply
  88. qnrisawesome says:

    I pass by an HM on my way home. Everyday. When they were first displaying sweaters in the window I thought to myself, "Self, those men's sweaters look awfully nice. I bet a men's small will make a great over-sized, boyfriend-esque sweater for you." Alas, I am planning a wedding and have no money so I told myself to shut the hell up.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  89. Elle says:

    What an exciting discovery!!! Love this outfit! Gorgeous!

    xo, elle from Living
    in Color.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  90. Happinessatmidlife says:

    Cute plaid top!  Now I will be checking out the men's dept at H&M and see what possible cute shirts there are for me 🙂


    12.12.12 · Reply
  91. Why the title is men's wear!
    ~ H. Swan
    Architectural Stone

    12.12.12 · Reply
  92. Would have had NO IDEA that was a men's shirt if I didn't read your post. SO cute! You've inspired me to check out the H&M men's section now! Oh no…
    xx Allie

    12.12.12 · Reply
  93. Victoria says:

    It's a great shirt! Doesn't look like a mens at all.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  94. Mica says:

    Love that shirt with the skirt! 🙂 Doesn't look like a mens shirt at all.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  95. Melissa says:

    Hi Kendi! I've been following your blog for a while now. I thought you may get a kick out of the series that I'm working on right now– I'm working on finding 10 days' worth of outfits based around a white blazer I recently bought at H&M. The thing is, I'm living in London for a few months and only have one suitcase to work out of! So some of the outfits are, well, interesting. PLUS I've been borrowing clothes from my husband. So your post today cracked me up!!
    Come on over if you want a few laughs!

    12.12.12 · Reply
  96. Annie says:

    I have the same problem… I call it a problem though and not a talent because I get this weird, glazed over look when I go into a store and immediately tune out anyone I'm with because I'm zooming in on all the possibilities 🙂 You look super cute – that shirt must be glad it was whispering your name!

    Crazy-eyed-shopper (aka Annie)
    The Other Side of Gray

    12.12.12 · Reply
  97. super love the shoes!!!!

    12.12.12 · Reply
  98. Alexandra Ghoman says:

    Ha! This is my LIFE. I finally had to take a public vow via my blog to prevent myself from exclusively wearing menswear – they seriously make their clothes wayyyy more comfortable. not fair. but you look great as always. 
    here's the post i mentioned:

    12.12.12 · Reply
  99. Jennifer Bonds says:

    That is the most perfectly drape-y sweater!

    12.12.12 · Reply
  100. Oh! I love this ensemble. I've tried on men's button downs SO MANY times in the past, and (for whatever reason) won't let myself buy. Consider this post the motivation I needed to get my credit card a swipin'!

    12.12.12 · Reply
  101. Sammy Casey says:


    12.12.12 · Reply
  102. Lauren says:

    Love the idea of wearing a mens shirt from a store like H&M! Will definitely be trying this.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  103. Cynthia123 says:

    Hi, i like your style and the blog. It's given me ideas on different ways to wear things.
    Know what would be great? If you could find looks by the items. E.g. "Jeans", "tees", "minis" etc.

    On a different note, curious as to whether you changed your makeup or clothing choices after you went red. I also recently went from dark brown to burgundy, & could use any tips.Hi, i like your style and the blog. It's given me ideas on different ways to wear things.
    Know what would be great? If you could find looks by the items. E.g. "Jeans", "tees", "minis" etc.

    On a different note, curious as to whether you changed your makeup or clothing choices after you went red. I also recently went from dark brown to burgundy, & could use any tips.

    12.12.12 · Reply
  104. AHeartandSoulStory says:

    I have experienced the same just recently. I wanted to get this cardigan for my man so badly, but he just didn't like it on himself. I tried it just for fun and it just looks so perfect on me. Here we go, men's section!!!

    12.12.12 · Reply
  105. Lauren says:

    I love this look so much!  I will definitely by replicating it soon!

    12.13.12 · Reply
  106. kayceej88 says:

    Cute! I love button-ups but sometimes it's hard to find ones that fit well on a tall girl..So I've been buying men's smalls for a while! J.Crew always has lots of good men's shirts on sale 🙂

    12.13.12 · Reply
  107. i would never have thought to wear a men's shirt! i love the look on you!

    12.13.12 · Reply
  108. Laura Whitman says:

    You look so awesome! I love when I find men's shirts that I can wear. I have a purple flannel that is the most comfy thing ever. Now, you just have to get used to backwards buttons. 🙂


    12.13.12 · Reply
  109. Lucky me, my hubby wears a size small – I pretty much consider all of his shirts fair game all the time. He's less than thrilled about this, but tolerates me. 😀 Oooh, the J Crew plaids…

    12.13.12 · Reply
  110. Andrea Jardine says:

    uuuhh, I need to get on this ASAP! It looks perfect on you too..

    12.13.12 · Reply
  111. Mandy DeTurk says:

    Love this

    12.13.12 · Reply
  112. Kristenbarstad says:

    YES! Target mens button downs are pretty much my everyday wear.  LOVE it.

    12.14.12 · Reply
  113. Alyssa Warner says:

    i'm totally guilty of buying men's xs shirts at h&m. i bought a grey chambray button up and a mint chambray button up from there some time ago, and i probably wear them more than my women's button up shirts from other stores.

    12.14.12 · Reply
  114. Love this look!

    Kate xo

    12.14.12 · Reply
  115. Nat says:

    Nice! Love the whole outfit! 🙂

    XO Nat

    12.17.12 · Reply