5 Days with Golden Tote

posted on: 4/18/2014

4.18.14-7 Since it's been so bizarrely busy over here packing up the store and getting ready for an upcoming trip (more on this exciting development later!) I've not really had too much time to shop or think much about outfits. (This is in comparison to the the morning-noon-night timeline that I usually spend thinking about clothes and what I can do with them.) I was thankfully introduced to Golden Tote, an online store that sends you a surprise tote of styles, picked just for you! At it's most basic existence Golden Tote is a friend when you're in need, a stylist in a bag, a game-changer. It's a week's worth of pieces than can easily be turned into a month.

So Golden Tote, is an online boutique that you sign up for and they send you a personalized tote based on your style. You can choose to receive 2-3 items a tote for $49 (a $200 value) or 5-7 items (up to $600 value), for $49 or $149 respectively. You get to chose 1-2 items for your bag and the rest is a surprise! I usually hate surprises but these are the good kind, trust me.

I put together 5 days worth of looks with my tote! Exhbit A-E below:






GoldenTote tote ;)

Easy as pie, right? You can sign up for a Golden Tote here. Happy (non) shopping :)

It's All White

posted on: 4/16/2014

4.16.14-2 4.16.14-1 4.16.14-6 4.16.14-5 4.16.14-4 4.16.14-7 4.16.14-3

Sometimes it just feels right to be in all one color, especially if it's black or white. I did have to throw on a jacket because it's somehow cold outside again which kind of ruined my monochromatic look I had going on. But better warm than sorry. I think it's safe to say that the weather this year hates us all. I just have to keep my hopes up that one day it will be spring here -- literally for one day it will be spring and then it will turn to the boiling hot Texas summer that we all know and love. 

Things have been busy around here since we are getting ready to close our current location of bloom and move to another location that is not yet known with no set timeline or any other details that are pertinent to running a business. (yay!) We do have a few spots that hopefully might come available for us to move to this summer or fall but we still haven't been able to confirm anything yet. So once again, everything is all up in the air. I won't lie and say it's been an easy transition; each time I go in the shop and see it becoming emptier and emptier it's hard not to cry. (If you're just catching up, read this post about my shop bloom's transition.) So if words become less or less on here for a bit or if I look tired / stressed / like I've been emotionally eating, it's because that's probably true. Give me a few weeks to get my life put somewhat back together and I'll be good as new... or good as old. I think I like that better anyways ;)


Flower Child

posted on: 4/15/2014


I realized something over the weekend: I may like floral patterns or flowy pieces but I am no flower child. I watched in amazement at all of the women this weekend who effortlessly pulled off boho chic and festival style. There was so much style in one small concentrated area I felt as if I was inside of a living magazine. It was almost as if they all called each other to confirm this year's trends. I congratulate every women who can effortless pull of that type of style. I think that's the key with boho style -- it has to look effortless. When I don't feel 100% with a style or an outfit, I can feel the effort I keep putting into to make an outfit work. By the end of getting dressed, it just looks like effort and I'm not sure that boho is the style that you want to look forced. 

Road to Indio

This weekend I headed out on the open road with sisters Sally and Molly from a Piece of Toast headed to Old Navy Oasis in Indio, CA. They kindly let me drive the Mini Cooper that we rented and now I'm trying to devise a plan to somehow get one for me and B. Completely impractical for us but 100% adorable.

We decided to stop at a few iconic places along the way from LA to Indio. I mean these are Texans who between the three of them had been to California 2.5 times in their lives. Stops were a must.

Friday Night Likes | 10

posted on: 4/12/2014

Hello from sunny California! And by California I really mean paradise. We are talking palm trees and sunshine kind of California. I'm probably going to move here if I can find someone to let me and my husband and two dogs live with them. Anyone want two roommates and some dogs?

I figured we might as well continue the festival theme this week, so here are a few of my favorite paradise picks from this week. We can't all live in paradise, but we can dress like it right? ;)

Happy weekend, friends! Hope it's sunny where you are.