This is Not a Test

9.27.10cOkay so after looking at my pictures I wish that I would have worn my clogs with this outfit. But hey — that’s why I style blog. To see if what the mirror tells me really works as an outfit. I like this but I think my clogs would have been even better. Of course I couldn’t find them this morning. Why? Because they were in my car, along with jumper cables, three magazines, my coffee mug and a blanket. I’m starting to suspect that someone lives in my car. I’m not sure who it is, but they have great taste in shoes.

I tweeted this morning about my red pants, snarkily saying “let the co-worker comments begin.” And wouldn’t you know it — not a single comment. I walked around to every person’s office and made sure that I walked away slowly, backwards. I was sure that these pants would be perfect for a Monday morning backhanded compliment but all I got was a few smiles. So that only means one thing. This outfit is….

Red pants road test complete.

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  1. i actually like the black shoes (they have a brown bottom which means they "match" the belt but i like that you're mixing it up with non-matching belt and shoes).
    p.s. those pants are awesome. i tried them on at the gap this weekend but they were soooooo tight on me that i couldn't bring myself to buy them, much as i liked them. the red is, of course, the badassest color of the bunch.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  2. Elaine says:

    Hahahah!! That's so funny – is this a first??

    You pull them off soooo well.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

    09.28.10 · Reply
  3. Daniela says:

    who cares what they think anyway!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  4. Maybe subconsciously though the red pants signaled danger so they decided to keep their disapproval to themselves πŸ˜‰ Personally I LOVE THEM and think they are such a bright breath of fresh air!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  5. kskeen27 says:

    Tania — I had to size up. Because they were grotesquely tight.

    Daniela — exactly.

    Elaine and Monkeyface — kisses.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  6. eleanor says:

    LOVE the pants, they look amazing on you!


    09.28.10 · Reply
  7. Hahaha…I LOVE your outfit!! The pants are so amazing!!
    I see red everywhere…and I think Im going to hunt these little babies down!!
    You look fabulous as always Kendi!!

    Enter My F21 Gift Card Giveaway!!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  8. Lauren says:

    I like the black shoes too – I actually think I like them better than the clogs, although I love those clogs!!

    Oh coworkers – I doubt mine would have marked my outfit for today as approved! Lord knows what they think about most of them! And I work mostly with women!

    Small Time Style

    09.28.10 · Reply
  9. Lin says:

    Is that corduroy I see??!! I LOVE corduroy and have been waiting to see some on your blog. Last season jcrew had similar cords, I went with the mustard yellow. Love the red on you! WOOOO cords!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  10. sharonlei says:

    Yay for the co-worker approved outfit! Those pants are brilliantly amazing on you Kendi. I think the peep toe heel looks fine, but I would have to agree the clogs would have been a tad better. πŸ™‚ I'm on the hunt now for some bright colored pants.

    xx Love & Aloha
    **Swing by to enter my giveaway! πŸ™‚

    09.28.10 · Reply
  11. holy batman, those pants are incredible! I have a pair of chartreuse green cords like that and I love the statement they make.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  12. Those are deeeefinitely some wicked red-hot Tabasco pants (hopefully Tabasco-free) you got there. I love how the office approved, though. I think it'd be great if this was a recurring thing, featuring which outfits have been approved or not by your co-workers. xD

    Toast with Charmalade

    09.28.10 · Reply
  13. Archives says:

    HA! my co-workers also make snarky comments about my outfits sometimes….i love your last pic! wish i had thought of that πŸ˜‰

    09.28.10 · Reply
  14. Abbey says:

    Love the red with the denim!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  15. MJ says:

    Yes I love the shoes, I think they look great with the skinnies cuz they're not to chunky a the end!! Cute cute cute as always πŸ™‚

    09.28.10 · Reply
  16. Nikki says:

    I love the red pants!! I have a pair of yellow ones and you've inspired me to try them out again.

    Thanks for the great post!


    09.28.10 · Reply
  17. Brookelyn says:

    I'm loving the red cords! I posted about them a couple days ago, but you're convincing me that I might actually need to buy them and gasp…wear them! Especially if they are coworker approved!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  18. E says:

    Maybe your coworkers have become immune to your high-fashion ways. πŸ™‚

    09.28.10 · Reply
  19. so cute!!
    i have a giveaway coming up (:
    hope you'll check it out

    09.28.10 · Reply
  20. Well you certainly pull off those red pants, how could co-workers not approve?

    I especially like the combo of red & denim.

    You have inspired me to revisit a pair of pink jeans i have hidden in my closet.


    09.28.10 · Reply
  21. Jennifer says:

    So patriotic Kendi πŸ™‚ I have this red pencil skirt from H&M that I haven't worn in public during the day. Lol…one of these days.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  22. Hahaha that's fantastic.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  23. oh lawwd!
    i am loving those red pants! so fantastic!
    i bet your co-workers were so jealous of how smashing you looked that they didn't dare to comment..unless it's a compliment of course πŸ™‚

    09.28.10 · Reply
  24. Karen says:

    Hilarious! Are your co-workers usually opinionated about your clothes? Always love your style combinations. xx

    09.28.10 · Reply
  25. Venn says:

    HAHAA!! so funnyy :)),, they r super redd,, =D,, do they always comment on what u wear?? hmm,,


    09.28.10 · Reply
  26. Lucy says:

    like your pants!! The color suits you!!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  27. hair-mess says:

    You make me want to be more daring! But before I dash off to grow some "cojones" in the fashion department I also want to say, that you certainly rock these red pants!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  28. You look effortlessly chique! Love the red trousers!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  29. Pamela says:

    The pants are great!! I must seek them out myself! What a fun color and I can only hope they work on me half as good as they did on you! Size up? Good to know. Don't want to disappoint myself right out of the gate :/

    I like the pumps with them, it gives a nice feminine touch!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  30. Wow, I love your trousers. Red is a step too far for me (only just risked white) but I love them on you.

    Love the fact that your co-workers approved, but are you a little bit disappointed that they didn't comment? As Oscar Wilde said, "There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about…"

    09.28.10 · Reply
  31. I love the red pants!
    Maybe your coworkers didn't think they were the most daring thing you've ever worn? I know my coworkers only comment if I'm wearing something REALLY out there.

    I need to get myself a pair of those pants…

    09.28.10 · Reply
  32. Kelley B says:

    LOVE the black shoes – I think the clogs would have made the outfit very matchy-matchy!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  33. Cassidy says:

    I just got rid of a pair of red cords because I couldn't find anything to wear them with.

    But you do it well!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  34. love love love the red pants! They would totally be co-worker approved in my office!

    I do like the black shoe with this outfit but also have to admit that I went to Target to buy batteries and ended up combing the shoe section to see if maybe, just maybe I'd see those clogs. I'd have to agree that the person living in your car has good taste in shoes if they wear those clogs.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  35. Like Tania, I tried those pants on and they looked tragic on me… sigh… but I LOVE how they look you!! I think they'd be awesome with the clogs too (but then I heart those clogs so much I'd put them with everything hehe)
    Congrats on co-worker approval… that's an elusive title

    09.28.10 · Reply
  36. Not only do I love your fashion sense, but I also love your sense of humor. And I love the red pants!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  37. eek says:

    Those are some fabulous red pants. Did you get them recently? You are also making me covet a chambray shirt…

    09.28.10 · Reply
  38. Jamie says:

    love this. i have super bright cords that i will rework this look with πŸ™‚
    speaking of which you're my inspiration today!! check it out.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  39. Bridget says:

    love it.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  40. Those pants are so awesome! It cracks me up that you guess what your coworkers will say. I do that sometimes too! I wore orange tights one day and my coworkers actually DID make comments…

    09.28.10 · Reply
  41. One Girl says:

    What is it with co-workers? I don't have that right now at my current job but one job it was a daily thing! Tried my hair curly one day – got called Big Hair all day. Wore furry boots back when that was in trend – got called little Indian girl. WTF?!
    Ha! Funny blog, sister! πŸ™‚

    09.28.10 · Reply
  42. anna says:

    oh man! i love your sense of humor! these pants are hot!! and i personally like this shoe choice a lot!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  43. Kendra says:

    i LOVE the red jeans. off to get a pair now. woo hoo!


    09.28.10 · Reply
  44. Love the pants and the last picture. Can't wait for you to remix them with clogs.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  45. I LOVE your pants! I have a pair of bright red pants, too, that I only wear with black, but the denim shirt is GENIUS. I'm gonna go find myself a denim shirt now…

    09.28.10 · Reply
  46. dahye says:

    love the last picture – made me smile. πŸ™‚

    09.28.10 · Reply
  47. I love the read pants! I would have felt the same way about them if I had worn them to work…I would have been waiting for some comments too! U can just call us "misunderstood"!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  48. hahaha! I love your blog, thank you for keeping the laughter and jokes rolling. and I am SO glad that your outfit is coworker approved because it is hot!!


    09.28.10 · Reply
  49. I love those pants! I tried them on at the Gap but sadly they just aren't cut for me at all so I had to leave them. *sniffle* But hey, glad to see they look so great on you! πŸ˜€

    09.28.10 · Reply
  50. haha, you're funny.

    I have to say, clogs would look really nice with this outfit – possibly even better than your heels, as you suggest – however, the heels add an elegant, sleek touch to the look which I like.

    Overall I am a huge fan of your outfit…it's definitely something I would rock out in – heels or clogs.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  51. Hope says:

    Love the red pants! I applaude your pluckiness in wearing them to the workplace. Although they are in business casual dress code, I wouldn't wear them for the sheer amounts of comments and looks I would get from my co-workers!

    That's crazy that they didn't say anything! Or maybe they just said to themselves: "Oh yeah, that's just the crazy girl who wears red pants!" πŸ˜€

    09.28.10 · Reply
  52. Ashley says:

    That is so funny!! I know EXACTLY what you mean! I think your outfit looks fantastic and that they must agree! (Also, I think most backhanded compliments stem from jealousy!!)

    09.28.10 · Reply
  53. Jeanna says:

    Haha Funny! Is it good or bad for your outfit to be co-worker approved?! This is a question I have to ask myself too…

    09.28.10 · Reply
  54. Rebecca says:

    I have a pair of bright mustard cords from The Gap, and you've inspired me to try them for work.

    09.28.10 · Reply
  55. Love those red pants!

    09.28.10 · Reply
  56. the coworker approved seal picture made me crack up! i love it. ooo small town fashion…

    09.28.10 · Reply
  57. Love the red cords! I bought the mustard yellow color last year.

    09.29.10 · Reply
  58. We are like this. I have very similar ones from a few years ago. It's almost a parallel universe kind of thing but you cut off your hair and age 20 years. Yes, like that.

    09.29.10 · Reply
  59. I love the red pants. It's a very brave movie. And I know it's faux-pass to say "I could never pull that off", but I don't think I could. I should try it though. This is nice inspiration. And I love your assortment of button up tops

    09.29.10 · Reply
  60. Delane says:

    Some of my co-workers read my blog. Apparently I as Facebook fodder a few weeks back. Eh.

    Love the red pants!

    09.29.10 · Reply
  61. Gracie says:

    love this! And, i agree with you about having a style blog… somehow pictures seemt to be more honest than the mirror.

    The Flip Side of Oz

    09.30.10 · Reply
  62. Sorcha says:

    The red trousers are cute. I work in a place where I'm pretty sure my co-workers would approve even if I came in dressed in sweatpants. :/

    09.30.10 · Reply
  63. Anna says:

    I have a similar pair of red pants from J. Crew and last time I wore them the bus driver on our school field trip (i teach preschool) commented that he "couldn't lose me in those bright pants." SOME people can't handle the red pants.
    Love the pairing with the chambray top.

    10.01.10 · Reply
  64. Katie says:

    Ha ha, love this post. These red pants are gorgeous!

    10.02.10 · Reply
  65. So I also have these red pants but you pull them off much better than me. I also had to size up because they were ridiculously tight!

    P.S. I think these shoes are fun with the outfit.

    10.04.10 · Reply
  66. I have the same pants and every time I wear them, I get comments…some good, some shocked!

    They look great on you!

    10.19.10 · Reply