Floral Friday

posted on: 4/24/2015

kendi everyday white jeans

kendi everyday floral tunic

kendi everyday sunglasses

kendi everyday floral tunic

kendi everyday floral tunic

kendi everyday white jeans

I'm a little late getting this post up today. And by a little late, I mean 7 hours late, which might be a new record for me. Thank goodness you guys are patient. I know you've been waiting with bated breath. But I had to get this post up today because you know what day it is right? It's Floral Friday. Totally not a real thing outside of my and Lisa Frank's head but I'm celebrating it accordingly anyways. 

Since it's most likely closing time where you are, I hope your (floral) Friday was a good one! Happy weekending, my friends :)


Yes, Please: Flats

posted on: 4/22/2015

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There's a lot of things I never thought I'd say since I started blogging. One being, 'I like those overalls' and two 'oh, just dye the ends of my hair' but one thing that I never ever thought I'd say is yes, please to flat shoes. This coming from a girl who has worn heels since I was allowed to. (I'm looking at you, 1999 platform flip flops.) But with days spent in the shop or on the road, I look a lot to flats to help me get through the day. (Wedges are a great alternative too for heels. But that's another post.) 

When I was searching for a solid everyday pair, I decided on a d'Orsay style. It's classic and adds a bit of tailor or structure to any outfit. For me when I wear flats there is always a disconnect for me to feel put together. But I've realized that you've just got to find the right flat. Pointed toe flats help bring a tailored look, while a colorful pair with bring a nice pop to any outfit. And of course you can't go wrong with a classic ballet flat. (The Yosi Samara ones I linked above are similar to the pair I took to Europe with me last spring and basically wore them out because they were so comfortable.)

Oh and yes of course I linked a pair of  dog flats because....why the hell not? Am I a full grown woman with a love for animal themed clothing? Yes, yes I am.

What about you? Your thoughts on flats -- love them, hate them or a not-so-evil necessity?

l to r:

DV Poppy Flats / J.Crew Floral Flats
Nordstrom Metallic Flats / Metallic Oxfords
Blue Scalloped Flats / Chloe Scalloped Flats
Kate Spade Suki Flats / MBMJ Dog Flats
Vince d'Orsay Flats* / Yosi Samara Dual Tone Flats*
Coconuts Perforated Flats / Yosi Samara Ballet Flats

*have and love these.

Trouser Tale

posted on: 4/21/2015

In my twenties, my first job after college was an administrative assistant. And since I was coming from a closet filled with not so professional college clothes, I had no idea what to wear to a real job. So just like every college grad in the early 2000s, I started a small collection of wide leg or boot cut trousers and all the button down tops to go with them. And that's what I wore. Every day. For about 2 months. Until I broke and realized that trousers can not be the only way to dress professional. So I started to branch into different styles and pieces. (In later years, still working in an office, I finally discovered pencil skirts = instant life saver.) 

But ever since those early days as a young professional with my fully stocked closet of trouser pants, I've never really been drawn to them again. I think that truth be told I ruined them for myself; which now I'm realizing is a shame. I love a cropped trouser or a skinny pant, but wide leg reminds me of the days when I had no idea what I was doing with my style. So when I found these at Loft, I didn't even think about my fear of trousers because I really loved the color and texture. The office days of yore never even crossed my mind. It helped that I easily paired them with this pretty top and a few others in my closet as soon as I got home and now I feel like an old staple has a new life. 

Welcome back, trousers. Welcome back. 

Loft Chambray Trousers (40% off today only!)