I wore this outfit a while back (but I didn’t blogged it, so it didn’t happen). When B asked what I was wearing today, I said “you know my ikat skirt that I wore the other day.” First mistake: using the term ‘the other day.’ I’d like to flatter and tell myself that he remembers every great outfit that I wear, but this is a lie. (No hard feelings though, B.) The second mistake was using the word “ikat.” If you would like to see total male confusion, use a vague name that doesn’t remotely describe the pattern but kind of sounds like a new Apple invention. Even better? Ask him to spell it. I almost told him that tomorrow I’m wearing my idog skirt, but that would just have been cruel.

(PS — My necklace came from a boutique I worked at in college. Besides a rogue Britney Spears cd and a bachelors degree, it’s the only thing that remains intact from my college years.)

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  1. lovely outfit!

    06.13.11 · Reply
  2. Ash says:

    Lol! Guys are so clueless…

    06.13.11 · Reply