Leopard Bottom Jeans

2.16.12d{Similar Shirt, Jeans, Clutch, Heels}
Well I’m back in town and $30 lighter from, sadly, the penny slots. I didn’t dare to really gamble, because let’s be honest — I’ve got chump written all over me.
 So I picked up these jeans at Target a few weeks back for $23 (yes for less than my Vegas loss). After seeing these in all of my magazines, I knew I had to find me a pair.  Although completely smitten with the idea of wearing leopard print on over 60% of my body, I wasn’t convinced that I could pull them off.  But for $20 (and a bag of Sour Patch Kids) I thought why not? I’ll try any trend for around $20. You can quote me on that. 

  • http://thecaffeinatedcloset.blogspot.com/ Melina

    lovely! very daring pants…and you totally pulled them off. only you could wear leopard pants and make a classic outfit out of them!


  • birdflygood

    Heck yes. The pants look sort of gray in the photo too, which I like!

    • http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/ Kendi Lea

      These actually are the grey ones! I tried the brown on but I just couldn’t make them work. :)

  • Iliketodressup

    you rockin dem jeans gurl 

  • http://simplychicforcheap.wordpress.com/ SimplyChic

    love the oversized clutch and those shoes are just plain fabulous! :-)

    xo jeanette

  • http://becomingrefined.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    The ease of this outfit is great, love the pops of color that you added with the shoes and clutch.


  • instantphoebe

    Kendi, what lipstick are you wearing? I love it!

  • http://fashionforsanity.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    This look is insanely fabulous. Love the denim on leopard denim.

  • Guest

    Way to work the leopard jeans! I was really hoping that with the leopard bottom jeans, you’d be wearing boots with the fur.


    – Katelyn

  • http://www.dearmckenzie.com/ Mariah

    Looks great! I am loving that things that seemed to out of place before are falling beautifully in style. 

  • http://butterflylovessnapdragons.blogspot.com/ Katie

    I’m pretty sure I could never pull off those pants-but they look so great on you! I love the way you styles them too-by keeping the rest of your outfit simple. So fun!

  • Elle

    Oh my gosh, Kendi!!! How crazy! I most definitely wore this same exact outfit yesterday! Leopard skinnies, denim shirt, and red michael kors heels! How funny! It makes me feel good about my style though, because you chose to wear it as well :) love your blog- thanks for sharing! Check out mine if you have some time! I will be posting my twin outfit sometime soon!

  • molly @ urban nester

    I am OBSESSED with that envelope clutch. It’s so cute, Kendi! I love this entire look!


  • Maureen

    Lookin’ good, mama! $20 well spent!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YW5PQBGR2NFRQPBZBKLY7OBX3M Gabby

    Only you can pull this off! 

  • Crossranch

    You’re welcome to come to Lovejoy Leopards football game in those!

    • http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/ Kendi Lea


  • http://sarastrauss.blogspot.com/ Sara Strauss

    You look fantastic! I love this look!!

  • http://thecupcakedictionary.blogspot.com/ jocee

    those are the coolest jeans ever! love it! :))
    -jocee <3

  • http://neonrattail.com/ Neon Michelle

    Love those jeans! Any excuse to add some leopard into an outfit and I’m there. What a good deal too!

  • Lizzie

    So ever since I over-did the whole leopard print thing while being a “rebellious punk rocker” in high school, I never thought I could look at a pair of leopard print pants again without gaging. BUT you have broke the spell, I am now convinced that they can look amazing if done right :) What a great look Kendi! <3


  • Mrs. Baker

    I like it! too bad about the penny slots :( haha!

  • http://newyorkatheart.blogspot.com/ Molly

    so jealous you found those at Target.. recently bought a pair that look similar that are Joe’s and were sadly not $23 :(( 

    • http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/ Kendi Lea

      But I bet they are adorable, so money well spent. :) I was just too much of a scaredy cat to try them out for much more than that. 

  • Kar Beth

    I love your shirt. If there is a way you can ship me one from your shop can you email me at kbhigh2u(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know? Thanks!!!

  • Casey

    I’m going to target for these tomorrow.
    Ugh Kendi, quit spending my money, wudja?

    in the Poodle Shoes

  • Laura Whitman

    Your clutch is fantastic!! 



  • http://www.trendyteal.blogspot.com/ Linda

    Awesome leopard print bottoms! Ha, you definitely rocked them. Your long legs just make them look better :)
    Love the bright pop of color on your feet <3


  • http://www.thegirlieblog.com/ Girlie Blogger

    Those pants are fantastic.

  • http://www.rubygirlblog.com/ Ruby Girl

    PERFECT outfit! xoxo <3 http://www.rubygirlblog.com

  • http://amyfashionblog52.blogspot.com/ Amy

    cute outfit

  • http://www.michellesstylefile.blogspot.com/ Michelle’s Style File

    Those jeans are fabulous!


  • TheresaTran

    I love the jeans!!! Denim shirts are my favorite. (: Lovely look!


  • Thrifted Shift

    I would definitely be more willing to try the leopard pants trend if there was a bag of sour patch kids involved!

  • Maddy and Kenzie

    This is great! I love the pop of red!

  • http://advicefromatwentysomething.com/ Amanda Holstein

    Love the pop of color with the shoes and your lipstick! Great look!


  • http://alexintransition.tumblr.com Alex A.

    hah! you just made me crave Sour Patch Kids! =D

  • Elegantly Academic

    I’m not quite brave enought to try leopord print (in fact any animal print), but they look fabo on you!

    Kelly @ Elegantly Academic

  • http://www.andrea-clare.blogspot.com/ AndreaClare

    they look great on you!!


  • http://twitter.com/kaitlin4879 Kaitlin Mattingly

    im so totally in love with those amazing jeans. i can’t believe they are from target!
    and i love that you added the red shoes.
    so darling

    xo kaitlin

  • http://keepcalmandcarrylipstick.com/ Sarah

    Can’t believe those are from Target! I’m gonna have to get myself a pair. Love them on you!


  • Jenna Labisi

    very  cute!

  • http://megalivingg.blogspot.com/ pavani reddy

    very sophisticated look kendi….

  • Brandi

    Perfect! looks great on you!


  • http://www.halfwayheroine.blogspot.com/ Lindsey

    I am so enamored with printed jeans right now…I have got to get my hands on a pair! 

    Now I’m thinking of other $20 trends to try….

    XOXO, Lindsey

  • Amanda

    Love your clutch! Leopard is favorite of mine!

    Check out my blog:http://amandagrisham.blogspot.com/Amanda

  • Dani Shapiro

    These look just as magnificent as the Current Elliot pair! I may or may not NEED them.

    Fabulous as always, Ms. Kendi! :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/jenniferreneeklein Jennifer Klein

    I snagged them in both colors! They look fab on you.

  • Kayla

    I’m always saying I will try any fashion trend once. =) I’m not that adventurous, except with fashio!

  • Iep209

    Wow $23 thats a steal! Im glad you went for it they look super edgy!

     lots of love from,www.eelsayasi.com

  • Absurdlypeculiar

    i don’t  really gamble either…i know i would just lose all my dinero.
    your outfit looks fabulous and you got a great deal on those pants!


  • http://sampzandsuch.blogspot.com/ Sampada

    You definitely pulled those pants off…and that was a good move pairing those awesome shoes with those pants :)



  • http://www.shoppingcuresall.blogspot.com/ bloggirl

    Love the heels, the clutch, and the whole ensemble;)  I’m usually not a fan of printed bottoms but you rock these quite well…

  • Jaana

    gosh i have seen those pants at target and never though ANYONE could pull them off.  i stand corrected!

  • Hattitude

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    i looooove the leopard print pants. those are fantabulousssssss
    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  • http://lacouturette.blogspot.com/ Ishea

    I never could have guessed that those jeans would look so good! You styled them up perfectly!

  • Paula Tasker

    I love this look. I’m with you, I love leopard and these jeans but I have a good pair of thighs and not sure I could pull them off….shame we don’t have Target in the UK…..might have to search Primark and the likes for a pair of these! x

  • http://www.raspberriesinwinter.blogspot.com/ Louise, Raspberries In Winter

    I love the way your shoes match your lipstick, it looks great!

  • http://www.papermoonsandmacarons.blogspot.com/ Aliya

    Great look! Love the denim shirt!

    x Aliya

  • http://www.knowingkelly.com Kelly

    And you pull them off wonderfully! Great job – I love it with the chambray shirt & pops of colour.

  • http://www.styletutor.net Jennifer

    I just picked up these leopard pants too! They are such a great deal. Love the way you styled them!

  • http://angeladissected.blogspot.com/ Angela Dissected

    But you pulled them off flawlessly :)


  • emmabasilone

    Now I am going to have to go get them, I sat there staring at them yesterday going “should I” and now I am wasting even more time/money having to drive back to target. 

    You are rocking them, hope I will too soon!


  • http://schoolmarmstyle.blogspot.com thriftyschoolmarm

    I’ve been eyeing them myself, but I think I’m going to wait until they restock the candy colored ones instead.

  • Adie Andrews

     Even though I got serious prejudices for leopard prints I should say that this combination looks great on you. Greets short let london

  • http://www.pearlsandpaws.blogspot.com/ Hsboschke30

    Yeahhhhh, I’m still not sure how I feel about printed denim, but I love your shoes!


  • http://www.natashafatah.blogspot.com/ Natasha Fatah

    You are definitely wearing those jeans well! I love that you kept the top neutral, it keeps it nice and understated, and the shoes give the colour and added playfulness. It’s a tricky trend, and you’ve done it well.


  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    Those jeans look great on you! I love how you have styled them :)


  • http://gennyalexander.typepad.com/ Genny

    This is a very Nat-the-Fat-Rat kinda outfit, Kendi (which I mean as an absolute compliment to both of you). Fantastic!

  • http://yupthatsmymama.blogspot.com/ Keesha

    Yes to all of this! 

  • Anna Rose

    Love those pants!! You totally rock them : )

    xx Anna Rose

  • http://www.ashleymsheppard.wordpress.com/ Ashleymsheppard

    your blog is my favorite fashion blog to read. you crack me up every post. you do a great job at mixing humor and fashion!!

  • http://www.pennypincherfashion.com/ Kimberly

    I just saw these skinnies at Target the other day and was wondering how they fit…love that you paired them with chambray & the POC shoes! :)

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/14828312803649654665 Erleene

    Oh yeah! Bought mine 2 days ago! Great price!

  • http://passengerseatperspectives.blogspot.com/ Jenn

    You could pretty much rock anything, Kendi! Love the pants with the shoes!



  • Jessalyn Halsted

    Meow.  Looking awesome.


  • GreetingsfromTexas

    You styled them perfectly…..at least for a chump anyway. =) Happy Friday!

  • Danielle H

    gasp! I just picked these up at target this past weekend and wore them today too! love them with the chambray, nice!

  • http://www.tinacious.me/ Tinacious Me
  • marina miouprincess

    you look very pretty in them! love your shoes,too!

  • http://babesinthriftland.blogspot.com Babes in Thriftland

    As soon as I saw that title I started singing “leopard bottom jeans, boots with the fuuuur.”

  • Houseofavandan

    I’m liking those target jeans!


  • http://www.yorkavenublog.com/ Jackie-York Avenue

    I love your button-down! Looks like the perfect chambray top.

  • http://www.alwaysmaylee.com/ Always Maylee

    Looks great on you!


  • Twoshoppermoms.blogspot.com

    Awesome outfit!

  • http://www.mystylevita.com Jessica Camerata

    They surprisingly look good on you!  And hope you had a great time in Vegas! 
    xoxo Jessica

  • http://sheaccessorizeswell.blogspot.com/ Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

    I think you pulled it off quite nicely. Love the touch of the red shoes.

  • http://moodygirlinstyle.blogspot.com/ Natasha @ Moody Girl

    I love the leopard jeans and the clutch.  I’m going to go to Target this weekend to try on a pair.  Thanks for the styling inspiration!

  • Marin

    You can pull off any trend no matter what it is and make it looked put together.  Love it.

  • Hannah

    Those jeans are from target? I thought they were from current/elliot! Great find


  • FashionistArg

    i love this outfit! that was a $20 well invested! and i really like how you paired it with a lil pop of color on the heels and the lips! 
    oh and i´m also a penny slots person! lucky me, the time i was in vegas my smart bf played some Texas Holdem and with the good $160 he won i scored half of it! what a lovely guy, right?


  • Thebowmans3412

    Wowo!  I saw these in Target and hanging on the rack they looked hideous, but you have styled them so well!  I love it.  I may go buy myself a pair now!

  • Kristin

    I LOVE them.  I’ve never pictured myself in leopard print anything, but you really make me wanna try!

  • http://otherthantheweather.blogspot.com/ ag.

    I actually adore this outfit! I would never picture myself in that much leopard either but I suddenly want to get everything you’re wearing in this outfit  – you’ve convinced me it would look great!! 

  • http://www.wearaboutsblog.com/ Wear Abouts

    3rd time i’ve seen these jeans on the blogosphere this week…you win, of course!! <3


  • Drunkonstyle

    Your outfit is perfect! It’s daring, but still has a casual feel :) Great x


  • Sammi

    I just started found your blog! Love it!!!

    You really pull off the leopard well! Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls and now Parenthood). You remind me of her character Lorelai too with your witty semantics. Or maybe I’ve just been watching too many reruns…??? 

  • http://adailydoseoflou.blogspot.com/ Lindsay

    Love the outfit and I gotta say, your hair looks great straight and at this length!

  • Candida

    Love the outfit! And now I’m even more excited to receive my leopard print Target jeans in the mail (i bought both colors). :)

  • http://twitter.com/CardiganNotReqd Ryan Szuwalski

    Those are from Target! Great find! 


  • Jjanga

    I am in love with this outfit! You pull it off so well and you look great!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • http://rebeccalately.blogspot.com/ Rebecca Lately

    A $23 well spent!

  • http://jenplusjohn.blogspot.com/ Jen C

    Lookin’ good girl!  That second picture?  MeOW!  I’m really liking these pants with the print being slightly muted.  And I love that you paired it all with the orange shoes.  Nicely done once again!  

  • http://www.butshoppingmakesmehappy.blogspot.com/ KK @butshoppingmakesmehappy

    You are rocking those pants, girl! Love it! 


  • Darilperry

    I LOVE those jeans!! This outfit is great!  I immediately clicked the link and bought a pair myself.  I can’t wait to get them!! Thanks for the tip :)

  • http://www.myhereandnowlife.com/ Jessica @ Here&Now

    so funny – i just picked up these jeans last week and wrote a post on it here http://myhereandnowlife.blogspot.com/2012/02/leopard-save.html
    you look fab! good to hear you had a great time in Vegas

  • Dilyn Duffey

    have you seen this post??

    you guys are so smart thinking of chambray! i never would have thought to pair that with the leopard! so cool.

  • Rachel Swinkey

    You ARE perfection!

  • http://pennilesssocialite.blogspot.com/ Tara_St

    I saw those jeans in Target and hesitated.  I think I might go back and snag them.


    Penniless Socialite

  • Missvolleyballchic21

    I’ll admit, I wouldn’t on any given day, wear leopard pants. But after seeing how you paired them with a bright shoe and made the outfit work, I’m reconsidering.

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/01684479038595986100 Andrea

    I saw these at Target too! They look super cute on you.


  • http://dancingwithashley.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    Looks great!  Esp with those shoes!~

  • http://twosixandcounting.blogspot.com Liz (26 and Counting)

    After seeing you pull off skinny leopard pants I am convinced there isn’t anything you can’t wear/do.

  • http://www.erinscurrentlycoveting.com/ Erin Haberman

    I’ve been seeing those awesome target jeans pop up all over the place, I wish I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair!


  • http://www.zlittle.com Zlittle Style

    aaw those cute jeans. Love leopard. i think i want to get one for me.

  • elbrooklyntaco

    I love this look! Thanks for featuring budget-friendly options all the time. 

  • http://sparkleisacolor.blogspot.com/ Katrina

    I almost bought these the other day! I hesitated and now you’ve convinced me. Target, here I come.

  • Alison Deering

    I totally bought these jeans at Target too! I actually snagged them when I was swept up in all the Jason Wu madness that morning – I may have blacked out a little and just started grabbing anything within reach. They’re a way more affordable option than those Current Elliot ones I keep seeing everywhere. Love them on you!


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5WR6OMOBMFGUORFLNFHHYQLDM Emily

    I remember seeing these in Target and thinking that there was no way I could make them work….

    Yet you pull them off! How, Kendi? Seriously, you could make a brown paper bag work…which, really, I’m waiting for you to debut. Sometime soon, hopefully? :)


  • http://www.vintageinspiredpassionista.com Abby Hat.

    I just love your blog! You are so funny and pick out great outfits! Everytime i get my email saying you posted a new blog i get a little excited! Haha love it girl! Keep up the great work!

  • http://stylishsass.blogspot.com/ TAKippy

    I will try any trend for Sour Patch Kids. 

  • http://barefootandvintage.wordpress.com/ bf+v

    meeee oooooow.  i’m a sour patch watermelon fan, myself. 

  • Crystin01

    I love your makeup in this picture, Kendi. And you pull off those pants pretty well!!!


  • http://27bre.blogspot.com/ Bre Clifford

    Sour patch kids can a girl do crazy things! Lucky for you in worked your favor. I think you look cute. 
    When I read your title I automatically started sining “Leopard print bottoms. Boots with the fur.” LOL

  • Annie

    When I read the title of this post, all I could think of is that rap song that has “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur (with the fur!)” in it.  And then I started singing it with “leopard print jeans, boots with the fur (with the fur!).”  I like your version better.  Love this outfit!

  • http://newpetite.blogspot.com/ New Petite

    fun pants and love your shoes!

  • http://krystynfrye.wordpress.com/ Krystyn @ Ever Midsummer

    So sassy and sweet! Not to bite your style but I’m totally going to flee now to Target and pick up a pair!

  • Sarah

    Money well spent.

  • Sarah

    You look beautiful! The jeans are fantastic!


  • Bronwyn

    Go Target! Love the muted-ness. They actually look better than a (much more expensive) pair I recently saw at Urban. Rock it, girl!


  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/08028324358628878903 Sandy

    The combination is soo beautiful. I love the shoes to the leopard jeans

  • laura @ hollywood housewife

    I bought these, too, and LOVE them.  Coincidentally, I wore them to Vegas.  To a Motley Crue show.  I fit in perfectly. 

  • http://greetingsfromseattlewa.blogspot.com/ Emily

    I saw those at Target and thought they were ridiculous and now I see them here and I want to buy them. Darn you Kendi! 

  • http://www.samspinkslippers.blogspot.com/ Sam

    Very cool outfit!

  • http://alrightsowhatnow.blogspot.com/ Alexis B

    $20 – yes please. Those are super fun. Big fan. May have to get a pair…

  • Holly

    where are your boots with da fur???

  • Ana Paula


    You’re in my blog today (photo)
    > http://www.blog-anapaulaxavier.com

    Have a great weekend!

  • http://www.the-loudmouth.com/ THE-LOUDMOUTH

    Your hair?  Piece-y perfection.

  • Bad Taste Toast

    Amazing jeans! I saw mango has a similar pair in their upcoming spring collection and I’ll definitely go and get them! <3

  • http://ubiquitousbliss.wordpress.com/ DB

    Ha, you are too funny…love the whole look!

    Cheers from Germany!

  • http://www.thehungrygoat.net Ktcyril

    I’m obsessed with these jeans!

  • http://lolassecretwardrobe.blogspot.com/ lola

    these clothes look great on you ! I love this envelope bag, cute xx

  • http://bevyblogs.blogspot.com/ bevy

    I saw the same pair at Target Thursday and contemplated getting the gold(?) looking pair, but then talked myself out of it. And sure enough, as I drove home (an hour away from the nearest Target), I kicked myself for not buying them. Grrr! Now I have to hope my size is still available when I go back.

  • http://sincerely-samantha.blogspot.com/ Samantha

    You know what, I think those pants are something I like on you but not me. I think you have to be skinny (like yourself) to wear spotted pants without feeling like you look like the animal the print is named for. Kuddos to you for having the figure to pull them off!!

  • Susan

    I just bought those very jeans yesterday!  I am going to style them with black platforms, a teal tank top, and a black puffy sleeve jacket.  I love how you paired them with a denim shirt.  I’ll try that for a casual day look.

  • chillairandperfume

    I didn’t know Target has leopard jeans now. I’ve been looking for a relatively cheap pair. Very cute, especially paired with the chambray top!

  • http://evabstyle.blogspot.com Eva Marino

    Ok, so I adore this entire ensemble, but my favorite part by far is the pop of color with those AMAZE-ing shoes… nice work lady!

  • Rachel

    These pants are so cute!!
    I wouldn’t believe they’re from Target!!
    Great outfit!!
    check out my blog and follow me!

  • RocCityStyle

    I tried these on the other day but in the gray color. I really like the brown ones you have on Kendi, but they were all out of stock. I’m going to check online.

  • Fashionisable
  • http://luvvleighb.wordpress.com/ Luvvleighb

    $30 is not bad… I mean I went when I was 3 months away from 21… So I have yet to go and loose any money. (Unfortunately my Dad lost some money since he hosted my junior year Vegas shopping trip…) But those jeans, super adorable/totally-amazing! And I just plain love the red shoes. Mine are about 5 years old. That’s a good excuse to get some new ones that are in style right?!?!

  • maureen

    so funny, just bought the same ones this  morning with the exact same philosphy…. adorable!!!!

  • Thelifeafter

    Nice! You look lovely! I do like the jeans shirt a lot!

    The Life After

  • bloo.

    Love the shots.
    You look great !! 😉


  • Andrea

    love the jeans!

  • cro

    I love your blog! always great styling and very affordable clothes! xx

  • http://reasonstoprocrastinate.blogspot.com/ Asilia

    Never really liked leopard print jeans, but these ones look great because they are toned down. I love how you paired them with the denim shirt. 

  • RocCityStyle

    I think that these could also be cute cuffed with some bright flats. I really like cuffing skinny pants.
    Stop by my blog if you would like to :)

  • MyStyleLoft.com

    These are so adorable! Love the outfit as always : )

  • Meg

    Someday I’m gonna get me some leopard leggers.  Love em

  • http://www.fabellis.com/ FabEllis

    Love the outfit!


  • http://cablecarcouture.com/style-blog Sarah Ward

    Super chic! I love the chambray shirt in a light blue. 

  • http://www.chevronsandeclairs.com/ supal {chevrons & éclairs}

    You pull it off so well! The real question is, how did you feel in public?! I chicken out easily. 

  • http://www.taylormorgandesign.blogspot.com/ Taylor Morgan

    I feel out of the loop because I have never heard of your blog until today and I am so glad I found it because I love it! I am a fashion design student at FIT in NYC and am so tired of the same fashion blogs and you are a breath of fresh air and an instant new favorite. I will be following :) 

    -Taylor Morgan

  • http://dallianceswithsuitsandskirts.blogspot.com/ blue roses

    leopard, red, and chambray….. trifecta of perfection.

  • Nicole Gomez

    I absolutely adore this outfit. Love the leopard and jean together, so laid back yet put together. If that makes any sense.

  • Sa’

    Girl, you look gorgeous! Love this outfit! xx

  • Anna Dudkowiak

    Wow ! Beautiful :) xoxo  stylishtime.blogspot.com

  • http://twitter.com/KristiBoyce Kristi Boyce

    GIRL. I have been reading your blog for a while now and this is the first time I’ve ever commented. This post epitomizes why you are my favorite fashion blogger (and I read a LOT of them). Five minutes ago I was reading Brooklyn Blonde’s NYFW post and was like “OMG, I HAVE THOSE JEANS.” Imagine how cool I felt, owning her jeans and not even knowing it. I was all “Yup, I’ve arrived. I don’t even have to run out and copy what the bloggers are doing…it’s all just ALREADY IN MY CLOSET.” Come to find out, her skinnies were Current Elliots that cost $198. 

    I couldn’t help but think “What a sucker.” Not me, HER. For paying such an outrageous price for jeans that I couldn’t distinguish from my own Target pair.

    Five minutes later, I read your post on my blogroll and feel totally vindicated. There is nothing fashionable about an outfit that costs upward of $1000. ANYBODY can look good at that price. My true fashion icons are the ones who pull it together for less than the average yearly income of a man in Ghana. Thanks for rockin’ it and keepin’ it real, sista. You da bomb.

  • Chioma Anosike

    I love your blog and this outfit!! Saw those pants in target this past weekend and couldn’t think of a cute way to wear them and then i see your post!

  • http://domestikatedlife.com/ Kate

    I can’t believe those pants are from target, they’re so cute!

  • Seekingstyleblog

    I’m surprised you found those at Target – super cute!

    xo Jennifer


  • http://www.thekinas.com/ Bettina

    Love that Target has these leopard pants!!!

  • http://ambularlogic.blogspot.com/ Amber

    My 4yo has a pair of jeans like that from American Eagle’s children’s line and we couldn’t help ourselves: http://ambularlogic.blogspot.com/2012/02/mini-kendi-kopy-kat.html

  • Grace Huang

    love how you matched your shoes to your lipstick. or is it lipstick to your shoes? whichever!! you look beautiful~

  • Fabgc

    I just started blogging like literally today and I found your blog…it is so super cute! 
    Loove the outfit by the way!


  • bellastyle13

    Love everything about this outfit! :)


  • Rudy Gabriel

    Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is  my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

  • http://www.worldoftrade.com/sell/denim-distributors.htm denim distributors

    Hey there, just stumbled upon your blog through Google, and found it to be really informative. I’m gonna keep an eye on this one. Cheers!