Seeing Spots


{Top: H&M | Jeans: Similar | Shoes: Seychelles | Tote: c/o Questhaven}

Would you believe me if I told you that I bought this top the same day I bought this peplum top? I am like a dog with a chew toy when I find a new trend; I just won’t give it up. But it’s just that I like to commit, that’s all. I don’t have a problem, I promise. I can quit peplum’s at anytime.  

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  1. love that top and your shoes!!!
    Sandy a la Mode

    08.24.12 · Reply
  2. Caroline L. says:

    That top has been on the top of my To-Buy list for ages, but I can never find it in my H&M store grr 🙁 Oh well, that just means having to pop in that many more times to search and buying lots of consolation pieces 😉 Love the way you styled this!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  3. emmabasilone says:

    those shoes are HOT! 

    08.24.12 · Reply
  4. Pip says:

    I am really loving your top and shoes! So nice! Have a great weekend! Xx. Pip

    08.24.12 · Reply
  5. Rachel says:

    Love your peplum top and wedges! 🙂

    Rachel’s Lookbook 

    08.24.12 · Reply
  6. Carlee says:

    I love red skinnys. You can't go wrong with them or a peplum top. You hit the nail on the head with this outfit. I love it!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  7. Beth says:

    Don't blame you!
    Peplums are so gorgeous.


    08.24.12 · Reply
  8. Natali Karppinen says:

    Beautiful top and shoes! Your style is very inspiring 🙂

    08.24.12 · Reply
  9. I'm loving the jeans. And the top is pretty cute! 🙂

    08.24.12 · Reply
  10. I love this top I have it too. It rocks! 

    08.24.12 · Reply
  11. ClosetCravings says:

    I like the tote and its functional-everyday style. Plus, it looks like you can fit a lot of girly junk in it. It's always a good when a bag can pretty much go with any outfit too. =)
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

    08.24.12 · Reply
  12. Amy Welch says:

    better to commit than be afraid of committment!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  13. Alissa Futhey says:

    I love this trend so much!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  14. I'm so obsessed with that top. You look beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee 

    08.24.12 · Reply
  15. I love your top!!!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  16. Oh NOOOOOO the polka dots on your shirt MELTED. This is tragic. Perhaps we should start a foundation and collect donations. What will you do with the money we raise? Probably buy more peplum.

    Sarah's Real Life

    08.24.12 · Reply
  17. Emily says:

    So cute, love the top with that cute color of jeans!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  18. Julie Simpson says:

    Love it!!!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  19. that top is absolutely gorgeous, love the print and the way it goes with those jeans. btw, great color.


    08.24.12 · Reply
  20. Supal says:

    I swear the H&M's in FL don't carry any of this stuff! I always have the hardest time finding anything H&M you post on here… this is why I'm glad I'm moving to Europe in 10 days — the motherland of H&M

    08.24.12 · Reply
  21. Emily V says:

    Love the cigarette pants! Cute outfit 🙂

    xx Emily

    08.24.12 · Reply
  22. Nat says:

    Lovely outfit as usual 🙂 Living the top and pants!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  23. Natasha says:

    I've seen another blogger sporting that lovely top. But I can't seem to find it at my local H&M. Maybe it's sold out, or we aren't going to get it in Toronto? Too bad, it's a great top.

    08.24.12 · Reply
  24. Ummm, girl with the same problem here! I think I've bought 5 peplum tops in the last 2 weeks. Including this one!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  25. Sara says:

    I actually just bought this top a few weeks ago! So excited to wear it. Looks great on you!*Enter my giveaway!!*

    08.24.12 · Reply
  26. Kacie Ellis says:

    When you find a trend you love, rock it!!!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  27. Luved the shoes,  so happy amazon carries them! Have ordered because of you 🙂

    08.24.12 · Reply
  28. Flair byBrandi says:

    I love this top! Great look! Take care!


    08.24.12 · Reply
  29. Really cute top. I tried it on at H&M but it didn't fit me quite right.  I might have to go back and make it fit because I love it!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  30. That style of top really makes your legs look LONG — i may have to give it a try!! 🙂

    08.24.12 · Reply
  31. Kate Harvey says:

    Great look! Whenever I click on the links you provide I feel like everything looks much better on you than on the store site! 🙂

    Something Ivory

    08.24.12 · Reply
  32. love the top and the shoes! what can you do, peplum is just so fun!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  33. Demi3 says:

    You've been shoe shopping!! This is about the third or fourth post where I've noticed a fantastic new pair of shoes! I am a shoe fanatic so I am loving all the new looks. Oh, and the peplum top with those gorgeous coral jeans aren't too bad either 😉

    08.24.12 · Reply
  34. Betsy says:


    08.24.12 · Reply
  35. Jacy Tilton says:

    Spots look just perfect with your colored pants and together they make for such a fun outfit!


    08.24.12 · Reply
  36. Jodi Brown says:

    Love it!  Krystin over at had this same look today! LOL! Great fashion minds think alike!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  37. Laura Whitman says:

    Those shoes at are SO amazing. And I don't think you have a problem. Unless being awesome is now a problem. 😛


    08.24.12 · Reply
  38. you always look so amazing in colored denim.  i love your shoes!!!  of course they are Seychelles, my favorite!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  39. Krystin Lee says:

    Hey Girl! Looks like we're blogger twins today 🙂 Love how you styled it!
    xo Krystin

    08.24.12 · Reply
  40. Amy Painter says:

    They have this print in pants too! I was so tempted to get them but I didn't. Unfortunately, no more of this top in my size 🙁 looks great on you though!


    08.24.12 · Reply
  41. Sarahann Noel says:

    Those shoes are PERFECT.

    08.24.12 · Reply
  42. Anita says:

    I love this top, it's so cute, and in fact, the spots remind me of Dalamtians 😉 and of course the Disney movie 😉 
    Beautiful outfit!

    xxx Anita

    08.24.12 · Reply
  43. Megan says:

    The spots remind me of 101 Dalmatians too! No worries, you do not remind me one bit of Cruella DeVille. You'd have to wreck your hair and chainsmoke for 30 years before you even got close to that mess. 

    This outfit is stunning! Love the black/white/red combo 🙂


    08.24.12 · Reply
  44. Heidi says:

    Such a cute top. -Heidi

    08.24.12 · Reply
  45. Gina says:

    Those shoes are amazing!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  46. info says:

    Diggin' the shoes and the veiled reference to 101 Dalmatians : ) 


    08.24.12 · Reply
  47. luckily you won't need to quit… at least not for a while. 

    08.24.12 · Reply
  48. Librarian on the Run says:

    Love this color combo! SO glad you show your labels tag now – I thought your pants were orange!? Now I see they are red! A big "Thank you" for the labels – from the orange/red colorblind librarian 🙂 

    08.24.12 · Reply
  49. wow this is such an incredible outfit, Kendi! love the pop of colour from the pants and the polka dot pattern from your top!

    Drawing Dreaming

    08.24.12 · Reply
  50. If something works for you, why not buy it in every combination possible? I love this printed peplum. 


    08.24.12 · Reply
  51. Grace Huang says:

    very cute, very you~


    08.24.12 · Reply
  52. christen says:

    love the shoes! 


    08.24.12 · Reply
  53. Sydney says:

    I love the way your hair is blowing in the third pic. Cute pants!

    08.24.12 · Reply
  54. I saw that top on a different blog today and I LOVE IT.  I love it because it's peplum (I have an obsession with the trend, too) and because it's $14.95.  $14.95.  I had to write it twice because I almost couldn't believe it.  Note to self: Go to H & M as soon as possible.

    08.24.12 · Reply
  55. I just bought a peplum top from H&M last weekend and I am wearing it today. Peplum maka da world go round. 🙂

    08.24.12 · Reply
  56. Kristin says:

    So cute. I couldn't find that top at the H&M near me 🙁 Love the look!


    08.24.12 · Reply
  57. Nikell says:

    Love the combo! Those shoes are super cute. I'm the same way…when I find a trend I'm stuck on it.

    08.25.12 · Reply
  58. Kayla says:

    Fresh outfit!! That top is great.

    08.25.12 · Reply
  59. Happinessatmidlife says:

    Looking great as always.  I finally took the plunged & bought 2 peplum top yesterday too! I think I need to stop there in case I go over board with this trend.

    BTW, I LOVE you shoes!!

    08.25.12 · Reply
  60. Seekingstyleblog says:

    The peplum top looks great on you!
    xo Jennifer

    08.25.12 · Reply
  61. Amy B. says:

    Love the combo

    08.25.12 · Reply
  62. this outfit it awesome.  (and i'm loving the new layout btw!!!!)

    08.25.12 · Reply
  63. How much does my life suck when I don't live an accessible distance to an H&M? So much. Can we call this "dalmation peplum"? LOVE it. Also, omg, I have worn these shoes before!!!! My sister has them and I borrowed them in Vegas, they are so so so great and also so very out of my price range. I'll add them to my "list of Kendi's clothes that I am jealous of"

    perfectly priya

    08.25.12 · Reply
  64. Teodora says:

    I love "spots" with red. I hope you like this trend a little longer:)


    Teodora's Lookbook


    08.25.12 · Reply
  65. Rach says:

    love the H&M top!


    08.25.12 · Reply
  66. I Love this! My fav! 

    08.25.12 · Reply
  67. Mica says:

    Really like the printed top with the colourful jeans! 🙂

    08.25.12 · Reply
  68. you look so beautiful in this ensamble kendi! 🙂 i absolutely love that top and the colorful jeans! casual yet chic!
    have a great weekend!
    XO Jannine

    08.25.12 · Reply
  69. Linda says:

    We think alike, Miss Kendi! I wore dots and red pants yesterday with brown wedges. Love your Seychelles! Hope you and B had a great time at the clothing show!

    08.25.12 · Reply
  70. Mia says:

    I admire your ability to pull off peplum! Loving the neutral + brights combo.

    08.25.12 · Reply
  71. Absolutely love this outfit and those shoes are amazing. Seychelles make the best shoes.

    xoxo Jessica

    08.25.12 · Reply
  72. Daniela says:

    Love those shoes! 

    08.25.12 · Reply
  73. Jessbroyles says:

    I'm in love with every aspect of this outfit. I was already drooling, and then I got to the shoes, and I give up. No one can be as awesome and stylish as you! 😉

    08.25.12 · Reply
  74. I love it! I actually just bought the skinny pants in the same print. They may be a little less easy to wear than that lovely peplum but I couldn't resist!

    08.25.12 · Reply
  75. Andrea says:

    the shoes are great!

    08.25.12 · Reply
  76. Claire M says:

    Love this top!!! It looks so good with your figure !

    08.25.12 · Reply
  77. Vivian Fan says:

    Those shoes go so well with with those skinny jeans.  Love the look… I'll be sure to look for that peplum top next time I'm at H&M.

    Vivian at

    08.25.12 · Reply
  78. Miranda says:

    I love this outfit! I adore peplum so I have no problem if you wear it constantly 🙂

    08.25.12 · Reply
  79. kendra genevieve rose. says:

    That is such a cute peplum shirt! love it.


    08.25.12 · Reply
  80. Beci24 says:

    LOVE those shoes. Love.

    08.25.12 · Reply
  81. Like, Whatever says:

    great top.  I have that one too.  love the shoes!

    08.25.12 · Reply
  82. I NEED a pair of pants this colour! I also love the subtle peplum of this top, not as hard as some of the others out there.

    Im having a giveaway for a gorgeous necklace if you're interested in having a look.

    08.25.12 · Reply
  83. Thais says:

    Love those wedges! The design is unique.

    08.25.12 · Reply
  84. Kate Tidaback says:

    i have those shoes & totally love them. cute outfit!

    08.25.12 · Reply
  85. Heather says:

    Loving that top!!
    xo Heather

    08.25.12 · Reply
  86. Sara Martin says:

    I was in H&M today, and honestly could've bought the whole store. It looks great on you!

    08.25.12 · Reply
  87. Jaclyn says:

    I don't think you should quit peplums any time soon. You look great in them. Love this outfit, as usual! 

    08.26.12 · Reply
  88. This top fits you so nicely! I tried it on when I was in there and sadly, not so nice. I feel that way about polka dot pants…people can try to pry them from my cold, dead fingers 🙂


    08.26.12 · Reply
  89. Cassandra Too says:

    I like this outfit! The styling between the prints and color of the pants is sooooo cute! 😀 Love it!

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    08.26.12 · Reply
  90. Div says:

    If you were to put an approximate number to the tops, bottoms (jeggings, jeans, trousers etc, not skirts) and shoes that you own, how many would you say?

    08.26.12 · Reply
  91. Ilana says:

    cute peplum top I just got one today can't way to give this style a try!
    xoxo Ilana My Modern Vintage

    08.26.12 · Reply
  92. I saw this top and was about to order it and then I clicked at your blog. =) Nice way to style it.

    08.26.12 · Reply
  93. Beckynally says:

    Kendi~great minds think alike! I literally had a post last week titled Seeing Spots. Mine were of a different kind, but I know what you mean about getting hooked on a trend. And i just bought a shirt like this from J. Crew before reading this. like i said..great minds think alike! So cute!


    08.27.12 · Reply
  94. BelatedBloomer says:

    Very very cute outfit! I've been a recent convert of colored jeans! I bought my first cobalt blue pair. 🙂

    Gosh darn it! I hope it's just the first of many!

    08.27.12 · Reply
  95. Rita says:

    Greetings all the way from Manila, Philippines!  I am Rita and have been following your blog for sometime now.  I work as a college professor and get a lot of helpful tips from you.  Thanks for inspiring your readers and me to always experiment and to look good even if there are times you really don't feel like it…

    08.27.12 · Reply
  96. Yasi B says:

    LOVE that top!!  You look great. 

    Yasi @ Hello, Gorgeous!

    08.27.12 · Reply
  97. Chris says:

    Sure, you COULD quit peplums at any time, but as GOOD as they look on you , why would you?

    08.27.12 · Reply
  98. vnssa906 says:

    Oh this shirt! I've drooled over it on my H&M app but haven't been able to find it at any NYC store. Damn these fashionable New Yorkers! Lol

    08.27.12 · Reply
  99. Jacquelyn Giardina says:

    so in love with this top!

    xo Jackie…livingaftermidnite

    08.27.12 · Reply
  100. Anna@happymedley says:

    Love Love Love this outfit! 

    I'm going to wear a similar combination only with skirt… Thanks for inspiration

    08.27.12 · Reply
  101. Peplums here, Peplums there, I love that peplums are everywhere!

    08.27.12 · Reply
  102. Kelly Reynolds says:

    I have that top too (and the dress and pants version…)! obsessedddddd.

    08.28.12 · Reply
  103. Emerly says:

    Love the outfit, but what I REALLY want to know is, what lipstick are you wearing?? Please divulge! Perfect red for you!

    08.29.12 · Reply
  104. Andrea says:

    I love the whole look, especially the shoes!!! Those are awesome. And, I too love the peplum trend!

    08.30.12 · Reply