Little Gold Skirt

posted on: 12/19/2014

When we got this skirt in, it didn't even have time to hit the floor before it was on my body. In fact I wore this skirt to a holiday party that night, so it was great timing on the skirt's part. Of course it was already dark outside before we could get photos that evening, so I decided to recreate it again today.  I did switch out the top but it's pretty much the same outfit as this Instagram. No holiday party needed to re-wear, just the fact that it's Friday and in 6 days it's Christmas. Those are reasons enough for me to prance around in a gold skirt today. 

PS: W&L's holiday collection is 25% off this weekend! Including this skirt! No code needed :) 

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Fair Isle: Two Ways

posted on: 12/18/2014

Is there anything more winter than fair isle sweaters? Okay so what about a fair isle sweater and a mug of hot cocoa? Your answer has to be no, there is nothing more wintery than that because if it's not you are doing winter wrong. Because here is the deal with fair isle sweaters -- you can wear them at any time. See? I have it dressed up above and dressed down below. And if you really want to go with the whole Christmas eve / winter nights theme you can pair them with adorable leggings, tall socks and yes, I'm going to say it -- a mug of hot cocoa. And maybe the movie Love Actually. 

I think the other thing I like about fair isle is that it's wintery without being holiday. Holiday trends like sparkles, sequins, etc kind of fall off after the end of December / first of January. But on every other winter day for the next few months, fair isle is not only accepted but welcomed. And that's my ode to fair isle this winter. You know what? I feel like for the first time in 5 years on this blog I'm actually coming around to winter. It's not so bad after all. (But I claim the right to retract this statement at any time during the months of January and February.)

Look #1:


Look #2:

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posted on: 12/17/2014

This skirt is basically what dreams are made of. That is 8 year old dreams of little girls who couldn't be ballerinas because of such obstacles like grace, poise, balance and overall ability to coordinate legs, arms and hands. That's what this skirt is made of. Also, lots of tulle. 

A few weeks ago we went to see The Nutcracker in Dallas (it was perfect) and my first thought was -- I'm going to wear my big tulle skirt. And then I realized that while I can absolutely wear my big tulle skirt to a ballet, I would most likely be dressed like all of the cute little girls in their tulle skirts. And I was right. So many cute little tiny humans dressed as ballerinas with their matching ballerina dolls in tow. Instead I decided to wear my big tulle skirt on a random Tuesday. No real reason other than Tuesday. (Tullesday? Let's make this happen.)

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