This Outfit Didn’t Happen

My husband is at a conference this week and I’m visiting my parents until Wednesday. I’m without a camera, so basically I’m not wearing clothes. (My theory: If I don’t post an outfit, it didn’t happen.)

So I thought, what kind of post can I make without clothes, a camera and my husband’s magic touch? It took me about twenty minutes to realize that I have no idea. I thought about sketching my outfits for you but it ended up looking like this:
I’m wearing skinny jeans and a cardigan, if you can’t tell. So since I’m not a sketch artist, I went back through my photo archives, searching for something to post. And it happened. I came upon an outfit that never was. We had taken the photos right before the last 30 for 30. And for some (most likely silly) reason that I can’t remember, I never posted this outfit. 


Although seldom, there are a few times when I don’t post an outfit for any number of reasons. Maybe I don’t like the outfit (forgivable), or I think that I could have done better (meh), or maybe it’s a week before my period and I hate the world in general. (Yep. I just admitted that on the internet.) But more than anything, it’s out of fear. Fear of not wearing the most perfect blogger outfit ever. Fear that you might think I’m not a super adorable person at all hours of the day, every day. Gag me. I’m done with feeling sorry for my imperfect self. (Remember my NY resolution, anyone?) And while I can’t promise that every outfit will get photographed, I can promise that I will post my outfits that do. Perfect or not. (99.9% will not be perfect, just fair warning.)

Now I’m off to paint. I’ve got another masterpiece to work up.

(PS — New outfit on Wednesday. I pinky promise.)

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  1. I think this outfit is just adorable! I bet you were so happy when you found it in your photo archives! I would easily wear that outfit {on the days I'm off the farm}

    01.18.11 · Reply
  2. Tiffany says:

    I was thinking the same about my outfit today- that eh, it's not remarkably fashion-forward… but it's good to know if you have those days and still post (which, by the way, this is an outfit that epitomizes your style and I think the colors are gorgeous), I can and should too. Thanks for the inspiration. And I'd love to see you throw in a camera-phone mirror outfit shot. Just for kicks.

    01.18.11 · Reply