Black and White


{Top: Old Navy | Skirt: Similar | Sandals: Target | Bag: Similar (Gap circa 2009)}

If you are thinking, ‘man, I’ve got to get a white maxi skirt’ I’m going to stop you. It took me all of 12 months to figure out another way to wear this skirt again. First time with grey, next with black. Ingenious. I’ve tried a lot of tops in my closet with this skirt and for some reason, it’s quite hard to mix in. I think it’s the fit more than the color, but still. Or maybe I should encourage you to get a white maxi skirt — then I can steal ideas from you. 

Did you hear that? Everyone needs a white maxi skirt, STAT. 

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  1. Sara says:

    This is so cute! Glad you finally found something to wear with it! I can understand feeling like you have a simple piece that will go with anything…and it doesn't. Haha Very cute!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  2. Tracie says:

    I bought a white jersey knit maxi skirt last year and I love it! I pair it with black, teals, blues, bright colors in general.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  3. I have a grey skirt that I have no idea what to do with it either. Wore it once with a white tee.  Almost wore it again today with a different white tee.  FAIL.  Love that old navy top, it surprisingly looks fancy!

    xoxo Jessica

    08.07.12 · Reply
  4. Jessica R says:

    Kendi you are so funny, but I won't be getting a white maxi skirt until I grow about 4-5 more inches. I've been following you forever, and the new blog design is cute!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  5. Heidi says:

    I have a red maxi skirt that I cannot find a single thing to go with it and I do think it is the fit and not the color. This one is cute and I like the black and white. -Heidi

    08.07.12 · Reply
  6. Carrie says:

    You styled it perfectly!
    Style in the City

    08.07.12 · Reply
  7. Kate Harvey says:

    Very cute! Maxi skirts in general can be hard to wear, I find….they can look baggy without the right top. You did a beautiful job with this outfit!

    Something Ivory

    08.07.12 · Reply
  8. Iris says:

    I love the combination of neutrals. I want to wear a white skirt on Friday for my birthday and am having trouble coming up with a great shirt combo… maybe it's a white skirt thing not a white maxi skirt thing.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  9. Hannah says:

    I made a white maxi skirt and I feel like I have the same issue!!! 
    p.s. love how you changed up your blog! 
    xo Hannah

    08.07.12 · Reply
  10. You look so chic and elegant! I love the skirt. You convinced me right away! Now I need a white maxi skirt. But what could I pair it with…?

    08.07.12 · Reply
  11. This looks so easy & comfortable, but totally chic.  Love lightweight maxis like this for summer 🙂

    08.07.12 · Reply
  12. Jackie Saffert says:

    I love the simplicity of this outit!  It's so pretty and it looks so effortless!  And okay fine, I'll go out and buy a white maxi skirt as soon as possible.  Just because you said so.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  13. Chaz says:

    Cute, cute outfit! You look like a chic traveler! I feel your pain on the skirt. I have a purple one that I'm struggling with right now…

    08.07.12 · Reply
  14. Amanda says:

    Hi, can I have your closet? Your outfit is perfect.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  15. Mia says:

    I have the same problem with my white skirt. It's also not quite maxi length (tea length?) so I feel weird pairing it with almost anything, haha… Maybe it's the color, too?


    08.07.12 · Reply
  16. Natali Karppinen says:

    Very beautiful and comfortable combination. 
    I like your belt and sandals very much 🙂

    08.07.12 · Reply
  17. Love this combo!  Black and white, who knew?!

    You look gorgeous! 

    08.07.12 · Reply
  18. Zadin says:

    White goes very good with brown and sea-foam green.

    Like here: A passion for brown…

    08.07.12 · Reply
  19. Loving the neutrals Kendi! Isn't it funny how sometimes it's the simple items that are hardest to wear? You look beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia

    08.07.12 · Reply
  20. That looks so cool! How about with plain white tee and a crazy belt? 

    08.07.12 · Reply
  21. KK @BSMMH says:

    Haha…your post makes me laugh because I have a white skirt that I thought was going to be a piece of cake to style…and I've worn it like twice in a year. It's so much harder than it looks! You rock the white maxi super well though…and that does not look like an easy piece to get right. Work it, girl!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  22. Anita says:

    A very beautiful outfit! Great done, well but I can imagine that the skirt may be not easy to combine, the fit looks quite well "wide, loose and casual" – but it looks wonderful with the black top! 

    xxx anita

    08.07.12 · Reply
  23. Genie says:

    I really like this laid back outfit! I have a mermaid style maxi skirt, and it is so hard to find a way to wear it without looking like I dressed myself with my eyes shut. I'll get there one day, in the meantime, I think I'll just steal your take on the white maxi. 


    08.07.12 · Reply
  24. AlissaBurton says:

    i can't seem to find any maxi skirt that i think looks flattering on me/that i like. i just came around to maxi dresses–but you look great here! great look 🙂

    alissa b

    08.07.12 · Reply
  25. shelly says:

    Loving the new layout of your site, btw! 🙂

    08.07.12 · Reply
  26. bf+v says:

    oh way to go, kendi.  i've been saying this for months, YEARS and now watch…you say it and everyone and their uncle goes and buys a white maxi skirt.  on a more positive note…i approve of this.  and i know how much that means to you.  so…i win. 

    08.07.12 · Reply
  27. Ellie Kornexl says:

    Love the new look of the blog!  And the honesty in the post.  I won't(will) buy a white maxi!  (maybe)

    08.07.12 · Reply
  28. Love this neutral look.  Very classy.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  29. MissD says:

    Very pretty as always. I'm scared of maxi skirts and maxi clothes. I'm a small girl. I'm not sure if I can pull it off. But someday I will try….

    08.07.12 · Reply
  30. Anna@happymedley says:

    I have this skirt and only wore it ONCE too… I wore it with a read top but feel like with such a puffy skirt the top should be fitted…

    08.07.12 · Reply
  31. Lillian says:

    I have this same skirt and I wear it with a v-neck tee tied in a knot just below the waist with the skirt sitting at my natural waist.  I find it gives me some definition at the waist but lets the shirt be loose around the shoulders.  After seeing this I'm imagining it with a cobalt, sheer, button up tank I have… You look adorable so I'll have to give it a try!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  32. pretty little fawn says:

    I have one that I've never worn! You've inspired me to dig mine out of the back of my closet now! And I just did an outfit post from Griffith Park, lots of vintage and dresses, stop by my blog and have a look if you like!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  33. love it! you look gorgeous, kendi.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  34. Sarah says:

    So simple, but so pretty. 🙂

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  35. Cuuutieeee patootie. Also, your feet being reversed but not being able to see your legs threw me for a loop there..

    08.07.12 · Reply
  36. christen says:

    I like this look. oh and the new blog look! fab!


    08.07.12 · Reply
  37. I hear you loud and clear!  My bank account, however, does not.  >insert sad face<

    08.07.12 · Reply
  38. Carlee says:

    I think you look lovely in this outfit. I am sorry it is hard to find stuff to wear with it! That isn't good at all. But still you look great as always.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  39. Rachel says:

    Such a pretty look 🙂

    08.07.12 · Reply
  40. Haha, I hate it when that happens! I wear a lot of bold colours, & love wearing my white maxi skirt with them- try wearing it with teal & orange, for example? Or maybe navy blue & purple? Or even the simple classic of red & black? If you're worried about the cut/ fit, maybe try tucking in slim-fit tops, into the skirt? =]

    08.07.12 · Reply
  41. Joyce says:

    super cute black and white outfit!  some items of clothing are a little weird… super cute, but hard to mix it into a complete outfit… but you did a great job here!!  love it!!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  42. TheresaTran says:

    LOVE. I love maxi skirts, and this is such a great outfit! (: very cute.


    08.07.12 · Reply
  43. rose eva says:

    Gorgeous look! I have lookalikes of nearly everything but that skirt, so I'm super tempted 😛

    Rose Eva

    08.07.12 · Reply
  44. Alison says:

    I love your conniving mind. White on the bottom can be difficult to style, thank goodness it's only ok to wear it during the summer.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  45. Andrea says:

    You look great. I love your Old Navy blouse and it looks great paired with the white maxi skirt. 🙂
    xo Andrea

    08.07.12 · Reply
  46. michaela says:

    so simple and cute!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  47. Bre Clifford says:

    Cute, I like it! 
    I bought a white maxi skirt years ago and have worn it maybe five times. You make it look easy to mix up! 

    08.07.12 · Reply
  48. Tiffany M says:

    I really need a white maxi skirt, I just know I'll ruin it though so I keep holding off. Love the belt!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  49. K Bernatovic says:
    08.07.12 · Reply
  50. Kristina Villaruz says:

    Visiting from Steppin' Out Saturdays! New Follower here 🙂


    08.07.12 · Reply
  51. Librarian on the Run says:

    I love the white maxi skirt – but DANG! I'd be so afraid that I'd get it dirty…or step on it and THEN make it dirty…. How about something nautical on top? White with navy stripes? I always think of navy/white stripes when I see a white bottom 🙂  Love the new design to the site, Kendi!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  52. Librarian on the Run says:

    OH! Or chambray? I think you've done chambray and white jeans – or maybe I've just seen that on Pinterest…. hmm. 

    08.07.12 · Reply
  53. Bethany Gilbert says:

    White maxi skirt? You are brave, woman. Or maybe I am just super pathetic? 

    08.07.12 · Reply
  54. Carly says:

    I'm laughing so hard because when you posted your original white maxi skirt outfit with the gray top – I IMMEDIATELY went on the Gap website and bought the same exact one….and I've worn it once.  I can't style it to save my life!  And ironically I tried wearing it today…..and topped it with a basic black top as well.  Hardest piece EVER to wear for no good reason.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  55. You read my mind! I want that skirt! No matter how hard it is to pair with tops… I'll just make black and gray tops with that skirt my uniform.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  56. Jessbroyles says:

    I love the cognac accents! I know how it feels to only wear a skirt twice in a whole year – I just posted on this! The. worst.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  57. Ooh! Sexy new site?! And I love that belt breaking up the colours 🙂

    08.07.12 · Reply
  58. Mica says:

    I really like this with the tan accessories 🙂

    I had a white maxi skirt once – again, so hard to find things to wear it with, most colours looked to harsh against it. Ended up donating it as whenever I did wear it it never looked quite right, and of course I'd get it dirty 😛

    08.07.12 · Reply
  59. Rebecca says:

    I'm soo obsessed currently with maxi skirts….& this is no exception!  Totally a perfect summer uniform!


    08.07.12 · Reply
  60. Kristin says:

    I can see how that'd be hard to style. My problem would probably be keeping it clean, though.


    08.07.12 · Reply
  61. Kacie Ellis says:

    I was worth the wait because it's a great outfit!

    08.07.12 · Reply
  62. Christi Alvarado says:

    Blue, blue and white is fantastic. At least that's what I like 🙂

    08.07.12 · Reply
  63. Kat says:

    Love this maxi! And yes I agree… white is hard on a maxi.

    08.07.12 · Reply
  64. kendra genevieve rose says:

    That is such a pretty skirt, but i agree that it might be hard since it is white!
    nevertheless, you look adorable!

    08.08.12 · Reply
  65. Ellie12 says:

    Loving this skirt! I have been looking for a white maxi skirt for a long time! 🙂

    08.08.12 · Reply
  66. i love this outfit of yours!!!!

    08.08.12 · Reply
  67. Sarah says:

    love the Old Navy blouse! I already have it in yellow and light green, they're so versatile! I think you have the wrong link for it though…here's the right one, if it helps! 

    I love what you do – keep up the great blog! 🙂

    08.08.12 · Reply
  68. Marissa says:

    Oh if only i was brave enough to own a white skirt. Looks great on you Kendi!

    08.08.12 · Reply
  69. ellen says:

    very cute!

    08.08.12 · Reply
  70. julia martin says:

    wow, your hair was so long back then!

    is the skirt see-through ?  that would be a major deterrent to a white skirt…


    08.08.12 · Reply
  71. Kayla says:

    I love this outfit. It's a great mix of super simple pieces. Totally attainable. Love it.

    08.08.12 · Reply
  72. Seekingstyleblog says:

    You are the queen of the maxis 🙂
    xo Jennifer

    08.08.12 · Reply
  73. Shybak says:

    I think this skirt is kind of the Halley's Comet of your closet.  It doesn't pass through very often, but it's pretty spectacular.  I love both outfits you've posted in it.  Also, thanks for the great SNL video…it was new to me and definitely made me giggle.

    08.08.12 · Reply
  74. Happinessatmidlife says:

    So simple & chic!  I don't own a white maxi and if I did – it would probably be so dirty before I leave the house. It never fails white = mess.


    08.08.12 · Reply
  75. I love how you styled it!!  That belt is awesome!

    08.08.12 · Reply
  76. Melanie says:

    When in doubt, go for basic black and white.  Classic, and never fails to make me feel quite Audrey-esque {My Fair Lady when Eliza's at Ascot, anyone?}.

    Love that other comment about it being like Hailey's Comet – quite right.

    Style to Stage

    08.08.12 · Reply
  77. kate says:

    Cute!! I love those shoes.

    08.08.12 · Reply
  78. Amy says:

    Love the outfit! I love my white maxi!


    Leopard and Lillies

    08.08.12 · Reply
  79. Bettina says:

    Hahaha, yeah white isn't always the most optimal color on me. I'm thinking if I do a maxi it'll be a dress versus skirt because then I'd feel like I'd wear it more with vests and tied shirts, but I guess I could do that with skirt too, so hmmm going to have to give that some more thought

    08.08.12 · Reply
  80. Whitney Sherrell says:

    I bought this skirt from GAP, as well. I have yet to wear it. It just hangs on my clothing rack; it taunts me. lol I like what you did here. Permission to borrow? 🙂


    08.08.12 · Reply
  81. Nadyagita says:

    perfect match of black and white, so lovely 🙂


    08.08.12 · Reply
  82. Lizelle says:

    I love your blog for real. So witty.

    08.08.12 · Reply
  83. Alyssa Loring says:

    Too funny – I put on a gray maxi skirt this morning and ended up changing (into a navy 3/4 length "maxi") because I couldn't figure out what to wear with the gray one. Love that top!

    Alyssa @

    08.08.12 · Reply
  84. Caroline L. says:

    Haha, things that are easy to match in theory but not in reality are so pesky! I feel ya! (But great job on this look!)

    08.08.12 · Reply
  85. Mindy says:

    Your outfits are always so simple and chic! I love this!

    08.08.12 · Reply
  86. Claudia says:

    That is such a cute outfit! The way you styled it looks like you are on vacation in a tropical place. Have you tried it with a brown ribbed tank and gold jewelry? Or with a white tank and a bold turquoise necklace? That's how I would wear it if they ever would make one in my length.
    I love your blog!

    08.08.12 · Reply
  87. I love this outfit and you look amazing! So clean, simple and so chic xoxo

    08.08.12 · Reply
  88. kristian satterlee says:

    I love my white maxi skirt, but its really more a cream than white, I suppose and fits differently. 

    Nonetheless, you look so stunning and put-together in this while still radiating a casualness to it. Rather like magazine models do, really.

    08.08.12 · Reply
  89. molly says:

    same skirt. same problem! I'm think I'm more afraid of getting it dirty taking public transit to work than having trouble pairing it with something….

    08.08.12 · Reply
  90. Katie Dosen says:

    I love your arrows pointing to each article.

    08.08.12 · Reply
  91. Ok, you've convinced me to buy that Old Navy top. 


    08.08.12 · Reply
  92. Lindsey Young says:

    Love the black and white combo! I have that same shirt from ON and it is on heavy rotation with some of my other summer favorites! 

    08.08.12 · Reply
  93. IW says:

    Your so cute! I LOVE that you update your blog so often, please DON'T stop 🙂

    08.08.12 · Reply
  94. Cristina says:

    A chambray top would look great also!

    08.09.12 · Reply
  95. I've been wanting a white maxi.  Definitely checking out the one you linked to!

    08.09.12 · Reply
  96. Captured by fashion says:

    Your blog is very nice 🙂 
    Do you follow me? Thanks 🙂

    08.09.12 · Reply
  97. Megan says:

    Well, maybe you've only shown it to us twice, but I LOVE the classic black/white/tan combo…you just can't go wrong with it!  Looks fab!

    08.09.12 · Reply
  98. Hannah says:

    Haha, I am cracking up because I wore something almost exactly like this the other day: same blouse but in white, and a blue maxi skirt. Great minds, right?


    08.11.12 · Reply