Pretty Pink

posted on: 8/22/2014

It's no surprise that I love blazers -- structured, printed, solid -- I love them all. I had my eye out for a blush blazer for a while and ended up finding this one. I'm seeing a lot of this blush / dusty rose color this fall -- especially paired with navy or grey. At least those are the colors I bought for the new shop's fall collection while at market this week. So let's hope this trend sticks ;) (*Details coming soon on the soon as I figure the details out that is.)

Did this week just fly by or is it just me? In fact I feel like all of August just flew by -- I can't even remember half of it. No complaining here though -- the faster I can get to cooler weather the better. Hope your weekend is full of naps and wine, as that's all I'm planning on doing. 



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Magic Show

posted on: 8/20/2014

Fancy meeting you here, friends. I've actually forgotten what day it is and was excited to know that it's just Wednesday. Technically that's what is supposed to happen in Vegas (I'm here for the Magic tradeshow -- for clothing for the new shop, not magic supplies for my new magic shop. Although that might be cooler.) I wore this dress a few weekends back when B and I were double dating but it has quickly become one of my favorites, so I packed it to wear this week while I'm here. I feel fancy without any effort at all -- that's when you know it's a good black dress. Plus I feel like the rest of you can kind of look like a hot mess when you have a pretty dress on. Avert your eyes to the dress, people, that's the rule by the end of a Vegas trip. Big sunglasses too. You see the bags under my eyes, now you don't. See? Magic. 


NYC + Old Navy Holiday Preview

posted on: 8/18/2014

Last week I flew up to New York for an afternoon and a day to visit the Old Navy headquarters and see their holiday preview. I know, I know it's still hot outside but they introduce their holiday collection for press (magazines, websites, etc.) so that people can get a good idea of what's coming up next. I was excited to be included, as I'm nosey and into all things holiday. 

While I was in New York I did...I saw... I went to... a lot of nothing. I was prepared to not do much because of the huge chance of rain that was predicted, so I was just excited for a change of scenery and a hotel with HGTV. It's the little things sometimes. But it ended up not raining much at all and we were able to tour a little bit of Soho and Chelsea where we found many things to eat and drink. I can sleuth out a good restaurant in any town I'm in; it's a sixth sense I have. (If you haven't yet tried Tortaria tacos, it's Texan-approved.) 

With the exception of two photos, I  now present you with 'Kendi Holding Things: an instagram collection':
Riveting, yes? I know. So much demand for these photos that I'll probably going to have a gallery showing later this month. 

I ended up going pretty simple for the Old Navy preview show since I wasn't sure what everyone else would show up in. Black skirts are good for occasions like that. You can never go wrong with a simple black skirt, bonus points for flirty shape and appropriate lengths. 

Besides drinking milkshakes with candy canes in them, I pretty much just walked around and took photos of everything I want later this fall and then when no one was looking tried on the coats, hats and purses. No one stopped me so I think that was allowed. 

(Above and below are my two favorites. Don't judge me if I'm wearing the exact mannequin's outfit above later this fall.)

Above is pretty much my wish list for this holiday, especially all of the plaids. (Those plaid pants though...) But if you just can't with holiday right now, don't worry. These styles will be waiting for you when it's time for us to get our coats out again. For now, just file (or pin!) these styles away until the cold weather comes.

And now, back to summer. :)


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