Work Day

9.5.11d{Shop: Skirt, Wedges, Purse, Fossil Watch (c/o)}
THANK YOU for all of the kinds words on the shop! I was overwhelmed by the encouragement, so thank you times a million. Give yourself a hug for me, will ya? A long awkward side hug because those are the only ones I give.
I’m on the clock today, even though it’s technically a holiday. I figure this is the first of many holidays I will work. You say, holiday I say Monday. But really it just means I have an excuse to dress up which is fine by me. 

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  1. {jaclyn} says:

    i looove this outfit. so classic!

    09.05.11 · Reply
  2. Lisa says:

    I love this look! The colors, your bag, everything. Happy Monday!

    09.05.11 · Reply
  3. Ashley says:

    So excited for your new shop. Can't wait to come support the cause!

    09.05.11 · Reply
  4. Ahu says:

    İ love all pieces. U look beatiful.


    09.05.11 · Reply
  5. Alicia says:

    What a lovely skirt! & cute wedges 🙂


    09.16.11 · Reply