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5.21.12c{Tee: Anthro | Skirt: Same or Similar | Sandals: Blowfish Shoes }
I’m wearing a lot of trends right now. Ombre, stripes, maxi skirt. For when you can’t pick just one, right? 
My hair looks kind of long in the last picture. I didn’t realize that the growing out stage would happen so quickly. I don’t remember it growing this quickly the last time I cut it off a few years back. Fact: hair grows more when you forget about it. To cut again or let it grow? That is the question. 

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  1. l.O.V.E. that grey maxi!

    05.22.12 · Reply
  2. Ritika says:

    Love the shade of your t-shirt.. Great look. Cheers.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  3. Grow 😉

    05.23.12 · Reply