Boho Dress

posted on: 1/26/2015

I feel like I should apologize for how warm and sunny it is here. Especially if you are in the northeast getting prepared to be snowed in for a good while it sounds. Don't worry, when you have sunshine we will get a random week of cold nasty weather and you can rub it in to me. Sound fair enough?

Another reason other than patios that I'm so happy for this weather and sunshine is because I found this Paper Crown dress and didn't think I'd be able to wear it for a while and voila! I'm wearing it today. To be fair I put it on with heels and realized it might be a bit too cool for that. But I'll take boots and bare legs in January any old day. (Again apologies for flaunting this weather. I swear it's a fluke.)



Weekend Style

posted on: 1/23/2015

It's Fridayyyyy. And I could not be happier. I mean technically yes, I still have to work tomorrow but shop girl doesn't mind because a Friday is still a Friday. Plus it's forecasted to be sunny and there is nothing better than a sunshine filled weekend, am I right? (However, for those of you who will not be having a sunshine filled weekend, please feel free to insert in any word in lieu of sunshine. Weekends are still weekends, no matter what the conditions.) 

I picked up these sneaks the other day because I've loved them for a while but I'm always hesitant when it comes to white anything. I should have probably scotch guarded them before wearing but you know -- I live on the wild side. Take a good look at them now because this white won't last long. In a world of coffee and wine, these white sneaks don't stand a chance. I give them a month. 


Chapter Seven

posted on: 1/22/2015

I know it probably surprised you to see B instead of me today but I thought we'd do a little his and her style post. B is the one behind the camera most days so I think it's nice to see him on this side of the frame. Plus, the kid has style. He can pull anything off style wise but my favorite is when he is just a bit casual. I should like him best in a suit (and I do) but what can I say? I'm a sucker for a cute guy in a beanie. Plus he tones down my bright hues with his neutrals. (He's a sucker for a girl in heels and a strong affinity towards colorful purses.)

A few weeks ago, B and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary with a quiet dinner in. We always try to make huge plans to celebrate but somehow staying in always wins. I think that we are slowly morphing into that old married couple. You know, the ones that sometimes dress alike. And then we get to work and realize we coordinate more than we should since we aren't doing a family photoshoot in a park. But nowadays I kind of like it when we match. Even just a little. It reminds me that we are on the same page, in the same book, in chapter 7. 

On him: 

On me:

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