Structured Stripes

posted on: 6/30/2015

If I was a dress, this is the kind of dress I would be. It fits like a glove, it's bright, happy and striped. What more could a girl ask for? Whenever I find dresses with this shape, I gravitate towards them. Like a moth to the flame, or in this case a blogger to Nordstrom. And I get especially giddy when they have sleeves. Dresses with sleeves are a rare find. Dresses with sleeves that fit like a glove? Happy birthday to me...even if it's not my birthday for another 4 months. Every day can be your birthday if you lie to yourself. Feel free to quote that. 


Off The Shoulder

posted on: 6/29/2015

Hello friends! I hope you had a good weekend. Apparently I did because I was up before 7 today and I'm using exclamation points within the first paragraph. Mind you, it's Monday so this is incredible. I truly believe there is nothing a little weekend and a lot of coffee can't fix. 

I've been seeing off the shoulder everywhere and wanted to try the style out. I decided to go with two options for summer: a white crisp silhouette and this simple black version, which actually feels / fits like a tee. This trend caught me by surprise this season but now I'm such a fan of this look. Perhaps it's because I am a child of the 80s / 90s and I had a few Barbies with similar tops and dresses. No, not perhaps -- that's actually 100% why. I'm also waiting for the color peach to come back in a big way, too. Fingers crossed for next spring. 


Summer Chambray

posted on: 6/26/2015

Something about summer makes me long for the weekends more than I usually do, even though B and I don't have normal weekends. Since we are open Saturdays at the shop, that's usually our 'Friday' but I like to celebrate both accordingly. I'm lucky -- it's like I get two Fridays. Which means double the distractions, double the unproductivity, double the happy hours. See working on the weekends isn't so bad now is it? 

This dress feels like summer in a nutshell. Relaxed and happy. Just the way I like my summers.